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  1. Thanks for taking a look. I did repost this in an older topic that had other Kent State concepts that you might like better.
  2. I posted this earlier but didn’t realize I could post it on an older related topic. I tried to mock-up a Kent concept. The bolt/flash was difficult to work with. Any thoughts/ comments would be appreciated. Previous post comment noted it looked more like a Zips logo.
  3. Kent State football helmet concept.
  4. Thank you for the comments. I appreciate the feedback.
  5. The use of the stripes was inspired by old school football uniforms. The placement was inspired by non-traditional football helmets and racing helmets.
  6. University at Buffalo Nickname: Bulls Colors: Royal Blue and White Current and past helmets and logos: Concept 1 Note: Altered and stretched the Bull logo across the front and sides of the helmet. Concept 2 Note: Used current Buffalo logos with non-traditional stripe placement.
  7. Miami University Nickname: RedHawks Colors: Red and White Note: I kept this one simple. They’re the RedHawks, formerly the redskins, so I went all red. Added the 1809 Est. date on the front bumper. Should have done the same for Ohio U. (Est. 1804). Both schools are older than most of our states. Current and past helmets and logos: Concept:
  8. Hopefully I’ll get there! I have a Miami one about ready to post next.
  9. Kent State University Nickname: Golden Flashes Colors: Navy Blue and Gold Note: I’m a Kent alumnus and have previously posted several Kent helmet designs. This is a revised previously posted design. Added an existing May 4th (May 4, 1970) logo as a front bumper decal. Alternate Note: This is based off a motorcycle helmet. Current and past helmets and logos: Concepts:
  10. I love the acknowledgement of all this football history. Especially pre-super bowl era professional football. Very enjoyable topic.
  11. I was trying to do a better version of a 1980 BG helmet and merged it with some clip art that I altered to make the ideas work. It is too similar. I’ll have to rework it. I’ve never heard of Duchess Community College. Image from the Helmet Project.
  12. Ohio University Nickname: Bobcats Colors: Hunter Green and White Note: Altered an older logo. Current and past helmets and logos: Concept:
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