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  1. Hopefully it's just not a spring thing & they keep it that way.
  2. Per the schedule poster that was just released, Arizona will be having a White Out at home vs. Texas Tech this upcoming season.
  3. I'm good with white, navy & red. We can get rid of the red chrome.
  4. Arizona going with the standard A logo on the navy helmets in spring ball, instead of the monochrome red one. Hope it stays that way.
  5. Not my concept, but I'd go with something like this, removing the stripes from the red & blue helmets, and a white facemask on the white helmet.
  6. So my friend talked to the Arizona AD at the event & that the AD told him that there will be a 90’s style Desert Swarm throwback for a game or 2 next season.
  7. I was gonna go to a signing day event tonight & hopefully get the chance to ask Sumlin what's up with our uniforms, but my ex scheduled our daughter's parent teacher conference for tonight. I asked my friend to ask for me. Hopefully he'll get the chance & I'll get some intel.
  8. Oh that's not new, the softball team has had that script on the jerseys probably since the 80's.
  9. Respectfully disagree I assume you mean this one:
  10. Love it. Can't wait to cop a Nike Braves jersey.
  11. If the pics on the Braves Twitter feed are indication, the regular white home jerseys aren’t going anywhere. Just please don’t lose the all navy hat! Impatiently waiting...