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  1. For the name ? I'm not sure because I'm not english fluent (I'm french) but a cavalier is not little similar to a trooper ?
  2. Yes, I will try to use this design in NBA 2K.
  3. What name is possible for a NBA franchise in Kansas City ?
  4. Very nice, good idea and the alternative logos is so good too.
  5. Can't wait too. What do you think about the next draft ? I read everywhere it's a weaker draft, with no superstar.
  6. Yes, the Vice edition is nice, but I prefer the white of last year.
  7. Yes I'm from France, from Marseille precisely. But tonight it's so hard with the loose at Montpellier...
  8. Hello Mcrosby,

    In fact, I dont have access to the request. I have ask a moderator why and he answer to me I need 100 messages in the forum. 

    I'm not english fluent and its difficult to me to write message who have a sens and write correctly. You can see, my english is not good. 

    So, If you have the time, I will be very thankful for creating the Montreal Harfangs (snowy owl in english). 

    Thank you in advance :)

  9. NBA: Orlando Magic NCAA: Florida Gators NFL: Carolina Panthers Soccer: Olympique de Marseille and Orlando City Cycling: Groupama-FDJ F1: Renault
  10. The Orlando Magic black pinstriped jersey (Penny-Shaq era) is very beautiful.
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