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  1. I immediately though of the 2015 pro bowl uniforms** when i saw these. Not only is gray not an official color, but they use two shades of it. Impressively stupid imo. Also, the collar shield is dumb in the fact that it is not team-specific at all, and any team in the country could pull off putting that there. Not enough orange on the jersey (or anywhere for that matter) for my liking, and not at all consistent with their current identity save for the beaver shark helmet logo. Is there at least a "theme" given for these uniforms or some reasoning from the school or Nike? Or are they GFGS in its purest form? **
  2. New "Stadium Lights" uniforms for Buttgers. To be worn November 4th against Maryland at Yankee Stadium. Am i the only one who thinks Rutgers should just depart from black entirely?
  3. Here they are, boys! Honestly like them a lot (although i still want a grey facemask). No shoulder stripes, replaced with tv number, and no pants stripes. It also helps a lot that the techfit/shockweb pattern doesnt show up very well on red. EDIT: Promotional material on the left shows no shoulder numbers? Just an editing mistake mayhaps? EDIT #2: There appears to be a "1997 National champions" patch on the back collar of the fan jerseys. Unsure as to its placement on the player jerseys themselves, because of the angle on the back side promo shot.
  4. I didn't initially like how the "mesh" pattern looked on the close-ups from the teaser, but seeing it as it corresponds with the whole jersey makes it look a lot better imo. This could actually be pretty cool. Maybe the B1G logo is moved over to make room for some sort of heritage patch that's yet to be announced? I think one would make sense seeing as the uniforms seem to be hearkening back to NU's glory days. Although i'm not sure what, if any, anniversary they'd be celebrating this season.
  5. sweet lord did you ask them to do it with their eyes closed?
  6. C'mon Adidas. These are literally just a catalog order with a different typeface for the numbers. It also looks like the sleeve cap is just the team logo, another catalog option. I mean :censored:, I get the fact that you want to promote your techfit/supastretch/eliteflex/gravitonweb or whatever the hell you are calling it these days, but from what i've seen this jersey cut/material pretty much limits any striping you might want to printed-on (usually sliced up n' shiny) stripes/numbers on the jerseys, as well as poor striping integrity on the pants, or just no stripe at all with a large, cut-up logo. (see Louisville, Miami, Indiana, UTSA, etc.) However I will admit that Adidas, when they are pressured into it by the fans/school/whomever does the influencing round these parts, manages to apply sewn on numbers, graphics, and stripes to this jersey material (i'm not sure if it's the same cut, but it is the same material) (see Nebraska, NC State, etc.), but GODDAMMIT WHY NOT JUST DO THAT ALL THE TIME? Especially for schools that could have some sweet mother-f-in uniforms like SJSU due to their color scheme and mascot. I mean, I could maybe see it for and FCS team, but REALLY?! we're giving G5 teams uniforms that are best comparable to high school uniforms?! Deeply disappointed in Adidas so far this summer. All I can do is hope that Nebraska leaves 'em when their contract is up. EDIT: Took exactly 6 minutes to make (and most of that was from navigating the menus). Swap out the custom typeface, logo on pants, and you're done. Lazy on Adidas' part with this one. (Also got the number colors wrong but who gives a rip)
  7. Ugh. I can tolerate a "retro" look if it's executed well and to full capacity. Neither of which seem to be the case here. BRING BACK GRAY FACEMASKS GODDAMMIT! EDIT: One thing that potentially scares me is how close these are to our current uniforms, which makes me think this might be an actual uniform change, not just a one-off. Usually when Adidas makes a one-off alt it is a massive departure from the team's regular look.
  8. You will never, ever convince me that these are in any way better than their current road sets. The collar looks like a damn strip of bacon.
  9. Ohio State has had sublimated buckeyes on their numbers for the spring game, however, they were just they leaves and not the circle surrounding them. The designer who made this graphic said that as far as he's aware, the actual jerseys don't have them. So I'd say they're 'shopped in.
  10. The jersey and pants are from their "Aggie Chrome" bull :censored: from a couple years back, and the helmet is from last year's throwback uniforms (which were actually quite well done). I don't know why in the hell that player is pairing the two.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the jerseys pictured mock-ups created by someone unaffiliated w/ the team? I imagine the black uniforms will change more than just the color of the jersey fabric.
  12. Toledo with the new Nike uniforms. Where to begin? Generic, templated striping pattern, "word stripe" on pants, GFGS, and they retained their horrendous gradient helmet. Their previous uniforms were nothing too special, but they looked respectable, not like some low-level FCS team. Previous uniforms (Under Armour) for comparison:
  13. New UCLA uniforms dropping on the 15th. They've removed black from their scheme apparently, and they cut off the tail on their script UCLA logo. Will it still work on a helmet without the tail? Branding summary: https://spark.adobe.com/page/P3ZQghKkfAxlS/
  14. When I saw this i kept wondering if a team could have a translucent outer shell and then a colored inner shell centimeters lower to make an "offset" effect. I feel like that would be pretty cool.
  15. https://www.totalpackers.com/2017/04/packers-propose-change-away-uniforms/ First I've seen of this. They guy who wrote the article cites very vague sources, and doesn't have any quotes, so i'm not sure how accurate this is. But c'mon, Packers? BFBS? EDIT: oh me i forgot what day it was.
  16. Link to 2017 thread. We should start transitioning, seeing as the season is officially over.
  17. EDIT: I didn't see the first post. Use this one:
  18. It Detroit is gonna use that logo soon do you think that nike would use such as similar look for templated shooting shirts?
  19. Really it's just a lot of experimentation. If i can create stripes/stitching/logos/etc. by changing color/saturation/etc. i'll try that first. if that move is unsuccessful (or if i pre-determine i can't create the desired pattern by hand), then i will resort to finding images of players in similar poses and copy/paste whatever elements i need off of that picture. when i'm creating them by hand, I usually select the area i want to edit, make a copy of it, edit the copy, and then see what layer mode makes it look best. (I use GIMP, free software that is actually pretty dang solid. idk about Ps, but in GIMP each layer has a "mode" the relates it to the layer underneath it. For example, the "Grain Merge" mode is often useful on lighter-colored jerseys, because it basically takes the color of the layer you're using and adds the texture of the layer underneath it. this is good for creating stripes on a textured jersey.) Honestly, i just recommend a lot of experimentation and doing concepts like this one. You'll learn a lot by necessity, and much of it you can google how to do until you get used to it. Heck, I'm still learning techniques as i go! My shading, luminosity masking, and coloration are far from perfect right now.
  20. Oh yeah. I'll get on that. Also might change the yello to more of a gold. Looks a little too greenish. Here you go. Sorry for the delay. 49er Mitch Turbisky up next.
  21. The stripes kinda translated weirdly onto the mach speed template but it looks o.k.