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  1. I am just happy Nike didnt throw some neon green or fuchsia in there. Wouldnt have shocked me if they did.
  2. With red and light blue already being done for Miami. I curious if they will go back to those same colors for the Cubs? Someone else said it. I can see some weird green uniform to "represent" the Ivy of some nonsense like that.
  3. As a Rays fan...you compound that with our stadium saga and it has been interesting. At least we have been a winning franchise since 2008. The 5th most wins since 2008. We've got that going for us. 1. NY Yankees: 1175 2. LA Dodgers: 1173 3. St Louis: 1136 4. Boston: 1118 5. Tampa Bay: 1116
  4. This is where I was directing my sarcasm at
  5. Also made me think of how Garnett really let himself go
  6. And be carbon copies of the historic Red Sox uniforms!!!! </s> Someone posted this in another thread on this board
  7. As long as it doesnt go Forest green it could work. Here was the Devil Rays green https://www.color-hex.com/color/024638 Here was the Daytona Tortugas green https://www.color-hex.com/color/004e42
  8. Both uniforms: Turn the piping and primary colors into the indigo blueish purple that I mentioned earlier (and below). Would be a unique color and combined with the gradient would make the Rays a vibrant Florida team. Road: Fix the horizontal drop from the "A" to "T" in Tampa. It drops a little too much. Shrink the crest mark to maybe 95% (since the the lifting of the T (in Tampa might now bulky it up). Home: Rays only (similar to the one below but white). Fix the horizontal incline and sizing the same way as the roads.
  9. I liked the idea of the green. But as another poster said, the execution failed. It was too dark and dreary and the to give it any kind of life recognizable from anything more than 20 feet away or on camera you would have needed a color to pop to counter the forest green. To do this you would need a yellow/gold/neon green and ended up with an A's clone. I dont think a light blue would have worked enough to stand out to make it work and would have just washed out from a distance. The Daytona Tortugas have been referenced many times to justify this look. But the Tortugas use a lighter shade of green, and use a neon green as a third color to make this happen. the hat looks good. But the jerseys execution becomes jumbled due to trying to make the colors work
  10. The gradients might give the effect through an illusion. But it is navy.
  11. They thought that black inside a dark dreary domed stadium was a better idea </s>
  12. Rays fan. I prefer the navy blue versions of these uniforms versus the black. But what I think I would prefer is if they replaced the navy with an indigo blueish purple. Would be a unique color and it would work great with the gradient.
  13. The design team has to have a research department to bounce things off of??? So are these things like Southside/South Side almost done deliberately for controversy? The rest of the uniform I really like. Shocked Nike didn't try to throw a non-White Sox color onto it.
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