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  1. wow these are actually pretty solid. i like the Kansas one especially. HUGE upgrade over what they have now.
  2. can we have multiple pants options or one for each set?
  3. I'm hoping that Oregon wears a white/apple green version of this uni at Nerbaska week 3. that will be a good looking matchup. I'm also curious as to where on the jersey the wing pattern stops on the back and how. Does it fade? Does it stop at the seam? Also, i wonder if they'll go with a yellow nameplate in the middle of the pattern or if they'll just stitch the name right onto the jersey so as not to interrupt the wing pattern.
  4. absolutely. especially the backup QB number 10 was the biggest discrepancy between thicknesses. it honestly grated on my eyes all game long
  5. Here's a blurry side view of the uniforms to be worn with them: They're to be called the "Flying Tiger" uniforms
  6. i don't understand the significance of the houndstooth pattern on the helmet stripe and undershirts, but that aside, i think this is a good, clean look for wku. an improvement by Russell for sure
  7. Huh, interesting. I was never aware of that and you couldn't tell from their site:
  8. The shoulder/cuff area stripes have changed since this picture and they actually look a lot more like Houston's from both NU and Wisconsin's standpoint. Nebraska has switched to the sleeve-capped techfit template, and Wisconsin has switched to a sleeve-capped UA template. Nebraska's strippes are still much broader, but the resemblence to Wisconson is still there: If they wear their red helmet from last season at home that's a pretty close look.
  9. With Oregon wearing the Vicis helmet this year, it will be interesting to see what HGI (Hydro Graphics Inc., originators of chrome, satin helmets and multi-colored facemask trends) can/will do with the flexible exterior. Dollars to donuts they're working on it right now.
  10. 'Lina's done! This is probably one of my more out-there concepts, but i tried to keep some areas conservative. CAROLINA HURRICANES: The logo/wordmark are taken from the NHL Hurricanes branding. The Hurricanes' Red remains the primary, and the Panthers' Blue is the secondary. Silver is dumped in favor of white, and black is the last color. The white home uniforms feature "hurricane" striping around the arms and waist. The number font is taken from the hurricanes jerseys and features a similar design to the "canes" wordmark on the chest. The striping remains consistent, but it gains a white outline on the road black set. Te chest wordmark reamains the same because the "Carolina" wordmark doesn't space well w/ the rest of the jersey. The numbers/ player names are the same colors as the home set as well. C&C Appreciated! Chicago up next!
  11. I actually like that India logo a lot. Maybe ditch the tusk like @Broncoboy7 said, but either way the roundel, elephant and floral pattern combined scream "India"
  12. Adidas Designer- "By making a "U" under the ass, we reflect on the past behind us, by making the design wrap around towards the front of the legs, we look towards the future in front of us."
  13. How about this? The buffao is an odd shape so the legs kinda stick out, but i think it looks alright. Or am i wrong and it looks like the Buffalo is getting his legs mutilated? What do you guys think?
  14. I appreciate all the feedback thus far. Thanks for all the interest! Here are the Buffalo Sabres! BUFFALO SABRES: The logo is the Buffalo Sabres primary minus the stupid gray outlines and with the Bills' buffalo replacing the classic charging buffalo. The Bills' Royal Blue serves as the primary color, with the Sabres' Gold, White, and darker Blue serving as the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary, respectively. The Sabres' wordmark is recolored and used as the primary wordmark. The home uniform is a white base with a broad royal blue /thin gold stripe around the waist and arms, along with a similar "sabre" inspired vertical stripe along either side. The player's front number replaces the charging buffalo in the primary logo on the jersey. The away jersey is a royal blue base with blue/yellow sriping in the same pattern as the home set. The back number is white with a gold outline for visibility and the front number is in the same format as on the home jersey. C&C appreciated! Up next, Carolina.
  15. To the best of my knowledge most teams use the same endzone design on their main practice field as they do in their stadium endzones, with the exception that the background color isn't painted in. In this case i think there is no BG color and that's what the U's endzones will look like at least at some point this season
  16. This was UVA Equipment's reply to the "new helmet" post by SB nation. Nothing to see here, just a mini-helmet with the logo of one of their trainers. Probably given as a gift from the coaching staff or (by the look of it) the players. Either way, it was created by someone with no eye for design or just no eyes at all.
  17. These look like a high school team that's trying too hard to be "fresh"
  18. Thanks for the feedback so far. Please keep it coming.While I probably won't be able to do much about the completed ones change-wise (i convert them into .jpg before posting, delete the doc file), it definitely helps with upcoming designs i haven't finished yet. Anyways, here's Boston. BOSTON BRUINS: This uses the Boston Bruins logo/wordmark set, recolored using a palette featuring the Patriots' Nautical Blue as the primary, the Bruins' Gold as the secondary, Patriots' White and Red as the tertiary and quaternary, respectively. The jerseys in this set, much like the team's identity, are simple and clean. The home jerseys are white with a Blue, Gold, and Red tri-stripe around the collar and arm holes. The waist features a mirrored version of such stripe. No N.O.B for either jersey, instead, the Bruins primary logo. The extra outline on the numbers, team name, stripes are eliminated on the road set in order to convey a simpler look. Dual-stripe of Red and Gold on the collar and arm holes, waist. C&C Appreciated. Up next, Buffalo
  19. I really don't mind seeing the jumpman logo on these. I mean, sure it's a basketball brand, and the logo features a guy holding a basketball, but i feel like it has become more of an overall athletic brand, which im fine with
  20. The template will probably be available to use in a few weeks. I'm still tweaking it. It feels like it's missing something. The Stars/Cowboys combo is still a little bit down the road, but we'll get there!
  21. So i recently made a new basketball uniform template and wanted to try it out, so i decided to make a new concept: Combine the brand identities of NFL and NHL teams located in or reasonably near the same city, and combine those brands into a new NBA team, complete with uniforms (home and away). The limitations are this: I cannot completely redesign a logo, i can only take the current ones and re-color/ make slight adjustments (add shading, combine parts or two different logos). A team can have no more than four colors on its palette, with all of the colors coming from the two logos used. The uniforms must feature a front and a back number, as well as the primary logo, and can only use number fonts, wordmarks, etc featured in either team's branding or on their respective uniforms. In many cases, the team will take the same name as the logo used provides, the reason being it's hard to get consistency between the logos, wordmarks, and numbers. C&C is appreciated. ARIZONA CARDINALS: I used the Cardinals logo, wordmark with the Phoenix Coyotes brick red as the primary and their sand as the secondary. The Cardinals' red is the tertiary. The home sets are sand-colored, and feature the "CARDS" wordmark with a dual-red stripe down the side.The number font is taken from the Phoenix Coyotes jerseys. The away uniforms are dual-red, featuring the same striping pattern. The "Arizona" wordmark is featured on the chest. The number font remains the same. Up next: Boston Bruins
  22. I like the idea behind these. but so far I don't think they've been executed very well. The colors seem to be fighting with one another for superiority instead of coming together to create a clean, cohesive look. I think focusing on black, silver, and red it a great idea on the first one, but on the second, i'd really like to see either a red or a gold jersey, both with black accents, because black remains an important part of both teams color schemes. What you have so far reminds me of when CFB teams do "awareness" games and force other colors (usually pink) into their uniforms and logos where they don't belong. I like this idea though, and I look forward to any improvements and future posts. Good luck!