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  1. They can demand all the want. Short of walking away from the team, they're under contract and the Marlins could just keep them if they wanted. --- Anyway, back to the uniforms. Majestic is misprinting logos on their shirts (notice the missing red drop shadow on the second i: I ordered one and sent it back as it was wrong. The second one came the same way. And I went into the team store, all of this particular shirt are like that too.
  2. The Marlins controlled Yelich for 5 more seasons with the contract extension he signed. They absolutely had leverage on that one, but seemed to panic in the "trade everyone we can with money owed" mentality they had last offseason and took an underwhelming deal. That deal still has potential to turn out ok, but after year 1, it doesn't look good. JT is different with only 2 more seasons of control left.
  3. This has to be one of the worst names ever.
  4. I like the Royals powder blue, but I don't like this Cardinals one - just seems out of place. I agree with Sodboy - they're not going to look good with full length pants.
  5. Ok? And? All three teams still use the same colors......meanwhile, you're criticizing the Marlins for using 1 of three of the same colors - the one shared one being a neutral color: black.
  6. The only thing ripped off is the black. The blue nor red are the same, and the script is different. ---- How do you feel about Pittsburgh's teams? They ripped each other off! Identical colors! Crazy! I don't see a problem with a city's teams having similar themes/colors. The Miami script the Heat used is the old Miami Arena script:
  7. It's probably so small that it doesn't make a difference. Agreed - I think this will be a situation where we see tweaks a year or two in - maybe add a blue alternate, or a blue cap, etc. Also, it's so early in the offseason still, it may even be possible for them to make slight modifications to them before the season (thicker outlines, etc.) after seeing them on camera/in game for the first time yesterday.
  8. Yes. The interior of the M is "blank" - just the regular hat material, whereas the Marlin is raised.
  9. The AFL game is on now with the new uniforms, and on TV, you can barely see the colors at all unless it's a closeup or direct lighting/sunlight.
  10. The bigger stroke/outline on the numbers looks so much better - you know, so you can actually see the colors. --- Here are a few pics I've taken after getting some of the merchandise.....the blue is the same as the current blue jersey. The colors DO pop in bright lighting: They start to dim/get lost quickly though in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. I guess luckily the team will be in bright lights in uniforms on the field.
  11. In nature it can often have a bluish tint to it. Looks better - they're just kind of empty otherwise. I'm sure they'll come eventually - 100% with you on the blue hat/black bill. I listened to the interview - she never specifically said "this color is home, this color away, etc", but she said they showed "home, road, alt, and bp jerseys", and from that' you can deduce which is which. I was in South Beach last night, and this is clearly the effect they were going for:
  12. He said he's still going to wear his orange one for now.
  13. It's just very disappointing that that's true.
  14. I'm sure there will be a blue cap at some point - even if not used on-field, which works for me as someone buying the merchandise. --- I'm guessing the whites are the primary home jersey, black will be used on Saturdays (because Miami nightlife), blues on Sunday home games.
  15. I thought FOR SURE that they'd use that script for the names on the back. Guess I was wrong. ---- I like the blue alternate, though it doesn't have the primary logo on the sleeve like the rest of them do. The others look plain to me. Maybe the colors don't come across right in pictures. They need a number on the front or something. The "Miami" looks too big
  16. They botched this unveiling horribly. Tease all week 11.15 was the day - teasing colors, uniforms, etc. Only to wait until 4pm to put out a video and press release of something that's been out there for two weeks.
  17. Well, 3:05 has been the best guess on the time.
  18. I signed up but have gotten nothing - not even confirmation of signing up.
  19. But that's just it - the people that DON'T pay attention are the ones they're targeting in general and with moves like a rebrand. They'll see a rebrand and think "oh cool!" And then a few weeks later "Realmuto traded to Team X" and they'll think it's just more of the same
  20. I think it'd be cool if they'd let bougainvillea grow on there, so it flowers. It's easy for us to sit here and criticize the colors before we see the full implementation of them. Once we see them, it may look just like other teams, and it may look completely unique. We'll find out on Thursday. Everything I've seen indicates the red is only a minor accent color used on drop shadows and sleeve piping.
  21. It'd be a big disappointment for me if the DON'T have a blue uniform of some sort.
  22. That's good, I think it'll be a good thing, just don't completely get rid of the regular stands. English speakers may not know what Equipo is though.....Colores is obvious to both languages.
  23. I wonder if that'll be the font they use for the names on the back of the jerseys. I wonder if they're actually changing him, or just chopping off part of the bill. I'm still really hoping for a blue alternate game jersey. 100% agree with the Taste of Miami section - it's hidden away in a corner, and unless you know it's there, you'd miss it completely.
  24. It'll likely depend on the World Series, though - depending on how many games it goes, which is why nothing has been announced. Also, for what it's worth, All exterior signs at Marlins Park displaying the current logo have been removed. Interior logos, and the Marlins Park logo on the roof remain intact for now, though. EDIT: For those that don't know, this is that same structure in the top picture just 2 weeks ago with the current logo and signage:
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