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  1. The Chiefs seem ready-made to step away from the imagery into "general chief" meaning. They have a long history of not changing their uniforms and not being particularly flashy. A stand-alone KC would work well for a team that dates back to the AFL.  They can essentially be the Packers of the AFC...the interlocking letters on their own are probably better than half of the primaries in the league, anyway.

  2. On 7/28/2021 at 2:05 PM, IceCap said:

    I feel like the Chiefs have the easiest time of it. Lots of cultures and professions have or had "chiefs." The only thing tying their identity to Native Americans is the arrow head logo. Get rid of the arrow, and just rock a white KC on the red helmet.

    And this could solve a key problem of interest to this board; the lack of continuity above and below the neck. I'd love to see the arrow gone, the "KC" enlarged and made white with a yellow outline.  Forgetting whether the arrow is problematic, I think this  would be a better look. The KC facing the opposite end of the arrow on each side the helmet is not great (not Ravens "B" bad, but not good).

  3. 1 hour ago, Sec19Row53 said:

    Why is it lame duck? He is still under contract to the Packers in 2022.

    I get Shefty tweeting that there will be 'arrangements' or whatever after this season. Let's not forget that football is a business. 'Arrangements' cost money.

    That was my understanding by watching a few minutes of ESPN...I guess I didn't absorb the degree to which it's set vs promised. It was framed as him playing this year and being able to go elsewhere next year.

  4. As time goes on, I like everything more…and hate the G logo more.


    I am curious about whether the logo is going to go on a sleeve and, if so whether the orientation of it will lead to it appearing on the right sleeve.  It’s partly my OCD, but patches should be on the left sleeve.


    Also, I seem to be a fairly small minority here, but I really hate the backwards G that I know exists on the other side.

  5. 22 minutes ago, IceCap said:

    I still maintain the name "Indians" exists in enough of a grey zone that had they dropped Wahoo in, say, the early 90s and never looked back the name would broadly be accepted. Maybe a few rumblings here and there but the major point of contention would have gone for close to thirty years by the time the racial divisions of society became apparent in 2020. By hanging onto Wahoo as defiantly and as long as they did they soured the rest of the brand, meaning "Indians" had to go. 

    I kind of agree with this. My gut reaction was "I'd take this a step further and say they could actually have gotten away with keeping the name anyway, with Wahoo gone." And I think they could have but they'd have been forced to maintain this boring identity. Their continued push to keep Wahoo would have made it a PR nightmare to use any native imagery; even a couple of feathers on the "C" as so many people here had drawn in concepts. So their choices were to do what they did or to keep the name but have nothing more than very benign logos like the letter "C," outlines of Ohio, or nikefied "the Land" wordmarks.


    Regarding the history...yeah, when you look at the "original 16" (if you will), they're closer to the Sens/Twins than the Yankees. Nevertheless, baseball is a sport rooted in, and dependent on, history. An original AL team should not try to be a 21st century expansion team. 

  6. I can't believe how much more quickly this all happened in comparison to the Football Team.


    All things considered, I think it's OK. There was literally nothing they could do that wasn't going to be jarring to most fans. When I think about my teams, a name change would be jarring to me (even if it was the Wild).  No matter how good the name and identity, calling the Twins anything else would take some serious getting used to. Therefore, I think it makes sense that:

    • The colors and general identity are reminiscent of the current team. That continuity is important.
    • Guardians has a similar cadence to the old name.

    As for Spiders, I know a lot of us, myself included, would have liked it. But the general fan base? I legitimately don't know. Remember, at any given time, 80% of the fans there probably haven't heard of Len Barker and half probably haven't heard of Bob Feller (this is not a shot at Clevelanders but an observation about the the lack of attachment to history for the casual fan everywhere). They likely don't know the Spiders (on the other hand, they don't know the Spiders were historically bad). My two cents:

    • Name: OK. Like I said, the cadence works (and someone point out the "ians"). Someone else pointed out that it's a bit "too local" but hey, it gives the rest of us a chance to learn something about Cleveland.
    • Colors: They had no choice, in my opinion. It's not their problem that so many teams have similar colors. They needed to keep the continuity. And it looks fine. Don't worry about it; I'm sure they'll be wearing a "city" jersey 50 times a year (maybe inspired by the Cuyahoga River fire).
    • Wordmarks: OK. I actually think they should have gone for more continuity with a smoother wordmark, particularly the "Guardians" one. But it makes the "Cleveland" mark less boring, I suppose.
    • Cap: Nice.  While I'm sometimes a fan of seeing no white, the "C" hat has been begging for white from day 1. The contrast on their hats messed with my eyes.
    • "G" Logo: The only truly awful part of this. Edit: I just realized that the 3D aspect of the logo implies that on the other side, there's a backwards-facing G. It's worse than I initially thought.

