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  1. As I'm reading this, a PayPal ad is on the screen.
  2. I've just finished my logos with a border (sorry it took so long, I was very busy). I should be posting those very soon. Stick around to see my logos with a border!
  3. This is straight-up amazing. Better than many other teams' social media graphics. Nice, solid work!
  4. Heres a GIF to overview my logos.
  5. This is a tweak of a design a majority of the audience enjoyed. Please C&C.
  6. I'm going to stick with these logos. I think it is a huge upgrade from my previous set. Thanks for the advice on the logos.
  7. the P design is my personal logo, and the PD is Perlich Designs logo
  8. I'm having a vote, of the two logos below, please reply which one you like the best.
  9. Ok, I think I got something. This logo is a combination of my initials, "IP." I really like this logo.
  10. You know, I'll keep my original name, "IPDesigns" Thanks for changing my mind. I really appreciate it.
  11. I know, I just felt like "Perlich Designs" was getting old, and I wanted to start fresh. Thanks for the consideration.
  12. I'm canceling this account. Please go to Clear Color Graphic Design
  13. I'm going to rebrand from "Perlich Designs" to "Clear Color Graphic Design." Please C&C below
  14. This is My New Personal Logo 2.0. I added another logo to the family to mix things up. Please C&C below!
  15. This is "Eagles Basketball." I know, it's very generic, but I like the eagle head inside the basketball. Please C&C below!