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  1. During rush hour it is a 2.5 hour drive I did the drive on Sunday at noon and it took me just under 2 hours (and I drive fast).
  2. To me expansion would be the preferred method. I feel that re-branding in a new city complicates things with previous history. Whereas a new team (expansion) lets the new team grow with the city.
  3. Agin you brought up Miami and Miami has nothing to do with this. Miami's stadium issues are a combination of ownership issues where they are putting a AAAA quality product on the field, combined with an okay location. When the product gets better, turnout will get better. But again you interjected them into the topic when their scenario is nothing like the Rays. But i humored you for a for a few posts. So you admit that you are an outsider, don't know the area, the market, the geography, or our past. But you sure act as if you are an expert to determine why the Rays should leave the area. You made up lies saying that the Rays gave away tickets to the 2008 World Series. You lied and said the Marlins stadium was in downtown. Anything else?
  4. I don't think you realize how geographically bad the Trops location is and or what a peninsula is? Google maps isn't doing you any good and you clearly haven't been here. So maybe some data will help you. This is from 2014, but the numbers shouldn't be too different. Do you see the Rays last on the list of teams with fans within a 30 minute drive radius? That 0.67 represent 670,000 fans within that 30 minute radius. that is dead last. Next would be Pittsburgh who has 1.18 million fans (almost double) within a 30 minute radius. Want to guess where Pittsburghs stadium is built? yes in Downtown and not on a peninsula next to 10 miles of water. Proper placement of the stadium will double the fans within that radius. Future growth of Tampa and the areas to the east, north and south of Tampa will raise the 30 minute radius number. You can't say the area hasn't been rocking the stadium when we are dead last in fans within the stadium location. You can't acknowledge the problem and discredit it in the same sentence. 5. So you say that the Marlins stadium was downtown. I call you out on it and now you admit that you were wrong, and you still double down on it by saying "better stadium won't always help". No. You brought up the Marlins. I never brought them up. The marlins stadium location was terrible from day one. Terrible location. Terrible atmosphere, no surrounding businesses to feed off of. The train system is 0.5 miles away. So you are playing hypothetical situations that the rays situation will be bad cause the Marlins situation is bad. Again you brought it up to taint this conversation. 6. I don't admit that the Devil rays were a mistake. i admit that it should have been done differently. I see a trend with you. 9. So you admit to know nothing about the area, or the situations. But you think the Rays should cut ties. You clearly are a subject matter expert.
  5. 1. Montreal Continues to grow in population. They great Montreal area is now at 4.2 million, whereas when the Expos left they were at 3.6 million. By that time their economy was and team was left for scraps and you are going to fault their fans? To say that the heights were the 60-70s when their population has erupted since then just doesnt make sense. 2. The Rays did not give away tickets to the World Series in 2008. You are just making stuff us. Nice try. 3. You say that moving the stadium off of a peninsula won't make a difference. Way to bring the analytics. Facts are the Rays have the lowest amount of fans within a 30 minute drive radius. That is a very import figure. You can ignore that, but I am seeing a trend with your post and your posting style. 4. Your lack of knowledge of the area is showing (you admit it later with googling). I mention that having a more centrally located stadium will help with attendance and with pulling in fans. I never once mentions Orlando. But you immediately went there cause you read what you wanted to. Right now due to where the stadium is located it is on the furthest west part of the Tampa Bay area. Making the Northern and eastern parts of the bay very difficult for them to get to the game regularly. Those areas are ALSO two of the fastest growing parts of THE COUNTRY. Not just COUNTY, or FLORIDA, BUT THE COUNTY. These regions are where not only families are moving. But very high family incomes will be. But they are currently 2 hour driving distance from Tropicana Field due to it's location. If the Stadium was centrally located in the bay area (Tampa and not St. Pee) the ride would be 45 minutes to 1 hour). Calculate this over a round trip and this adds up over a year with getting people out to the game. 4+. As for Orlando. Since you mentioned it I will bring it up. We have decent fanbase growing over there. A ride through Tampa to St. Pete adds and extra 45 minutes to that trip. Bringing the stadium to Tampa will only help with that fanbase and the GROWING i4 corridor growth (the busiest in the nation). Virgin Rail will be building a line from Orlando to Tampa which will assist with bringing fans to games if/when the stadium is built. 5. Have you been to the Marlins Stadium? I have and it is in a terrible location. It isnt in Downtown like you say. It is in a residential neighborhood. Don't lie to make your point. Public transportation/rail is 0.5 miles a way. There is nothing to do around the stadium. There is a Wendy's across the street! I am trying to figure out your point with bringing up the Marlins Stadium? Is it cause one ownership did something extremely stupid, that the Rays should move? I am not sure how those go hand in hand. 6. Tampa should have been given a MLB stadium. MLB was afraid of lawsuits from St. Pete due to the St. Pete Giants debacle that they gave in. If you don't know this, then you aren't prepared for this topic and need to step away from this topic. 7. Then you wont support Charlotte or Vegas as expansion cities cause both of those cities are loaded with transients who will keep their allegiances to their "home" cities. The Tampa area has a leg up on those cities cause we are on to the second generation of those fans where they are raising their children and starting to let their children chose what team they want to root for. 8. Again you lie cause the Marins stadium is not Downtown and is in a residential neighborhood. You clearly have never been there. 9. I have stated I think Charlotte is one of the three viable expansion cities. But for every reason you have said that the Rays don't deserve a team...I hope you realize that Tampa is stronger in every category except corporate support (which is big). So don't go insulting the person ahead of you.
