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  1. We desperately want the Rays to stay in Tampa Bay* *Meanwhile, there is no "plan B" of the Rays staying in the Tampa area full time, and we publicly stated we don't believe the Tampa area can support a team. But yes, please believe us that we want the Rays to stay in Tampa........
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't like either Pizza Hut logo?
  3. How about "guy that pays the bills/salaries"? lol
  4. My opinion: Someone paid tens, hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a team. The team is theirs. They own the team. They don't own the players; they don't own the staff. They may own the rights to said players as athletes within the league's parameters, but they don't own the player. If that's what the big deal is about and people can't see the difference between that, I'm sorry, that's ridiculous. I don't know why everyone's so offended by everything these days. And that's not to say there aren't situations where criticism/complaint/"uproar" is warranted and changes are necessary, but to not call someone that paid for a team the owner seems stupid to me.
  5. So should the TB/Montreal thing happen, does Washington still wear Montreal throwbacks from time to time?
  6. Many teams already have Presidents/CEOs separate from the owner.
  7. Oh yeah, seeing the other views, I do remember that plan. Didn't realize it was that same location. I was also taking his "renovating/expanding" Al Lang Stadium at face value, though. That proposal would necessitate tearing what's there down and starting over. That said, any sort of major league ballpark would require getting rid of Bayshore Drive like that plan shows, as there's no room otherwise.
  8. The idea that this ISN'T a negotiating tactic ("build us a park or else") is crazy. Not to mention, the league/owners would miss out on an expansion team fee in a "new" city. I also didn't understand his timeline. He was saying ideally this would be set up for 2024, but then said they have the lease through 2027 at the Trop, and they're committed to that too, which would mean either they're paying to not play in the Trop, or it's just a 2027 lease for St. Pete the city, not the Trop specifically?
  9. That looks like a "roofed" concept. I agree. I looked it up on maps, and I don't see how they even can expand it. He talked about 30,000 fans watching the team, I don't see how that's possible short of closing off streets, and even then it seems iffy at best.
  10. Highlights from the press conference: Basically they haven't talked to either city, they don't have financing, they don't have a name, they want two new open air ballparks from two cities when they can't get money from one for a single park, but Manfred and the owners gave them permission to explore this. He seemed pretty adamant that there's no 'plan B' of keeping the team in Tampa for a full season - not in St. Pete, not in Ybor, or Tampa Bay. He said a renovation/expansion of "Al Lang Stadium" is a possibility for the new Tampa park. He claims it won't be a prolonged exit from Tampa, but I just don't see this working or being a viable thing.
  11. Eh, they've been pretty consistently good for the last 11 years. Hmm. Now that I look up the numbers I guess before last year, they did have a 4 year run of roughly .500 baseball. But of the remaining 7 years, 6 of them were 90 wins or more, and the one that wasn't was 84 wins.
  12. I know I'm late to the party, but I wanted to say I like the updates you made. And love that you made the blue one a true alternate and not a BP only jersey. Seems like a massive mistake to relegate the most unique color to obscurity. I know it was a while ago, but I'm LOVING the teal look. If you're up for it, I'd love to see a full "alternate reality" set of your uniform updates in the teal/black/silver (with a teal alternate too)! Thanks in advance!
  13. Presumably because of the M is primarily outlined in blue on the right and the entire fish. The blue outline of the logo gets lost with the logo directly on the blue.
  14. Well that's why I said it'll take years of consistent ownership fielding competitive teams to overcome that. I don't think it's completely destroyed yet, though I feel the move of getting rid of everyone - while arguably necessary to do a full rebuild - was a bad way to start things off as new owners....it just looked like same old Marlins, but long term they'll hopefully be better. If they do it again, though, may as well close up shop.
  15. Well, if the writing is on the wall, they could probably work out some deal where the team would pay a "cancellation" fee of some sort to get out of the agreement. I agree. South Florida will show up for a winning team. I also agree Marlins Park is in a bad location - terrible highway in/out access, in a neighborhood with small streets, nothing around but small homes (no "ballpark village" opportunity), not downtown, etc - but the property was there so that's where it went. I think the Marlins will be ok long term; it'll take years of being competently run without blowing the team up every few years, and obviously success/winning, but I think the market will warm up to them should it those things happen. They've just been raked through the coals every time the start to have a reason to support the team, so people are leery to support them. They could likely use a new one, but it's a different situation than Tampa.
  16. The Angels have been discussing a new park, but hardly a stadium issue. The D'backs, like Atlanta seems like they want a new park just to have a new park. Their park is only what, 20 years old? Again, hardly a stadium issue to the degree of Oakland and Tampa.
  17. I'll have to work on updating it some with some of your thoughts. I'm open to any suggestions others may have as well.
  18. Re: Miami, I agree with whoever said having Tigers and Sea Tigers is unnecessarily similar, and that's the biggest complaint I have there. For Philly, I wonder how a calligraphy-style font in the style of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution would look instead of the cursive script you used? Or if you were able to use the exact "Liberty" from the constitution (this may have been what you were shooting for):
  19. I like both of those. As much as I like the tail flag, it looks too much like an American Airlines' tail for my liking: I thought about this but the red is jarring. I wonder if it'd look better if the red and navy blue were reversed?
  20. I can't stop getting a Space Jam vibe from both of them, but the one in the video with some actual detail is much cooler looking. It shows the full ring around the planet (not the disappearing one of the logo, as has been pointed out), and the shadowing on the R gives it some life/matches better.
  21. Prior to the Jeter rebranding, I had done this to explore something that kept the art deco M, but added an updated Marlin wrapped around the M. Obviously, you can ignore the M/font and the upper ones with the Loria colors, but what do you think of the update of the marlin itself in the lower row (ignore the skew/stretch of the fish/F logo, which I didn't notice at the time).
  22. It'd be far simpler to just move the Rays to whichever other city they choose. --- I'm late to chime in on some of the talk (haven't been here in a while), but I went to a game a few weeks ago, and they had the black tops on. The uniforms were completely illegible from the stands. I also have photos I took of the park updates/renovations if anyone is interested?
  23. oh wow, I didn't even notice the extra line inside the a there. Good catch. Obviously they got a wrong file or someone deleted parts of it accidentally or something.
  24. I mean, that seems drastic to create a case over it, but I guess these days you never know. Majestic would certainly be on the hook for replacing all incorrect inventory.....they'd probably be responsible for some sort of store credit for people that got the incorrect ones....but I can't see them just sending out new shirts to everyone that bought them. I think they'd only really do something (for those that received them) if someone complained, and otherwise the other people just keep what they got. I've been meaning to email them again to complain, but I just haven't gotten around to it with the holidays. I'm not going to bother sending the second one back - I gave it to my brother for Christmas, who didn't care about the (relatively) small error. I do wonder how they reacted when they received my first returned shirt - did they figure it out or not? I mentioned it to a guy in the team store, and he was like "oh yeah, look they all have that" once he looked at them, but he's not going to have any power to do anything, and I doubt he cared enough to mention it to superiors. The interesting thing too is that even the graphic/image in the online store shows the error, which I didn't notice when I ordered it: So clearly it's been an issue from the get-go in pre-production (with photoshoots for product displays, online, etc) that either nobody caught, or someone decided "f*** it, print them, hopefully nobody notices." That happens more than you think if deadlines are approaching.
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