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  1. Found a Shawnee State (Ohio) game baseball jersey for a couple of bucks. Definitely my most random find in a while.
  2. And I think the neck tags just have the size on a separate smaller tag to the right, not the big white tag below, no? Thank you
  3. Thrift wanted $30 for a Jordan red Champion and $15 for a Shaq yellow Lakers Champion. Hard pass.
  4. I am a moron. Could someone post how to post pics within a comment? Best I can do is a link.
  5. Found an MLB Authenticated signed Carlos Pena 2009 ASG jersey for $2 today. Wasn't expecting that in the least.
  6. You'll clean up. Those are amazing. Can you post the backs?
  7. I'm too big of a dummy to figure out how to make pictures show up in posts, so here's a link to a few good ones: Vintage 1984 LA Olympics Brentwood 10K T-Shirt (Like 50 cents at the GW Outlet) Kris Bryant batting jersey ($20 at Plato's) Rick Nash signed and framed jersey ($60 buy/sell/trade)
  8. Here's an album of 10-15 of my best finds so far in 2018. I shop nearly exclusively at the Goodwill Outlet ($1.29/$1.59 per pound) until garage sale season starts up.
  9. Doesn't get much more random than finding a Bucky Richardson Houston Oilers authentic jersey for $10 on LetGo (sold in a week for $110).
  10. NJ Nets Starter jacket, $8 Game used Crew jersey, $5 Vintage KC Wiz MLS jersey, $1
  11. Found a grail for $100 on LetGo....