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  1. I look forward to it. The nice thing about trying to update Croatian logos is that it would be easy for you to approach the companies to see if they're interested in adopting the new look (though, I suspect many would be too cheap to think about it). Have you thought about sending a marketing package to companies, like Autoherc, to see if they'd buy it? I don't know how European companies operate (when it comes to marketing/updating logos), but I do think the logos are good enough that it should give them something to think about. P.S. Mostar seems like a nice city (though, too hot in the summer!). My family comes from close to Tomislavgrad.
  2. Really like your Muller update (though, I also like the original). Your second one I thought was just ok, until I noticed you kept the shape of the heart, then I was more impressed. Good job. You have talent. Would be interesting to see your take on Croatian logos (Pipi update?? )
  3. Always thought Montenegro had a nice flag.
  4. I don't think London would be blocking LV from using "Knights" (if anything, it would be West Point). However, I wonder if the OHL being an international league with a presence in the US changes anything. I still doubt it, but who knows.
  5. ec5


    Ren, have you considered making a tutorial video as you go through one of these logos? I have no where near your talent, but would be interested in how you use different tools and tackle issues. Really enjoy this thread.
  6. Wonderful progression. Really enjoyed reading through, especially since I'm from the Island and know the Victoria Cougars name well. The red/yellow scheme does remind me a little more of a good roller hockey logo because of the non-traditional colours. However, that's not a knock on it - I think you could make some cool jerseys with it. Just wondering, what program do you use for logo creation?
  7. That was a different situation. True North owned an AHL team called the Manitoba Moose and did not own rights to the "Winnipeg Jets" name when the company was formed (I believe it would have stayed with Phoenix Coyotes when they moved from Winnipeg to Phoenix). So, in that situation, having a more bland, corporate name made sense. Especially considering minor league teams move more frequently, it would not have made sense to name the company after the Moose, either. "Black Knights" does seem to be more of a team name than a corporate name (True North, Orca Bay, etc.).