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  1. I believe if they truly wanted this approach to be about individual expression of the players with this black and white thing, the black and white uniforms should be the starting point, not THE expression with the excuse of "players gloves will be their unique thing." My version of the black/white approach would be this: The black uniforms should be all black, but the logos white; the white uniforms would be all white, with black outlines for the logos. THEN every player would be allowed to color in their team's logos/numbers/their nicknames with whatever colors they want. Essentially make it a coloring book for the players where they can color them as desired. That way it's truly their expression literally on the jersey. Bryce harper wants a purple "Phillies" script? Go for it. Trout wants rainbow ANGEL letters? Done. Judge wants yellow NY logos? OK! Verlander wants a Christmas color Astros jersey, awesome! You get the players to design their own unique part of the jersey and use the black/white jerseys as a blank canvas for the players, so it's "THEM"/their personality put on display. And not just some absurd jerseys of "nothing".
  2. Good question on the pants. It would be even more stupid if they didn't have black pants. I understand the argument. But when they've done it in the past without issues, I don't get it. The Nats wore these in spring training, wouldn't they have the same issue?. [ I think if they wanted to do black and white, they should have a "black and white" weekend as if it were before color tv's or something. At that point, why bother putting the team's names/numbers on at all? Have nothing but the player's name on the uniform.
  3. I don't buy that because years ago, the 4th of July hats were white. with red or blue bills. So you'll have one or two pops of color and thats it? What about guys that don't wear a lot of team-colored items? like no arm sleeves or team-colored gloves or shoes? They'll just be all black/white.
  4. There were a few things about this logo that bothered me: -the italic C didn't match how the font was used elsewhere on the uniforms, where it was regular/not italic. That also created the space issues that you rectified by putting in the invisible roundel -the "wings" start from the middle in the center of the logo, but my eye didn't like how they "ran over" the corners of the home plate I tried playing with them in that same position, but didn't like how they turned out. I took the liberty of recreating your logo and then modifying it. Here are two versions I came up with: One note on the lower one - I didn't have time to fix it, but I want to make the lower shadow of the wings on both sides thicker so that they line up with the plate's shadow. This would also allow an option to have the golden parts of the wings extend out from the dark blue plate, rather than from behind it. I'll work on it more tomorrow if anyone wants to see those fixes/options.
  5. Old/New: Maybe it's just that I'm so used to the old one, but I don't like the new one. I can live with the "FURNITURE" below, but the "CITY" doesn't look right. It looks too thin/delicate to me.
  6. You leave it blank/just the solid color.
  7. For years when I was younger, I could never understand how a backward "G" with a line says "D"isney.
  8. I like the overall idea! The only thing I'm not sure about is the light striping on the back.
  9. Well, in a way, the "Expos" playing in DC would be an away game. As a way to show off the individual teams' uniforms.
  10. I mean.....in a perfect world, all 3 markets (Montreal, Tampa Bay, Miami) would be viable markets with near sellout crowds every night, and you wouldn't need any talk of split market teams.
  11. I guess there was the international league AAA Miami Marlins from '56-60 they could start from:
  12. Fair enough. Didn't think about the players weekend whatnot. Though, any sort of 40's throwback presumably would necessitate redesigned "old" logos for teams that weren't around, whereas those players/mothers/fathers day weekends use the existing logos in different colors. I'm not saying it wouldn't be neat, just that, to do it right would be a fair amount of effort. Do the Red Sox become the Redcoats for a series? Yankees become Continentals? haha.
  13. It was a joke, with how adamant all these companies are in switching suddenly.
  14. To me, it almost looks like they were going for some "wild west" look/font, which makes no sense.
  15. So you'd have to make up completely new designs for half of MLB for a single weekend?
  16. Meh. I'm not saying the current logo is fantastic, but I think there's a way that old logo can be updated without being a direct copy of the old one, which looks old, IMO.
  17. I see it now that you say that......I don't so much see the straw (which is illegal now! gotta have those paper ones that disintegrate instantly), but I do see a cup. But I didn't see that until it was pointed out. I had another thought, but it's escaping me right now.
  18. On a sidenote, they're doing a '97 throwback weekend from July 26-28. And I just noticed that I think Loria got the "toothpaste"/abstract Marlin design on the previous logo from the tail of the "S" in Marlins (the part under the "MA" but flipped upside down).
  19. Sounds like you haven't been to a game, then. The jerseys are completely illegible from the seats. You can barely make out the (giant) NUMBERS on the back from some angles. If you're up close with good lighting, they're fine. But anything at a distance or in poor lighting, it just looks black.
  20. I agree with this. That is an interesting thing I didn't think about. The Marlins may get a slight attendance boost, but then they'd suffer record wise from playing those teams as well, meaning they'd be less competitive, which would affect attendance.
  21. I don't see why they'd have to sell the Rowdies if they move?
  22. What about "steward"? They're a steward of the brand/team while they own it? oun 1. a person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train and brings them meals. synonyms: flight attendant, cabin attendant, member of the cabin staff; More 2. a person responsible for supplies of food to a college, club, or other institution. synonyms: major-domo, seneschal, manciple; butler "the steward of the household" verb 1. (of an official) supervise arrangements or keep order at (a large public event). "the event was organized and stewarded properly" 2. manage or look after (another's property).
  23. I've never heard anyone say "I'm going to jamba" "Do you want jamba"
  24. Lol. I should've clarified - I get the nostalgia of the old one, but I don't like just moving back to the old logo and calling it a day. It'd be nice to see an updated version of the original. I feel the same way about Burger King's logo.
  25. They literally said they don't have one, and that staying in Tampa isn't an option.
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