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  1. Damn that logo is godawful. AV has to have some sort of graphic design class where someone can smooth out the transition between the eagle and the penguin body? Not a bad idea, but horrible execution. Uniforms look nice though!
  2. I really enjoy these! Just a good, fun concept, and very well executed. My one criticism would be the copy and design not completely telling the full story. For example, I love the aesthetic of the Broncos jersey. And I love the idea of working skiing into it. But "geometric dot pattern" doesn't sell me on skiing at all. I'd want to try a similar pattern but with the mountain range topography for example. I especially love the Bears concept. I'm a Bears fan and could see this at every sportswear/t-shirt shop in Chicago.
  3. I agree. Not only is it high school, but it is well done. And not only well done, but "seen through". It's awesome to see a series that doesn't fall off the map after 2 concepts and updates as quick as you do and maintains quality. You're design eye is great in these, you make sure that there is a reason graphically or historically to every change. It's a fantastic series.
  4. Eagan! Small world! Went to a church right near the Rosemont-Eagan border so had lots of Rosemount friends
  5. Like everyone else has said, this is an excellent series! Very well executed and researched. The speed you are pumping these out is really impressive too for the quality! I know you already have some requests for which conference to do next, but I'd really like to see the South Suburban conference (where I grew up) if you get to it!
  6. It looks great! Love the style. It just made me think of the question and now I am very curious.
  7. Is Orlando the only team with advertising on their uniforms? if so, why?
  8. how do the rights to players work in this league? based on the wikipedia page, it looks like if you went to Arizona State or played for the Chicago Bears, you HAVE to sign with the Hotshots? Is that right?
  9. Well, it's indistinguishable to a lay man like me. I mean that as the greatest compliment. I loved the MN United logo and didn't think it could be improved upon. But I agree with all of the changes and reasons.
  10. Great work in this thread. As someone not familiar with the MLS, I'm struggling to tell which are your designs and which are real-which I would take as a compliment. Which ones have you not touched? Seattle, Portland, Chicago? All other's I am unsure of
  11. I was agreeing with you! 4th qtr Brady was indeed activated.
  12. The Patriots are a good football organization. Who knew. Congrats to them for pulling it out again. Gonna make an awesome 30 for 30 some day on this whole era.
  13. sarcasm/man they lost last year! stop forgetting about that! stop posting. you sound dumb
  14. I think that this is a nice enough helmet silhouette that you maybe able to apply other teams to this graphic. If I were a Rams fan, I'd have 5 of these t shirts. well done!
  15. WHAT? that's an eye? so the horn doesn't even come to a point?