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  1. Really really nice looking. Great job! I think the reasoning behind the gradient is creative and it gives the logo a little depth but I'm sure there would be a version without it for other applications and it would look just as nice without it. If I were to give an critique on it, I would probably lose the points on the T, the A, and the V in Minnesota Vikings, and square off the G. I'd also work some more yellow into the "60" and decrease the amount of white in it. Try to match the ratio in the 1961-2020. Nice design work though!
  2. gotcha. so they just put the colorant into the resin as they shoot the mold. It comes out as a fully blue (for example) piece of plastic so that you don't have the layer chipping that you'd otherwise have with painted shells. totally explains the difference in color in the Giants and Rams uniforms. Really tough to match resin colorant with fabric with paper color chips with pastic color chips to paint chips...and it just causes a cluster...I deal with this in my work and it's a pain every day...but helps with the chipping if that's a concern. I recall as a kid thinking the Bears' helmets were black and jerseys were blue. So I assume high schools just pick from a catalog of resin shell colors for the most part?
  3. What is injected navy? Just comes out of the tool with the colorant?
  4. "not sure why this is even a thought right now" without the attitude, completely agree with you. i dont know if the MLS can survive this!
  5. k. helpful as always. f*** me for liking football and hoping to see a game this year if the situation allows. Trying to be optimistic and plan ahead but a question on a message board doesn't mean I'm rushing out to the first sporting event allowed. can't believe I even thought about thinking about the NFL! Not sure why even thinking of life after quarantine is even a thought right now-my fault...
  6. tjs11

    Project CLT (12/30)

    my mistake-thought there was a white outline around the crown. Everything you have looks good, but I think increasing outline size would look better and more refined-especially for sports logos which are reproduced at various sizes. Looking forward to the whitewater concept!
  7. Assuming that this NFL season will happen, does anyone have any tips for buying tickets? Been to a few games as a kid but never bought tickets myself. Looking to buy 5 tickets for my family in October and thought I'd ask here before paying $100/ticket for upper deck.
  8. ah good point. but in their defense, they couldn't just copy the historic uniforms right? especially with the updated logo (which isn't great). they had to incorporate a few new elements.
  9. yeah man, I get the reasoning behind the dislike on this board. I just like it. Like the color break up, and how they did the horn. Totally understand why people don't like it and I sort of feel like it looks like a D3 team. But I like it. Think it looks nice. In contrast, the Chargers were pretty much universally applauded for their change which was just plastering their logo on the shoulders and pants. Looked lazy to me and I think the color break down of that uniform is was worse than this one. Can't argue on opinion, but it looks good to me I like this
  10. This is actually my favorite change of all this year. Bucs/Patriots/Chargers/Browns. I really like this look and think they did the best they could with the elements provided. Was incredibly wary about the new horn design, but they did it justice. Obviously a few elements that I would change: patch, bone jersey. but all in all, I like the identity. Sorry.
  11. so if he never wore that uniform, where is that picture from? Is it a photoshop or a preseason game or something?
  12. tjs11

    Project CLT (12/30)

    I like the Mint Museum references (I'm a member-although haven't gotten my money out of it this year with covid...). Just a few recommendations: maybe something regarding the Whitewater Center (rapids, white water fc, idk) seems like a cool reason for a concept. Raptors-idk how big it is in Charlotte, never been, but i drive by the sign for the raptor preserve every day. Would also love to see a Lake Norman concept with Normie (smaller loch ness monster) as the concept. I know thats north of charlotte but it's an idea. edit: had a note in there about breweries being a big part of Charlotte but I now see that you incorporated that into the latest concept. It doesn't read brewery as a graphic so I skipped over it. Beer glasses are minor league so I'd work in barrels, stamping style text, maybe foam? I like the wheat aspect you have going but the crown can be differentiated. Take it with a grain of salt as I've had a few NoDa Brewery beers (hop and roll, co co porter) as I write this 2nd edit: also let's defringe that crown detail that you have going so it doesn't have that white outline and so it looks more refined. Not sure if you are using photoshop or illustrator to put things together but there are ways to fix that and make sure things are more clean. Happy to help with some of those processes if you PM me!
  13. Not really aware of the program or the individual, but curious! when you say "started out here", do you mean he started his design career and refined his craft with CC from the board or he was a member that contributed to the board but was a career designer? Just curious of if this board has helped people make the jump from hobbyist to career.
  14. tjs11

    Project CLT (12/30)

    I really appreciate the blurbs about the history behind the names. As a new Charlottean (been here about a year), I'm learning a lot about the city and it's fun recognizing what I DO know in these concepts.