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  1. Great graphic design work. Clean lines, good color distribution, and a great job of keeping the character of the old logo! The word mark is well done too! My one critique would be branding wise-It looks like it's a lure right now? I think it makes more sense to be a rod/bat than a lure/bat.B ut that's more of a marketing/brand criticism and not anything with the design. Oh and for what it's worth-I think the yellow outline gives it a nice pop, but the white is safe and looks good too. The version with the M would be a great "fauxback" or secondary but the updated is my preference. Not a big fan of the M with the lure hat-seems off composition wise and the lure has a lot more visual weight than the thin M.
  2. Definitely neater! but lost some of the character. Interesting that it's close to the 1977 version. As long as they don't change the cajun chicken fillet, I'm good with it.
  3. Interesting choice where they split it horizontally. You have the pretty thin bottom of the top part of the S, and the even thinner point on the bottom B. A different font might work better so that you don't have those oddities. Also the circular sun seems odd to me contrasting with the square spaces of the letters. I would've opted for much rounder lettering.
  4. if you are banned, are you able to still view the forums and just not log in/post? i'd imagine so but curious
  5. Ah, yeah thanks! I scrolled too far down the page before I copied the url so it went to the next article. Edited
  6. can't imagine that they wanted to alienate St. Paul. Seems like they were just careless or trying to be "technically" correct. I can't imagine anyone from St. Paul or the Suburbs buying that hat! Like you said-its half their market. Minneapolis alone wouldn't have a team.
  7. Interesting read on what Chicago plans to do as well as some different applications for the new branding.
  8. "Twin City" on the Vikings hat is weird too. I guess it's technically correct, but never once heard the singular of Twin Cities used alone.
  9. That's what they are. Respectfully, I understand your/the opinion and traditionalism that comes with uniforms. But personally I'm under the opinion that the new cut looks fine (save for some extremes, all examples on this page look good to me!). They are decoration. They serve the exact same purpose that they used to. Even though they don't go completely edge to edge.
  10. "I want a lot of designers to spend their time and work on logos for me, but only want to pay for one". I despise "contests" for logos. Hire someone with a solid portfolio that you enjoy to do your logo. Coincidentally, a "rapper" I went to high school had his "big break" opening for MGK for a show one time. He did the exact same thing looking for a logo a while back. I successfully convinced him that he'd get a better result by paying me a flat fee than outsourcing for a contest. Finalized the logo with him, had to hound him for months for the money he owed me.
  11. Liking the arch in the horse logo as well as the colors. Stallions is a good name, but just an idea-could be the Clydesdales because of the Budweiser Clydesdales from St. Louis.
  12. Curious why you brought this up. Don't think he's retiring to pursue his engineering career!
  13. Saw these and came right here to see if there was a discussion going. Most are just oversized logos, a lot are oversized half-logos. Some wouldn't even work. The way they sized the vikings horn, it wouldn't fit on the helmet. At first I thought the photoshop was pretty decent, but there's a lot to nitpick if you look close. Can't believe Riddell let this get through the door and the NFL posted it.
  14. If this is the uniform (with the jersey from the other post), I will be EXTREMELY happy as a Bears fan. Very cool, retro yet unique design that gives the traditional but stale Bears jersey some life. I would almost argue that they should switch to something like this full time.
  15. are the W and F normally separated by the black outline?