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  1. I lived in WI for a year or 2 when I was really young and was TERRIFIED of Snappy. Coincidentally, 25 years later I moved back to Wisconsin a few months ago. One last chance to confront my fears....Snappy I'm coming for you.
  2. I don't think there are any BAD numbers for QBs per say, but I do think of certain QB numbers in terms of "pocket passer vs scrambler/athlete/or gunslinger". Seems wrong to see an 8 or 16 to scramble, stuff like that
  3. I'm not sure if it's the facemask color or the chin strap color but I really like the old Cyclone helmets better. Might also have something to do with the bumper logo.
  4. If I'm understanding this correctly, you could easily just put the logos on different layers and hide the ones you don't want. Use folders to get it tidy. Not a drop down menu, but I'm not aware of photoshop having that kind of capability.
  5. This is off topic, but I was unaware of black squirrels association with Kent State and went down a rabbit hole on them. My lifelong best friend was named after a family friend of his dad's who allegedly was responsible for introducing black squirrels to Iowa. It was always a quirky story that he told a lot and he just found his namesake funny. Turns out, not true at all and not really a unique story either. I probably should keep it to myself and let him keep the story lol
  6. I'm still not over them changing from this set to this:
  7. might've been said before (i dont normally follow this thread) but the screens of fans for this game are pretty cool.
  8. I'll admit that I'm in the minority with my opinion on the Rams unis, but really no need to go into that. What I DO want to know is: is there any rational behind having 2 separate designs for home/away instead of just a color swap like most teams? Was the thinking that TV numbers on the bone jersey would help with identification while on the road? (similar to how back in the day, some teams had NOBs on their away but not home)
  9. embarrassing. stopped watching at half to go golfing cause I figured ISU would get it done. Now I feel like an idiot for thinking my alma matter actually had a shot at the XII title this year. But curious-how did ISU make fun on UI for not playing?
  10. RE: ISU's new patch Couldn't agree more. I love the subtlety and design-adds to the uniform without text or unnecessary logo repetition in a lot of anniversary patches for example. It gets a little cluttered with the nike logo, the Big12 logo, and collar logo, but all in all I love it. The fact that the Jack Trice story isn't more widely known is a shame (as is that Jack Trice Stadium is the only D1 stadium named after an african-american). They DID try to create a Jack Trice style throw back in 2013. Not really a fan. Might be cooler if they implemented them into shoulder stripes instead of just trying to throw back. (EDIT: I realize now that they mention these in that article).
  11. Really really nice looking. Great job! I think the reasoning behind the gradient is creative and it gives the logo a little depth but I'm sure there would be a version without it for other applications and it would look just as nice without it. If I were to give an critique on it, I would probably lose the points on the T, the A, and the V in Minnesota Vikings, and square off the G. I'd also work some more yellow into the "60" and decrease the amount of white in it. Try to match the ratio in the 1961-2020. Nice design work though!
  12. gotcha. so they just put the colorant into the resin as they shoot the mold. It comes out as a fully blue (for example) piece of plastic so that you don't have the layer chipping that you'd otherwise have with painted shells. totally explains the difference in color in the Giants and Rams uniforms. Really tough to match resin colorant with fabric with paper color chips with pastic color chips to paint chips...and it just causes a cluster...I deal with this in my work and it's a pain every day...but helps with the chipping if that's a concern. I recall as a kid thinking the Bears' helmets were black and jerseys were blue. So I assume high schools just pick from a catalog of resin shell colors for the most part?
  13. What is injected navy? Just comes out of the tool with the colorant?
  14. "not sure why this is even a thought right now" without the attitude, completely agree with you. i dont know if the MLS can survive this!
  15. k. helpful as always. f*** me for liking football and hoping to see a game this year if the situation allows. Trying to be optimistic and plan ahead but a question on a message board doesn't mean I'm rushing out to the first sporting event allowed. can't believe I even thought about thinking about the NFL! Not sure why even thinking of life after quarantine is even a thought right now-my fault...