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  1. So I was at Dick's Sporting Goods and I found this ball: I don't know what to think of it but it makes me sad. Has anybody else seen them?
  2. Interesting concept to your ideas, but I like it! Nice job on Lyon and Betis. Who thought you could make a nice looking design based off of underwear and socks!
  3. These are nice dude. How about Pulisic in 1950 US World Cup Kit?
  4. Thanks. I was trying to keep the timeless looks of these programs because they have quite a lot of history. I see where you are saying how the fan bases would probably not like them, but I was going for a modern take on classic looks. What specifically are you saying when you say that? Well they both use practically the same color and design, so yeah. It is kinda hard to make them different.
  5. With the 4th College Football Playoff set to kickoff on New Year's Day, I decided to draw up so concepts for each of the 4 teams. 1 Clemson Tigers vs. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide Not much changes for the Trilogy as Clemson sticks with the all-orange that it went with in 2016 for the National Championship Game, but with my twist, as I think that they should use the helmet stripe on the sleeves. Bama's only changes are the addition of numbers to the sleeves, and crimson trim to the collar and sleeves. 2 Oklahoma Sooners vs. 3 Georgia Bulldogs For the Rose Bowl, OU stays the same with no changes. Georgia is probably the most drastic change for any of the 4, even though it too is very minimal. I hate Georgia's single white helmet stripe, so I made a black/white/silver stripe. I also added a stripe to the sleeve, making it red/white/black. And of course, the silver britches stay. Please leave some C&C. Thanks for looking!
  6. Looking at WVU’s social media it looks as if they are going with yellow helmets. Not sure on the jersey or pants. Anyone know who is the home team against Utah, in the Heart of Dallas Bowl?
  7. Real and Juve wouldn't look half bad on the field, but the other two need to stay in FIFA. Bayern's isn't horrible, but it is vastly inferior to their actual kits.
  8. Heart of Dallas Bowl, please. WVU vs Utah. Thanks in advance!
  9. As a WVU fan, IMO, WVU needs this: 2 Helmets: Blue and Gold 3 Uniforms: Blue, White, and Gold 3 Pants: Gold, White, Blue Classic, and iconic. Keep it simple. Minimize black and no stupid helmet decal swaps like on Saturday.
  10. UCLA vs. USC gets my vote for game of the week, in terms of uniforms. Both in classic uniforms, and the color on color makes it great.
  11. OK. I just wasn't sure if that was still in place.
  12. Is that game on the road? Because I thought the Mountain West had a rule about Boise State wearing all-blue at home in conference play.
  13. JosiahWVU

    NBA Football

    Really nice job. Love what you did with the T-Wolves. Also, looking at those makes me think that that would be a pretty good look for the Seahawks.
  14. I think the World Series has looked pretty good. I believe each team wore their standard white or gray, until tonight, unlike last year, when the Cubs and Indians wore almost exclusively alternates. I do like the Astros orange jerseys, though.
  15. I love your look for the Braves, and I like how you are taking the liberty of not going full Yankee's to every team, but for the Braves I would be interested to see if you could try to make it look even more Yankee-like and make the cap and jersey logos different. Maybe put the tomahawk logo on the chest ant the regular cursive 'a' logo on the cap. Good work to this point, though. Keep it up!
  16. WVU going all blue for there annual "True Blue" game against OK State.
  17. Looks good, I would just make the team name font a little thicker, like you did on the Bucks green jersey.
  18. I am so disappointed. I really wanted the US in the World Cup. I was also very interested to see how the kits would look. Will those still be released as next year's kit, even if they aren't for the World Cup?
  19. WVU is going in one of my personal favorite looks, Gold/White/Gold, for their game at TCU.
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