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  1. Please... no. I don't mind gray as an accent but not the primary. As a Steeler fan there would be an outrage. The gray is pretty illegible on the road if you keep it.
  2. Looks amazing!! I played with that helmet in Madden once yes yes yes!
  3. Sometimes the best uniforms are the simplest. Dodgers Raiders Could keep going.
  4. Love the new OSU jerseys, absolutely hate the helmet, just do this and this.
  5. While on vacation in Florida I visited Pirates Spring Training I got the BP hat. I love it. It wouldn't be great as a primary but I love it as a BP and Spring Training. Really like sublimed NL logo(MLB should adopt to all hats) and Spring Training logo. Also noticed at Braves-Pirates how hard it was to differentiate the two teams from a distant especially since I couldn't see the scoreboard. I know its spring training but...
  6. "Now presenting the Washington Wizards FC!" Except Cerro Porteno probably had them first.
  7. Am I the only one who can't wait for college football, and all the uni combos?
  8. How about a Nuggets court with this sublimed into the court?
  9. I prefer the Capitals script over the weagle.
  10. Can I get... WVU Rifle Football(bowls) Basketball Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Penguins USA Hockey US Men/Woman World Cup
  11. Can I have a WVU rifle and Pittsburgh Pirates one please? Thanks!
  12. I have the Power 5, plus Mountain West and old Big East. Also have NFL, but not updated, from? 2010?
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