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  1. This was indeed a thing. The Sabres used this scorebug for the 05-06 season with MSG graphics. The season after they switched to a brand new look. A weird in between year. Maybe MSG being the regional network was trying to work out a plan after the lockout? Who knows.
  2. I've always loved this Stars look, even if they beat the Sabres wearing it.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I debated including "Wood" in the title to be honest haha
  4. So I had an idea years ago to make hockey logos, or any sport really, for all of the races in The Elder Scrolls. This started as a sketch in the Summer of 2015 but I wanted to see it as a real finished piece. Here are the wood elves, or Bosmer, inspired heavily of course by the Blackhawks. I appreciate any and all constructive criticism, especially tips on how to create original logos, if I'm doing it right, tips with Illustrator and what not. I like how it turned out but still just think something looks off. Please leave your feedback! https://ibb.co/LJq1t6Y Original sketch https://ibb.co/NyX1BPp Final product
  5. All I did actually was take parts of the actual logo and rearranged them. So everything you see is just parts of the logo rearranged for the most part, aside from the mustache. Some stuff is slowly coming back to me and I'm remembering there's ways to do pretty much anything with PS.
  6. I bought photoshop earlier this week to finally start working on concepts which I've always wanted to do. My first project was re-designing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers polarizing "Bucco Bruce" logo. I attempted to make it more intimidating or "masculine" if you will, which is pretty much the opposite of what players and opponents said of the logo. I hope you guys like it! Feedback and tips are appreciated. https://imgur.com/OTHXMZf
  7. I’m a believer that the best uniforms have 3 different colored “components”, most notably in football. Some of my favorites are the 80s Chargers and 00s Browns. What are some other examples? Could be for any other sport at any other level too!
  8. https://goo.gl/images/C3couZ https://goo.gl/images/iJfqNt Marcell Dareus in Bills navy. Switched to Royal the year he was drafted. https://goo.gl/images/4WMRnV Kyle Williams as well in navy
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