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  1. So I tried to change the black with silver, dropping the black completely. IMO, black looks a little better but I still want to put out my silver version.
  2. COLORADO: I have completely redesigned the Rockies. I was never a fan of their current set, I think it is one of the worst in the league. So I tried to make the Rockies more modern and bolder than they are now with, IMO, is a great font for their organization. I put a sublimated mountain design below the wordmark and the numbers on the back. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
  3. CINCINNATI: I like the Reds current look, but I toned down black from the team. I think it looks better and represents them better than with black. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
  4. CHICAGO CUBS: Nothing really different about the Cubbies, as I have brought back the Cubs wordmark logo from the 90's on the road alt. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
  5. ATLANTA: For the Braves, I attempted to mix past and present. I feel like the tomahawk represents them well, and it makes a difference from Cleveland. I brought back the sleeves, and I tried to go out of the box on the alts. I dont know if they work or not. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
  6. ARIZONA: To start off the National League, I have made the D-Backs! I like the branding with the teal, but I was contemplating on the teal look or the purple look, but I chose teal. Home Uniform: I made new designs on the sleeves for the D-Backs that I thought would be unique to them. Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback: I took the black uniform from the 2000 season.
  7. Sorry, I totally did not realize that it looked very simular to his concept. I will change it, thanks for pointing that out.
  8. TORONTO: I brought back the old logo, and brought in some red too. I really like this bird logo. Home Uniform: I made the Jays have more blue this time around, as back then they were more black. The maple leaf is on the shoulder. Road Uniform: Same as the home uniform, but used the Toronto Home Alt Uniform: I made the home alt uniform red in honor of Canada. Road Alt Uniform: The blue uniform is pretty basic, nothing special about it. Throwback: I took the uniform from the 1985 season.
  9. Thank you all for the comments! TEXAS: A little change to the Rangers, as I changed the middle of the primary logo. I also brought back the Rangers wordmark from way back when. The "T" logo does not have a shadow anymore. Home Uniform: I used the Rangers wordmark logo, and put both primary and secondary logos on the sleeves. Road Uniform: Pretty much the same as they have now. Home Alt Uniform: A red jersey with the old Rangers wordmark looks great IMO. I also added a red hat to this uniform. Road Alt Uniform: Nothing really different than the home alt uniform. Throwback: I brought the powder blue uniform from the 1980 season.
  10. Thank you @Stevemealone! That really means a lot! @BellaSpurs, I tried to take a different ray that looked more intimidating than the ray that they use now. Thanks!
  11. I'm guessing no comments means move on, so here is the next team! TAMPA BAY: I decided to do a total rebrand for Tampa, as I changes the name to the Stingrays. I feel like this is more fierce than just the Rays. The colors stay the same as what they have now. Home Uniform: I made the secondary logo faded at the bottom right of the jersey, and I have the light blue hat for the home uniform. The primary logo is on the sleeve of the jersey. Road Uniform: It is the same as the home uniform. Home Alt Uniform: I think this is the best uniform of the set. I added yellow to the slevees to make it more bright. Road Alt Uniform: Nothing really special for the road alt uniform, but the uniform has a navy hat. Throwback: I toke the black jersey from the 2000 season. C&C always appriciated!
  12. Any comments on Seattle? Also I changed every uniform to Nike because of the upcoming change in 2020. This series will become Nike from now on.
  13. Seattle: I went back to the fork logo that they had back in the 70's and 80's, but kept the same colors. Home Uniform: Nothing special about the home uniform, but I did keep the same number font as what they have now. Road Uniform: Exactly the same as the home uniform. Home Alt Uniform: I think this looks really good for Seattle with the new wordmark, and made a green hat. Road Alt Uniform: I made the road alt navy, and is pretty much the same as the others. Throwback: I took the powder uni from the 1980 season.