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  1. From the same person who submitted it though ... I honestly think that's fine, given how time-pressed a lot of people were.
  2. I'm in. Thanks for restarting this.
  3. I'm fairly sure the baseball from the primary on Seattle is lifted from @raysox Mariners concept, so you should probably give credit (even if you were given permission, just to clear up confusion).
  4. This is a good start. I think that most of the thin double lines could just be replaced with a think black or gold line. I also wonder if the double pickaxes could be styled into a football shape based on how you have rendered them.
  5. I understand what you're saying, and I agree with most of it. The image looks pretty weird with only one tooth, so I'll try moving the two teeth closer together to make the angle closer to that of the eye.
  6. Is the second link you mention the embed quote link? I don't see a link that ends in .png or some other image endings.
  7. This was a quick Georgetown redesign I put together. I tried to combine their bulldog mascot with the classic G primary. C and C much appreciated
  8. This is a solid identity. I think that removing the blue border on the "Music City text" and just having plain, navy text would improve the logo. I also think leaving the "SC" as just white text without a border would help. The jerseys are well done
  9. Do you want the font for PHILA changed or the font for the other words changed or both? I should be able to finish the logo today.
  10. I added PHILA to the digital version: https://imgur.com/a/DAYrY <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/DAYrY"><a href="//imgur.com/DAYrY"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Also, if anyone knows how to embed an image from Imgur, that would be helpful.
  11. I drew this up quickly. I can digitalize it if there's interest: https://imgur.com/a/OTmR8
  12. As a Tottenham fan, the thing I hate most about the current kit is the red AIA logo. However, I will try the away kit with a blue collar, that could work. Thanks for the C&C. I could try yellow socks on the third kit. You're right, this concept isn't really what Nike would or should do much as it is what I would like to see from Tottenham. I'm glad that the kits remind of retro Spurs jerseys, as that's the look I was going for. I will definitely work on finalizing the cockerel. Thanks for the kind words! Do you mean less yellow overall in the entire concept or just on the third kit? On the other two kits, yellow is just an accent color and not used very much. Thanks! I do the jersey swaps in Gimp, mostly with the Colorized tool. I also use the smear tool to make the applications conform with the wrinkles on the jersey.
  13. I finally found the time to put together a concept. With Tottenham moving to Nike next year, I think this is the perfect opportunity for a redesign of Tottenham's brand. Rather than giving the team a bland uniform based on the Nike template, I decided to assign a throwback identity to the club. I realize that Nike would never design anything like this, but I think they should. C &C always welcome Enjoy!
  14. Here are Rogers Clark's Badger Nation uniforms to be worn once this year in the White River Classic vs. Vanderburgh:
  15. Here is my proposal: Now that we have aligned the conferences, we should allow new teams to join. These new teams should form either two or one new conferences based on how many teams join. These conferences wouldn't be an FCS, they would just be new conferences. I think the more conferences we have, the more realistic this will be. I also think there should be a deadline so that we can get the football season rolling in a timely fashion. Proposal for football season: Each team plays twelve games, seven in conference and five out of conference. Each week, rankings are posted that will ultimately decide who goes to the final four teams. After the season, each conference has a playoff of the top four teams to determine a conference champion. This won't determine who moves on to the final four teams, but it could still influence the rankings. These are just some ideas I have for the league layout.
  16. Here is a vintage poster I made for the Lakes Conference:
  17. I think we should allow expansion teams, the more the better. However, I think they should be in new conferences.
  18. Here is an updated secondary logo with each team's colors. I'm just guessing on White Bear Lake's colors based on the information given.
  19. I like this idea, as far as the last spot @bucknut42 mentioned creating another Indiana school. I'd like to see that in-state rivalry.
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