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  1. Speaking of fun monikers, this is simply the epitome of the NFC 'Least' right here, folks!
  2. Also, due to the photo's angle / lighting / shadows cast — plus probably stemming from a portion containing a divot — his helmet appears to have additional, asymmetrical striping via two separate grey colors with both a thin & thick sliver of silver (same shade as shell) in between, respectively.
  3. Besides the [1 + 1 = 2] factor, one could wonder if Julio Jones chose to sport #2 as a tribute to his former QB in ATL. Additionally (no pun intended), I am slightly surprised that Derrick Henry did not take that available #2 in the first place. Granted, Henry has already accomplished a lot while wearing #22, so it makes sense not to switch at this point in his career, especially during his Tennessee Titans tenure.
  4. Well, without intending to throw shade your way, let's just say that — in terms of comparing / contrasting colors — there is definitely a distinct difference between the Washington Football Team's tinted tones & the Virginia Tech Hokies' hues, for instance. After all, both of their two separate colors are clearly, definitively defined by these specific organizations as burgundy & maroon ("Chicago Maroon" to be precise), respectively. Visual Aid:
  5. I have always liked the secondary sword & shield Tennessee Titans logo, but additionally must inquisitively inquire something I have always noticed, yet I have never seen addressed before: Why is the top star technically upside-down? At least the "thumbtack" aka fireball has the top star in a proper position. The stars within each logo really should be much more similar in both applications, not necessarily match per se — after all, there are obviously both color & dimensional differences between the two logos, which is fine — but a single star shouldn't appear to be placed upside-down in one version at the very least. Also as an aside, the way said logo currently stands, its three stars' points nearly meeting even forms a Mitsubishi logo (albeit an upside-down version) amid the negative space, just like the actual state flag does.
  6. Along with many aplenty possibilities for lots of other franchises, my favorite potential reason for multiple helmets being permitted would be the Baltimore Ravens' 'CoLamaRush' uniforms first of all returning again next season — but especially becoming even more cohesive & color-coordinated via this theoretical, hypothetical, corresponding beauty:
  7. That is true for the Ravens' inaugural 1996 uniforms, but Starter took over in 1997 when the organization decided to make lots of major adaptations — not necessarily an overhaul, but comparatively speaking, the uniforms from those respective years appear vastly different. Baltimore's present-day look from the neck down (obviously not applicable in regards to the helmet logo change) are actually based on the overall 1997 version essentially, just with some minor modifications along the way over the years since then.
  8. Another team that might be able to pull off 4 different colored elements: Seattle Seahawks could give it a try, but they'd probably have to make other additional tweaks to design accents & such to make it work properly / correctly / effectively.
  9. I love this + wish more teams throughout history & especially currently would do this more often! There are indeed other examples besides yours. Carolina Panthers did it recently on the road a couple times (circa 2018) with silver / white / black / blue, before they stupidly decided to only go black socks with black pants ever since. I wouldn't mind them bringing back the Electric Blue pants and pairing those with black socks as another option for four separately colored road uniform elements. Atlanta Falcons had away unis during 'Dirty Birds' & early Vick era that were black / white / silver / red. Technically, the classic L.A. / St. Louis Rams had navy / white / gold / royal. I think the New England Patriots could look good doing it by wearing (predominantly) red socks on the road. Additionally, I have seen a Photoshop mock-up concept somewhere on here before of the Philadelphia Eagles with Midnight Green helmet / white jersey / silver pants that also — likely inadvertently — left the black socks, which I think would work. I am sure other NFL franchises could pull it off with the right mix, too. Another that comes to mind from the NCAA: Washington Huskies gold / white / purple / black (certain players who wear knee-high socks vs. bare calves or ankle socks). I dunno if any Georgia players pair long black socks with red / white / grey, but they should!
  10. Heck, they even could have called the color 'Dawg Bone'!
  11. Well, I am glad that they are trying this combo finally, but they should go with 'Bone' socks.
  12. They wore black 3x + 'Color Rush' once from 2017-2019, so I don't see why the 'CR' can't still happen this season. It would be silly not to wear something they are undefeated in (4-0) from 2016-2019! They've made curious decisions on uniform combinations all season long; I loved 2018 when they wore all 10 combos! They blew black/purple by stupidly going black/white twice, and going 0-2 in it, to boot. They are 21-5 all-time in 'Blackout' & 1-0 in black/purple — plus one of the most memorable moments in franchise happened in them (Mosley INT to seal the division & playoffs with Steelers cheering on the Browns from Heinz Field), yet they just inexplicably shelved them, much to the chagrin of many aplenty Ravens fans — and are 7-5 in black/white. The latter can hit the trash, because it's obviously "bad luck". LOL!
  13. I love it when Baltimore players wear those hand-warmers with the front-facin' Raven emblem around their waists, since that makes all 4 logos present on their uniform ensemble! They are one of the franchises that gets it right by not being redundant with the same logo repeated up to six times throughout the entire attire, as they have different logos on their helmets (profile view Raven head), shoulders (Coat of Arms Shield) & hips (Metallic gold standalone 'B' outlined in purple & white), respectively. Adding the alternate Raven head — plus having it facing the proper direction, at that — is just a beautiful bonus!
  14. Baltimore's black pants would look fine if they would just wear their purple socks with them — similar to how the Jax Jags wore teal socks with their stripeless black pants today — at almost all times, excluding 'Blackout' games. By the way, the Ravens have a really good record in both pairs of purple pants combined: 11-4 overall (4-0 in 'Color Rush', 6-2 in white/purple, 1-0 in black/purple & 0-2 in primary purple/purple).
  15. I actually realized my mistake and edited that comment moments before you submitted your own reply. Regardless, 4 different pairs of blue socks (6 overall) is completely unnecessary, let alone totally overboard! I dunno why they don't just use striped white socks with their primary white jersey instead of having two separate pairs of blue-topped socks to go with their primary blue & white jerseys, respectively. Also, they should eliminate solid white & solid blue. I find it amazing that the equipment handlers don't get mixed up on a regular basis with all those options!
  16. The Falcons really need to wear red socks with the gradient uniform combination, but we all know they never will!
  17. I think white, like at Dallas last season, would be even better (including the facemask).
  18. How many separate pairs of socks do they have, like six? I can think of four different blue ones (solid, striped primary home + road, and striped throwback) plus solid white & striped red for CR.
  19. Who else would be down with this alternate combo for the Browns? Aside from my minor modifications to his work via MS Paint, all art credit goes to @canzman. I hope you don't mind my borrowing of images to use for visual aid purposes!
  20. Wow, I hope that the Browns won't ever be stupid enough to really wear those striped brown socks with the white jersey. Cleveland's uniforms make for one of the few instances in which white from the neck down actually looks good, let alone logical. However, I suppose in some cases that their solid brown CR socks would work fairly well, including as part of this particular set. On the other hand though, if one considers that there is a current color-coordinated choice available — and with stripes that match those on the shoulders, at that — then they might as well utilize said version.
  21. Honestly, I have no idea, since I simply searched for different uniform combination match-ups.
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