    Overall, I give them a B+ and I'm more grateful that they sidestepped potential "expansionesque" landmines than I am disappointed about any missed opportunities.

  7. These are really sharp. The Kraken name is not only bad but it was just begging for a cartoony-viscous logo of ECHL quality.  But much like the Wild and their even worse name, they came out with unique yet attractive colors and a terrific logo.

    I like the way the logo looks on the white jersey; the blue outline makes it stick out nicely. But I still prefer the blue jersey because the color balance with the blues/greens (particularly on the sleeves) just works so well.


    They really nailed it.

  8. 32 minutes ago, floydnimrod said:

    I like watching drafts on TV (I'm weird in that way) and expansion drafts don't happen all the time so I was excited to watch it tonight, only to find that nearly all the picks have been spoiled already.


    Dumb as hell.

    Yeah, it's too bad.  I know it's more difficult to keep things under wraps than it used to be, but it seems like this should not happen.

  9. 12 hours ago, bosrs1 said:

    Meanwhile, the A's just landed on the receiving end of yet another bad piece of news, of their own making regarding their half assed treatment of their minor leaguers in Stockton  just hours before the Oakland vote.


    https://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/Exclusive-Most-Oakland-A-s-single-A-players-in-16323267.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Mobile)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral


    Even the Astros, loathesome as they can be seen, aren't hanging their Single A guys out to dry like this...

    I was just told about something similar by a friend who's former player (he's a high school coach) is playing A ball in Peoria (Cardinals organization).  He said the players prefer road trips because they lose money at home.

  10. 25 minutes ago, spartacat_12 said:

    A little over nine years after they signed identical 13-year, $98 million contracts together, Zach Parise & Ryan Suter are being bought out by Minnesota.


    My guess is that Guerin determined that they weren't going to waive their NMCs for the expansion draft and decided to take this route. This allows them to protect Dumba from Seattle, while still protecting 7 forwards. 


    Ken Holland must be kicking himself realizing that if he had waited a couple days he could've just signed Suter instead of trading away assets for Keith.

    I'm not really fond of taking nearly a decade worth of cap hits so they can protect two more players from Seattle. Or maybe I am.  All I know is the whole thing is very Minnesota Sports.

  11. 28 minutes ago, gosioux76 said:


    I think you maybe contradicted yourself here. Because if you were a "Vegas guy," you'd enjoy going there whether it was February or August. 


    FWIW, I'm not a "Vegas guy" either, so if I'm going there, it's specifically to see my team (and probably because the flights are cheap), so I wouldn't particularly care what time of year it was.


    But here's the thing I don't get about this topic: Vegas gets brought up as being too hot for baseball, yet Phoenix -- where the average summertime temps are nearly identical -- seems to get a pass in this regard. And the D-Backs have a retractable roof, rather than a fully domed stadium, so there's a willingness to embrace the elements. I don't really see why Vegas should be any different. 


    I don’t want to go there in the summer, either. But this started with a discussion about Vegas relying on visiting fans to help fill their stadiums.  Phoenix’s metro is twice as big and their teams don’t rely on traveling fans.  I am not sharp enough to know whether a metro the size of Vegas can support all of these teams so if they can the discussion is moot.


    As for my summer travel point, perhaps I am projecting my own tastes and there are plenty of people that would travel from Chicago to catch the Cubs (or even the Sox) in July and hang out on the strip.

  12. 1 hour ago, bosrs1 said:


    I mean all the Vegas teams play indoors and would play indoors. So the heat isn't really a consideration. 

    I don't agree. You go for more than the game.  The games themselves would be comfortable, but being outside for any reason is miserable in August.  Would I go to Vegas for the Thursday Wild game and make a long weekend? Yes.* For a July Twins series? No. 


    *Probably not, but if I was more of a "Vegas guy."

