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  1. -- Mod Edit: Stay away from the political stuff.
  2. MOD EDIT: Let's not get into other team names and derail this thread. Keep it focused on the Washington NFL franchise.
  3. I was just looking into this. It looks like tenne is a brown/orange (more orange in England, more brown everywhere else). Orange is a quite rare colour in heraldry, but it does show up in some regions. I think all the basic colours show up, it's just some are much more popular (due to appearance). Even some long established rules, like the law of tincture, are broken from time to time.
  4. ec5

    Personal Logo

    Have some updates, if any one has any thoughts/suggestions. I'm trying out different versions with a "sash." Quick run down on the logo: My last name is spelled with a Č, so I'm trying to turn the caron/accent into a crown logo. My initials are EC, so the sash forms a bit of a lower case "e" Changes: Moved the sash higher on the shoulder to look more natural and narrowed the crown. The difference with these two variations is I've added more to the second crown.
  5. When another poster mentioned the d also forms a Z, I was like that's clever! (I was wondering why you extended that serif). Honestly, the look is growing on me. Have you ever thought of sending them a proposal for it? With them making some waves in international matches and making some money, they might be in the market for an updated look. It'd be kind of cool if I watch one of their games in a couple years and see this logo.
  6. Really cool stuff! I think Inter Zapresic and Istra are all clear improvements. I also think Cibalia, Sibenik, Varteks, and Zadar are interesting concepts/looks. Great job! Overall, some really clean looks. For me personally, I'd keep Dinamo and Hajduk the same (but go back to the 1911 on Hajduk ... ), but I can almost picture Dinamo doing something like that in the future (reminds me of Juventus). Great job!
  7. ec5

    Personal Logo

    Thanks for your thoughts, Zeus. When you stare at the same logo for too long, it's hard to know how a fresh set of eyes will view something. I'll probably play around with sash and no-sash versions for a couple weeks and see what happens. Really appreciate all the comments. It's not 100% where I want it yet, but it's moving in a better direction and that's mainly due to all of your help.
  8. ec5

    Personal Logo

    Thanks for your thoughts. My intent was to break up the letter a bit and since sashes are often worn by royalty/nobility, I was trying to tie it together that way.
  9. ec5

    Personal Logo

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. I appreciate it. In regard to the cross, I'm quite religious, so I'll likely keep it in. Realistically, this will likely stay a personal rather than professional logo, so I think it's better that the logo represents who I am rather than be concerned how others may view it. Since most heraldic crowns have a cross on them (including Canada's), I like how I can include in a natural way rather than just throwing a cross in there randomly. Though, I may play around with the size/shape. @BrandMooreArt I've taken your advice regarding the "C" to heart. It does look too plain and is starting to remind me of a C-clamp. Here are some different designed for the "C." If you have any thoughts, please let me know. I've created a "C" with a slash going through it. Tried to make it look almost like a sash. The 4th version is the busiest, though it forms a lowercase "e" and my first name is spelled with the same letter. I find the elements are similar to the Real Madrid logo, though this wasn't my intention.
  10. ec5

    Personal Logo

    Thanks for the comment, Zeus. I think that's a good point. The "C" does take up a lot of the logo and overpowers it; this is even more obvious now that you've mentioned it. I'd like to play around with the idea rather than scrapping it though. I'm wondering scaling down the "C" balances things out more. I was also thinking of using just the crown as a secondary image.
  11. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. This is a personal logo going under the name "Crown Creative" for now. In Croatian, my last name is spelled with a "Č." I've tried to turn the haček/caron into a stylized crown. So it hints towards my actual last name and the name "Crown Creative." There's a cross on the crown, both to help give it an appearance of a crown and because I'm Catholic. I've added some lettering to the right of the logo. The coloring is in a pale gold/silver for effect. I also have brighter versions. I like the gold look because I think it can look good on black, blue, and red backgrounds, and obviously ties in with "crown." Here's a slightly different version that makes the hacek/caron more visible within the crown.
  12. I really like both Penguins logos! Even though they're starting to use it to sell merchandise, the Canucks completely wiped clean and ignored the 90s for the longest time.
  13. @OliverP Thanks for your comment. I mentioned you because we chatted a few years back and I really liked some of your logo redesigns (Still waiting on a Pipi one! ). Always nice to get the thoughts of a Croat who is also in graphic design (and nice to know that Dado is one, too). @Ice_Cap I get what you're saying and agree in many ways. A flag/coat of arms is about who a group of people are and we can't just simply things because that is the style of modern graphic art. I actually think you, @OliverP, and @dado are all on the same page, but with different points of view. To them, the current coat of arms is presented in way that hasn't been seen before 1990, making it artificial. The regional coat of arms on the crown have been displayed before, but typically on the Austro-Hungarian coat of arms (attempts to unite these regions, as opposed to keeping them divided, were a significant part of Croatian nationalism). You're saying we shouldn't simplify history. They're saying that, for Croatians, the simplified checkerboard is history. In a way, everyone is right.
  14. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the crown makes it a lot more busy, especially with the animals. I originally preferred a šahovnica-only flag, but now I do see benefits of leaving that to represent all Croatians everywhere (ethnic flag) and the Republic of Croatia having a slightly different flag. ^This is pretty good. Maybe too similar to the Herceg-Bosna flag, though, this one is better! I think that's actually the first time I've seen the Ljubičić flag, though I've seen a bunch similar to it. It's probably the nicest of the "racing" flags.
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