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  1. WVU going blue-white-blue vs Kansas on Saturday. They should go with this most of the time, along with blue-white-white and blue-white-yellow.
  2. Did Iowa State change their white helmets? They seem different from last year's.
  3. Great work! To do all of the FBS teams is a true accomplishment. To have all of them look fantastic is even better. Great work!
  4. New England Revolution, take notes from that home kit for their away.
  5. The T-Wolves and Pelicans could adopt that color scheme. Nice work.
  6. I agree. I know that was not black, but it was the closest to it we have had.
  7. I agree that it does not look good as they use it, but thy would never take navy blue out as the primary color. Old gold and blue are the state colors, so that would probably not happen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._state_colors I would not be opposed to a black and old gold(yellow) uniform worn once a year in a night game, though. Such as these:
  8. Not necessarily wrong, but not right either. He started his career with Everton, but he is know for his days with Man United.
  9. That might... hold up... that is the coolest thing I've seen today.
  10. That would look nice on an updated template. Then they could wear the new Gold Cup kits as their clash, IMO. One thing that I don't like about the Gold Cup kits are how the stars are split up to leave a gap for the competition patch on the sleeve. Take off the star on the lower part of the sleeve, and they are perfect.
  11. Quick question, when will you do Vegas is you are going by the standings?
  12. Toronto needs to make the helmet stripe like the pant stripe.
  13. Do you think it would look any better if it had the same "faded" look as the stars and leafs?
  14. Substitute blue for red and this makes a perfect Bayern Munich kit.
  15. For me I go with: Left: Western Metal Supply Building at Petco in San Diego Left Center: The Green Moster at Fenway Center Field: PNC Park with the Clemente Bridge Right Field: Wrigley...just for the ivy.
  16. WVU, please! Blue helmet on yellow background. Thanks!
  17. This made be so sad. Fleury was my favorite player and he was beloved in Pittsburgh. Will miss him.
  18. If I don't start to get more feedback I may take a break and rework this on a different template.
  19. Anything? Up Next: ASC Columbus ASCC just missed out on the playoffs, but the 2017-18 season could see a return, if they add some pieces around Lebron James. Columbus made the switch from Nike to Adidas, but the classic sash stayed. The home is still red-gray-red but the clash is now all white. The third is all white. Up next: Lone Star
  20. So I will take a break from my concepts to show you something else. @TheHealthiestScratch has been able yo recreate some of my logos and uniforms. The logos that have yet to been to posted will be posted when I post those teams(so I don't spoil them). I haven't given him as much credit as I should have, and I apologize for that. He s really doing me a great favor. He may not do many more because he wants to make his own concepts. But here is his Photoshop mock up of the Chicago Union, and Boston's crest. Once again, a huge thanks to him, I think these guve more justice for what I am trying to do. He also did Steel City so I will post them later.
  21. Up next: Boston Revolution Boston finished fourth in the regular season standings, and became the last team to make the 4-team playoff, but fell to the Union. The team could have another successful season. The Revs are one of a few teams to have a new crest(because I didn't like the previous), it includes crosses rifles and a 'B'. The home and away remain basically the same, based off a Revolutionary soldier. and the Don't Tread on Me flag. The third is all red with a striping pattern on the front. Up next: Lebron James
  22. One more for today, before I take a break over the weekend: San Francisco SC SFSC won back to back titles in 2015 and 2016, and had a chance at a three-peat but feel to Steel City in the semifinals. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant keep the club in contention for the upcoming season. The logo remains unchanged and so does the home and away kits. The clash is a black version of the first two. The sponsor is hard to see because of the lighting, but it is Apple, and Puma makes the kits again. Up next: Don't Tread on Me (PS, please leave some comments, good, bad, or indifferent)
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