  13. 7 hours ago, DustDevil61 said:

    Agreed. As the news that the Athletics were open to exploring relocation emerged in May, and with the links to the articles above pitching Salt Lake for swirling around in my mind, I thought that sending the Athletics to Salt Lake and splitting them and the Jazz in Utah from the Knights and Raiders in Las Vegas while cross-promoting all 4 between both cities would be more feasible  than giving a 3rd—and possibly 4th—team in a market that has just 2.5 million residents (which, IIRC, is roughly the same population along the Wasatch Front, if you count Provo and Ogden—correct me if I’m wrong.) Again, I know the businessmen making the decisions probably aren’t going to go with that, but it’s a fun little thought experiment to see if two relatively close cities could pull off.


    Yes, Las Vegas is a tourist town, and that works for the first team there (the Knights) and the Raiders (who are an NFL team, really aren’t too far from their historical fanbases anyways, and are the Raiders), but I just don’t see it translating to all 4 big leagues.

    Especially baseball.  June-August, it's going to be more uncomfortable in Vegas than just about anyone's home town.  I'm not sure going to see my MLB team in the summer works out quite as well as going to see an NFL* game in the fall or an NHL game in the winter.


    *NFL does start amidst the heat, as evidenced by my Labor Day weekend Wisconsin/UNLV trip...not the best time to get away to Vegas. But you as point out, it's the Raiders and it's the NFL.  MLB is going to have to rely on the local population, at least for most of the season.

  14. 5 hours ago, DenverKing said:

    Is this old news? I thought it looked more like a concept at first, but the designer’s website shows that he worked for the NFL previously and worked on the Jaguars and Dolphins rebrands as well. 


    It's the first I've seen of it (which doesn't mean it's not old news).  I like the general identity but not some of the uniform execution.

    • Logo. Slight downgrade but not a sticking point either way for me.
    • Word mark. Slight upgrade, but not a sticking point.
    • Colors. Awesome.  A slightly less-awesome nod to the 1980s Bucks.  Love it.
    • Helmet. Upgraded colors downgraded wing.
    • Uniforms. Upgrade. Better font and clearer but trying a bit too hard with the sleeve-nameplate-sleeve design. Bot a big fan of the sweatshirt-gray uniform either.


    Do I wish they'd have done this? Hell yeah.  Though ideally with the 1980s helmet.

  15. 49 minutes ago, dont care said:

    Pat Beverly would never be allowed to play again. He certainly doesn’t care if his opponents are able to.

    I wonder whether he gets suspended to start next season. He really should. That might not be one of the most dangerous things I've ever seen but it is one of the cheapest, particularly given that the series was over and he had nothing to lose by getting ejected.

  16. After CP put a stop to the Clippers comeback attempt, I just got the feeling that he was shaping/reshaping his legacy.  Whatever happens, he now has a signature performance to win the conference finals. And it's all the more amazing given how bad the Suns have been recently.


    Of course, if they win the title, then he sheds almost all of the criticism. It was fun to watch last night and I'm pulling for Phoenix.

  17. Knowing what the new model for franchise recognition is in the NBA, I do hope it's an expansion team. I don't want to see the long history of the Kings or the sad history of my team (T-Wolves) just stop in favor of defunctness.


    Assuming the Wolves stay in Minnesota, I'd really love them to go east. I like it so much better when the Wild's division rivals are in their own time zone and the T-Wolves have been plying Milwaukee and Chicago twice per year for too long.  And of course, fewer 9:00 PM road games would be nice, too. (Of course I really wish it would have happened a long time ago so a couple of the Kevin Love teams could have snuck into the playoffs).

  18. Given what Lukas has been putting on social media...

    ...I like baseball coaching staffs in full uniform.  Maybe I like it based primarily on tradition, but they also spend more time on the field than coaches in other sports and the uniform doesn't necessitate padding like hockey and football or shorts like soccer or basketball.  It's far more aesthetically pleasing and functional in baseball.

    I especially think it would be weird to see base coaches out there in street clothes. I mean, sure, a third base coach could wind their arm excitedly to wave a runner home in loafers, dockers, and a team polo (and a team batting helmet) and maybe if it had always been that way, a full uniform would seem strange. That said, I like this quirk in baseball.

  19. 3 hours ago, Sec19Row53 said:

    [sarcasm]But you aren't from TLA (three letter acronym). It means something different to us here[/sarcasm]

    I learned that when I referred to the Trailblazers' "Rip City" uniforms as "nonsense."

  20. The mountain ASG logo on the side of the hat is serviceable.  The red on the team logos really sticks out and it should be purple (or, at the very least, team color). And the mountain outline on the star? That's trying just a bit too hard. Just make the star purple (maybe with white outline)


    The jerseys are comically bad. Is that a Hawaiian motif on the cuffs? Why?

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