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  1. How about you make a concept first and we can provide C&C on it ya freakin hoisser.
  2. It looks like they're trying to be CN/Nickelodeon
  4. Does the patch have to be standalone or can it bee part of a closeup on a uniform?
  5. Are tOSU's helmet stickers supposed to have no white on them, or is it just implied? I think the straight up buckeye leaves look pretty cool, but I'd only wers them as a one-off. I like tradition. Also, I can't wait for you to do Nebraska!
  6. Yea wow, has anyone else noticed that? The original revolution helmet with the Revo speed facemask... I didn't even know it would be possible to combine the two.(Re: ASU Nike image) Yeah. I figured that out a couple weeks ago when my high school team we played some class C school and they were so broke that instead of buying a new facemask for their busted revo's thay just repurposed old speed facemasks from their cross town school. Some dude was even wearing a revo shell with a speed 360 mask and he just taped up the top attachment parts.
  7. Number restrictions definitely help out when you are a Safety/ Linebacker and you need to identify running backs in the slot, tight ends, wildcat formations, ect. Separately, I've always wondered why baseball can have all these stadium inconsistencies (the hill in Houston's center field, Tampa Bay's rafters, the green monster, different field lengths, ect.) but football has nothing of the sort. I feel like something unique about a home stadium would make the game more exciting.
  8. Yeah. When Colorado initially joined the PAC-12 they got a redesign that turned their gold from the deep yellow gold into more of a white, light gold. 2007-2010: Redesign: Also, i just want to take a moment to appreciate Wake Forest's new uniforms: i really like these and i think they're some of the most underrated unis in the country.
  9. lol you just saucing up everyone who didn't take time to read the OP.
  10. We need chrome/matte helmets and jersey numbers.