  6. Toronto? Misquoted city? Montreal has certainly reached heights just as high as Portland, Vegas, Charlotte. I am not speaking as a homer. But I really hope that the Rays don't leave Tampa. I feel as though this is all a negotiation tactic. The Tampa area (and Florida) is a growing market and Tampa will be top 10 in population probably within 10-15 years. If/When the Rays move to Tampa and market better to central Florida (which is extremely difficult when they are in St. Pete due to the extra hour drive), they will expose themselves to another 3-5 million fans in the Orlando market. Right now due to the stadiums location (on a peninsula), the Rays rank last with fans within a 30 minute driving radius. I am doing the MLB stadium tour and have been to 21 MLB stadiums, and other than KC, the Rays stadium is the furthest away from the core population. Once this is fixed with a new stadium and better location, things will be better. The Rays were dealt a bad hand with two sister cities (St. Pete/Tampa) who wanted baseball and one sister city who shouldn't have financially built the stadium jumped the gun. So the Rays inherited an already out of date stadium (go watch old videos of Von Hayes hitting balls to see if he could hit the catwalks). An owner Naimoli who didnt believe in spending money on email addresses so that the marketing department could email ticket holders to try and sell tickets (that should summarize him), a stadium that is last in the league with fans within a 30 minute radius of the stadium, and we have all of these outsiders online who aren't familiar with the hurdles that the area needs to deal with telling us how we don't deserve a team. How about let this right this time. Build the stadium in the right spot, where the fans actually are. Then you tell us later and see what happens. (not calling you the previous poster out, just years of posters in general). As for Charlotte. I think the only thing holding them back from getting expansion (after Oakland and TB settle their stadium situations) is the number of teams in the Eastern timezone. I do think that MLB wants some more west coast to balance out the scheduling. So Portland possibly. But Charlotte to me is a better all around pick as a expansion city.
  7. As a Rays fan. Montreal is the front runner for expansion, followed by Charlotte and Las Vegas. Montreal was dealt a bad hand in the late 80's when there was talk of secession from Canada. This caused a lack of development, infrastructure, and spending in Quebec which lasted well into the mid 90's. This hurt the people who didn't have money to go to games and and attendance dropped drastically. Look at their local economy at the time and it was deliberately driven down to stop secession. Prior to that issue, Montreal was a top fan base and was always producing. Charlotte is a great growing city. I don't think the new AAA stadium is as much of a roadblock as much as some say. If Charlotte/Mecklenburg county wants it enough and MLB says yes, they will make it happen. Vegas will have an MLB if relocation happens and if Montreal or Charlotte don't come through OR do not want two new teams in the same time zone.
  8. Oakland/SF to Portland is 600+ miles Seattle to Portland is 175 miles St. Louis to Nashville is 300 miles Atlanta to Nashville is 250 miles Cincinnati to Nashville is 275 mile Very different scenarios
  9. Charlotte has less territorial issues to deal with as well. Atlanta and DC are the for Charlotte. Where Nashville would have territorial issues with Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.
  10. Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cincinnati would never let this happen
  11. Which is worse? The Padres uni, or UA?
  12. These are beautiful. Can you mock these up with a hint of baby blue as a secondary color? Any word on any Tampa Bay Rays modifications?