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  1. Here are the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders. Home Away Alt Color Rush
  2. It's crazy how this one teacher still wants to introduce new content in the last week of school, but that's another topic. Here are the Rams and Seahawks! Rams Home Away Alternate Color Rush Seahawks Home Away Alternate Color Rush
  3. Here are the Dolphins! It took me about 20 minutes just to think of the sleeve design, and I'm still not 100% sure about it, but here it is. Home Away Alt Color Rush
  4. Here are the Cowboys. For this one I decided to stick to royal and silver-green for the home and away, then for the alternates, I switched to navy and silver. Home Away (I know this looks like the Giants but this wouldn't be a problem) Alt Color Rush *Edit* I realized on phones that the silver looks more green than usual
  5. Up next are the Cincinnati Bengals. These are a mix of their Super Bowl uniforms and current uniforms. There is a home, away, alt, and two color rush uniforms (one for home and one for away). Home Away Alt Color Rush Home Color Rush Away
  6. I'm pretty young so the list doesnt go that far back, but basically every Kansas basketball tournament loss since 2011 (I even wrote a poem about it for school) 2007 football season (I was only two, but I looked back at the rankings and saw the BCS favoritism of the SEC) 2012 National Championship 2013 vs Michigan (I still hate Trey Burke) 2014 Andrew Wiggins selling vs Stanford 2016 Villanova loss 2017 vs Oregon 2018 vs Villanova (again!) 2019- getting mollywhopped by Auburn 2020- having the best team in the country before possible repercussions and having the whole tournament being taken away by a virus.
  7. Up next are the Patriots. This may go unnoticed, but the sleeves include stripes that represent the Drew Bledsoe era uniforms. Also, there will be a post with silver helmets and a separate post with white helmets. Home Away Alternate Color Rush
  8. So this is nothing close to real, but it's one of my ideas for a new NCAA playoff and realignment. The league is split up into Power 8, Group of 8, and Notre Dame/BYU, who are independents. Each conference has 8 teams split into 2 divisions. Each team will play 10 conference games (2 against each division opponent, 1 against each cross-division opponent), and 2 non-conference games. Then the top two teams in each division will compete for the conference championship, and the winner will go to the playoffs, which consists of twelve teams (8 conference championship winners, 1 G8 team, and 3 at-large teams). Each team will have a protected cross-division rival, who is in the corresponding column, that they will play for the 1st rivalry week in Week 9 (second one is the last game of the season). For the Group of 8 conferences and divisions are the same, but each team plays a 9-game schedule, playing every conference member once, with two out of conference games. The 8 conference championship winners will compete in a tournament for a spot in the Power 8 tournament and a Group of 8 championship. Notre Dame and BYU can only qualify for at-large bids due to no conference affiliation. I feel like this realignment will create new rivalries while retaining the old ones, and it will give every team a chance at competing for a national championship. So here are the conferences. Power 8 Group of 8 Here is a hypothetical playoff based on the 2019/20 season Group of 8 Power 8 Last but not least, these are hypothetical schedules for Alabama (P8) on the left and Troy (G8) on the right.
  9. The next team is the San Diego LA Chargers! I decided to keep the jerseys the same color wise (Powder blue, white, navy, royal). I gave the Chargers a more traditional look with the block numbers and single outlines. Also, I gave them a new lightning rod-type stripe. Home with white and yellow pants Away with white and yellow pants Navy Blue Alt Color Rush
  10. Tbh it's been so long since I've found this template so I can't remember. But I'll let you know if I find it.
  11. So it's been a while but I'm back. I've felt my creativity wanting to come out during quarantine, so I'll be tweaking and/or redesigning the NFL in no particular order. Today I'll start with the Browns. I feel like the current design (2015-19) could be much better with some tweaks, and I also wanted to incorporate inspiration from the past Browns uniforms. There's a home, away, alternate, and color rush uniform. So here they are. Home Away (Two pants options) Alternate (Switch the swipes on the pants to match the orange jersey) Color Rush (Alternate with Orange Pants)
  12. Here's the Ravens and the Bills. Ravens Home Away Alternate City (based on the Maryland flag like the University of Maryland) Earned Bills (I decided to bring back the red helmets and red socks from the 90s and 2000s). Home Away Alternate City (based on the lake-effect snow) Throwback
  13. I've already done about 14 teams so I was new to the template for the ones in the beginning but not every set of pants is going to have the same striping pattern. And this is supposed to be a "redesign" of some sort so the new jerseys aren't supposed to look exactly like the current ones except for the throwbacks. Thanks for the feedback though it was very helpful.
  14. I'm back after taking a long absence. This is an NFL concept where each NFL team will have a League (association/home), Icon (away), Statement (alternate), City, and Earned jerseys for the playoff teams. A few teams will have throwbacks too. Some city jerseys will have a meaning, some will look crazy, and others will look great. Anyways, the first two teams are the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons. League Icon Statement City This uniform uses the colors of the Arizona flag Falcons League Icon Statement City This uniform is supposed to represent a Coca-Cola bottle because you know, Atlanta. Throwback
  15. Looks like my school beating #1 Starkville last week made them unleash their anger on poor Greenville on Friday.
  16. I've noticed that most people are voting for a same continent championship.
  17. ?? Australia ?? Sweden ?? Morocco ?? Mexico
  18. ?? Egypt ?? Australia ?? Sweden ?? Panama ?? Morocco ?? France ?? Mexico ?? Senegal All of these matchups took some tough decision making. None of them disappointed.
  19. Group A 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Egypt 3. Russia 4. Uruguay Group B 1. Morocco 2. Spain 3. Portugal 4. Iran Group C 1. France 2. Australia 3. Honduras 4. Denmark Group D 1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. Croatia 4. Iceland Group E 1. Switzerland 2. Serbia 3. Costa Rica 4. Brazil Group F (This one was really tough) 1. Mexico 2. Sweden 3. Germany 4. South Korea Group G 1. England 2. Panama 3. Tunisia 4. United States Group H 1. Senegal 2. Columbia 3. Poland 4. Japan Great job everyone! Each concept was great!