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  1. Honestly i think the yoke striping could be a really nice element for NCSt if it weren't sliced all to pieces
  2. Great job on UNO. The switch to predominantly black/white with red as more of an accent color is extremely consistent with their on-campus branding. As a side note, i'm really digging the little uniform icons that show the different combos, as opposed to cluttering up the thread with every one in full form.
  3. I always assumed it was just the way the fabric dye reacted to the different materials. Like if they use the same color of blue on the "traditional fabric" elements as the "elastic textile", it stands to reason that the color would "take" to the different materials differently, especially seeing as the elastic material seems to naturally be a bit darker.
  4. Okay so i think i've got this somewhat figured out: The "adicustom" domain in the first link is not an Adidas domain. When i removed the "uniforms" tag and just went to "adicustom.com", it took me to a fairly standard standard catalog page. However, many of the links in the nav bar of that page re-direct you to "adidas-team.com". Upon exploring *that* nav bar, i found multiple links to pages referencing "Agron." If you follow those links, you can find some poorly made sites, a couple of which reference "Agron, Inc." (Bloomberg overview of Agron, Inc). It seems to me that Agron, as a licensed distributor of adidas products, is just trying to make their sites look like the official Adidas catalog site. But i mean, hey; their customization interface seems to be superior so they can go on ahead. *also worth noting that on https://adidas-team.com under the "Order Products" tab, they do link the official Adidas "miTeam" site above their own "Uniform Configurators", i would guess at Adidas' behest So, while technically not "an official Adidas site" in the sense that it's not run by Adidas, it is an independent distributor officially licensed to sell Adidas products, so by that measure it technically is an official site.
  5. I'm REALLY interested in seeing how those shoulder stripes terminate in the back. Do they just stop where the back edge of the sleeve cap ends? Do they divert down the side/back of the jersey? Do they taper back under the nameplate? Do they join INTO a color-blocked nameplate?
  6. When they updated their uniform template, they went to Nike's Vapor Untouchable cut, which features a mesh insert at the "peak" of the collar. The mesh cant really be printed on: ^^This isn't actually the same jersey cut that FSU currently has (at least i dont think), but it illustrates the mesh better than any pic i could come up with.
  7. Heck, while we're at it let's change "Hook 'Em Horns!" to the grammatically correct and far superior "Hook Them, Longhorns!"
  8. I get where you're coming from with respect to the academic standpoint, but i think those inscriptions are more geared towards the players. Seeing as dropping the copulas be, is ,are, etc, is prevalent in both Southern dialect and African American Vernacular English (and there's a of of overlap between the two at TCU!), i think its a safe bet to assume that the phrasing chosen would resonate more with the players.
  9. What uniform elements and applications does this apply to? For example, i don't ever recall seeing Oregon's 2012(?) shoulder wing pattern in catalogs, nor have I (as of this past Nov) been able to find an adidas template with Nebraska's sleeve cap stripes.
  10. A. I never claimed that the fact that they are a catalog template made them horrible garbage, just not as good. This is a misplaced reduction to the absurd. + B. Alabama, Clemson, Penn State, etc. aren't really an appropriate comparison here, as all of them have had an established look with only minor tweaks (see PSU white collars, Clemson Shoulder Piping/Paws, Texas wordmark/numbers) over the past couple of decades. Calling any of those "templated" is a very tough sell. When Boise revealed their new uniforms last year, they really seemed to be "owning" the double diagonal stripes (see BSU social media from the past year), which made it a bit disappointing that it wasn't an element unique to their school. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with templated uniforms for non-P5 schools, im just a bit disappointed that it is not, in fact, a unique element.
  11. Boise State's uniforms just got a lot less fun for me cuz it looks like they just got a 2019 catalog template a year early. Don't get me wrong, its still an alright look, but a good chunk of the value they provided was the fact that they were unique to Boise (or so i thought) Not sure if this is something thats already been brought up, i just learned about it today from a pic in a recruiting article: BSU Jersey Stripe:
  12. is it just me or is that release video way too wordy?
  13. I dont they just look like different finishes so much as they are different finishes. The orange-er looking shells (speedflexes) are reflecting the same light fixtures as the red-er looking shells, and the difference in distance between the two from said light fixtures is negligible, which all but rules out the possibility of color/light distortion to the camera lens. That would make me think that there is some coating on the harder speedflex shells that simply couldnt be applied (at least not in the same manner) to the softer Vicis shells.
  14. heyy umm i actually really like those LSU uniforms a lot. those who don't, what exactly is wrong with them?
  15. It's just you/ lighting. The red stitching "stroke" around the wordmark catches the light at "V" and travels through "ILLE". The light isnt reflecting off of "LOUIS" so much, so your eyes draw the base of the text where the white meets the darker red, as opposed to where the (white meets the) light red meets the darker red This is the wordmark on the chest.
  16. Nebraska vs Michigan looked fantastic. Iv'e really been a fan of the stripe-less pants so far.
  17. i would really like this set if it didn't have the sublimated c-rap on the shoulders that was part of the CU sets from like 07 to 09
  18. Fight to defend those Mizzou unis while you're at it. The piping isn't great, but i forgot how good the block M and old gold looked on the gloss black helmet.
  19. I really hope CU goes G/W/B against Nebraska week 2. Early pick for uni match-up of the week.
  20. Whenever i look at Wyo it takes a sec to register that the stripes are actually curved and not just straight stripes bunching in the pads