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  1. Here's the Ravens and the Bills. Ravens Home Away Alternate City (based on the Maryland flag like the University of Maryland) Earned Bills (I decided to bring back the red helmets and red socks from the 90s and 2000s). Home Away Alternate City (based on the lake-effect snow) Throwback
  2. I've already done about 14 teams so I was new to the template for the ones in the beginning but not every set of pants is going to have the same striping pattern. And this is supposed to be a "redesign" of some sort so the new jerseys aren't supposed to look exactly like the current ones except for the throwbacks. Thanks for the feedback though it was very helpful.
  3. I'm back after taking a long absence. This is an NFL concept where each NFL team will have a League (association/home), Icon (away), Statement (alternate), City, and Earned jerseys for the playoff teams. A few teams will have throwbacks too. Some city jerseys will have a meaning, some will look crazy, and others will look great. Anyways, the first two teams are the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons. League Icon Statement City This uniform uses the colors of the Arizona flag Falcons League Icon Statement City This uniform is supposed to represent a Coca-Cola bottle because you know, Atlanta. Throwback
  4. Looks like my school beating #1 Starkville last week made them unleash their anger on poor Greenville on Friday.
  5. I've noticed that most people are voting for a same continent championship.
  6. ?? Australia ?? Sweden ?? Morocco ?? Mexico
  7. ?? Egypt ?? Australia ?? Sweden ?? Panama ?? Morocco ?? France ?? Mexico ?? Senegal All of these matchups took some tough decision making. None of them disappointed.
  8. Group A 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Egypt 3. Russia 4. Uruguay Group B 1. Morocco 2. Spain 3. Portugal 4. Iran Group C 1. France 2. Australia 3. Honduras 4. Denmark Group D 1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. Croatia 4. Iceland Group E 1. Switzerland 2. Serbia 3. Costa Rica 4. Brazil Group F (This one was really tough) 1. Mexico 2. Sweden 3. Germany 4. South Korea Group G 1. England 2. Panama 3. Tunisia 4. United States Group H 1. Senegal 2. Columbia 3. Poland 4. Japan Great job everyone! Each concept was great!
  9. One question. Can there be ties? And how many points does each team get if there is one? Ok I guess that's two questions.?
  10. Here is the Southwest Conference. Texas Southeast Texas State Cougars (Sugar Land) SMU Mustangs (Dallas) UT-Plano Bats Eastern Texas Diamondbacks (Nacogdoches) Amarillo State Coyotes Texas A&M Aggies San Antonio State Rebels Southwest Grambling State Tigers OSU-Oklahoma City Cyclones Arkansas Razorbacks Central Louisiana Owls (Alexandria) Oklahoma A&M Oilers (Tulsa) Vicksburg University Crocodiles Broken Arrow Braves Southeast Texas State Southeast Texas State has a big crosstown rivalry with Houston. They're both in southeast Texas and they're both the Cougars. As far as results, Houston is usually the Cougar on top. UT-Plano UT-Plano has the best recruiting in the country, but they constantly underperform. With Kyler Murray under center this year, the Bats will look to get over the hump. Eastern Texas Eastern Texas dominates the Texas division and is always in playoff contention. They have 2 championships, both in the early 2000s. Amarillo State The Coyotes are the Cowboys of college football. They haven't been good for the past couple of years, but they have 5 championships from the 70s and 90s. San Antonio State The Rebels are a below average football team known for its defensive linemen. They have produced Michael Strahan and Deacon Jones. OSU-OKC The Cyclones play the Sooners every year and always get beat. Although when it comes to spoiling OU's season, they are the best at it. The rivalry is not as serious as Bedlam but it is still pretty important. Central Louisiana Central Louisiana has one of the most prolific offenses in the country. Their rivalry with Vicksburg is usually a good one, as the matchup puts one of the best offenses against the best defenses. The winner usually goes to the SWC Championship. Oklahoma A&M Oklahoma A&M is known for their crazy socks. And that is about the only positive thing. After 5 defensive players were caught taking steroids in 2015 the program dropped to an all time low. Vicksburg University The Crocs have the loudest fans east of the Mississippi. Home games are always sold out, and it will be breaking news if you beat Vicksburg at home. Broken Arrow Broken Arrow is known for their former and current logo. In 1990, the Braves changed their logo after many Native Americans protested for them to change their logo, which was clearly racist. Guys I'm running out of ideas for the colleges' "bios". Any ideas? And C&C is always appreciated.
  11. Btw there's already an Alabama State. It's in the SWAC.
  12. Here is the Midwest Athletic Conference. West Twin Cities University Beavers (St. Paul) Wisconsin State Foxes (Eau Claire) Iowa State Cyclones Illinois Fighting Illini Chicago College Grizzlies St. Louis State Saints East Indianapolis State Racers Ohio State-Cleveland Bombers Michigan Tech Wildcats (Detroit) Notre Dame Fighting Irish Cincinnati State Royals Indiana A&M Bears (Fort Wayne) Twin Cities University TCU has struggled in the battle for Minnesota supremacy. The Beavers are on the level of Oregon State (which isn't an accomplishment). They have only made the playoffs once. Wisconsin State Wisconsin State has its own unique style with pink being their main color. They have been a perennial contender for the past two decades. With their outstanding defense, the Foxes are looking for a 7th championship. Chicago College Chicago College is the Packers of college football. They have been around forever and they won the first ever ACFA championship in 1907. St. Louis State SLSU has produced many great running backs, including Barry Sanders and Darren McFadden. They excelled during the 80s, putting up a record of 119-11. Now, former St. Louis Ram Marshall Faulk is taking over hoping to get them back to excellence. Indianapolis State ISU, Purdue, and Notre Dame have a three way rivalry between each other. Usually, the matchup between ISU and Notre Dame decides who goes to the MAA Championship. Although Indianapolis state usually doesn't prevail. OSU-Cleveland For a long time, OSUC was called the Tigers. The students wanted a change, so in 1979, OSUC was renamed the Bombers. The following season the Bombers won their first and only championship. Michigan Tech Michigan Tech is hawt garbage. They posted a winless season and got beat by RUTGERS BY 40 POINTS. Cincinnati State Cincinnati State is adequate but they have had their good years. Particularly in the early 2000s. They have a big rivalry with Louisville that can go either way, no matter what each team's record is. Indiana A&M The Bears were on top of the world in 1998, until their star quarterback mysteriously disappeared during the semifinals against Massachusetts State. Since then, IAMU's championship is against the Hoosiers.