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  1. The retro whites would also be great against the black Canucks skate uniforms. Which will be worn for games next season.
  2. There was 100% no way Miami would have been interested at this point. They would have watched what he did last season in Canada. Disappointing because Manziel's scrambling style was actually quite suited to be successful in the Canadian game with the wider field. However, he just wasn't that good. Was a back-up with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats then got traded to Montreal where he had an opportunity to start. Was not all his fault as the team was bad, but some was his fault as he looked bad in some games. I remember one game where he was just tossing up interceptions that were on him. He got injured and also young rookie quarterback Antonio Pipkin started to look like a better option for the Alouettes by the end of the season. Not to mention he was released due to violating a condition of the agreement that made him eligible to play in the league. I'm sure that would be a problem in the NFL if he were even close to good enough to be considered to be playing there at this point. Guess that does not seem to matter to the AAF.
  3. Would make sense for the Jets to wear the blue uniforms they wore during the 1980s (Hawerchuk days) and the Flames wearing the white throwback 1980s uniforms. Old Smythe Division memories. Though would love to see the Jets wear the royal blue version on the last WHA uniforms. Not only because that uniform looked great, but a subtle nod to the WHL's Regina Pats, who wore that similar design for many years.
  4. Disappointed no Canadian owners/cities stepping up to try and be one of the MLS expansions teams. I think cities like Edmonton and Ottawa have the potential to be successful MLS markets.
  5. That is the famous green wooden floor at the Queen's Park Arena in New Westminster, BC. A mecca for box lacrosse in Canada. Part of the original green wood floor is displayed on a wall in the arena.
  6. We made it this far and nobody has mentioned the New Westminster Salmonbellies yet? http://salmonbellies.com/
  7. Is it even a mystery what I will answer? CFL will always be my number 1 interest. Yes, I may be that guy in the Roughriders gear at a BC vs. Montreal game in Vancouver. I will follow U Sports football as I will always support the Canadian game. Will always follow the NFL. Will keep my eye on US college and the AAF. Sadly, I tune into the AAF to see how small the crowds are. I wish good things for the league. I will keep an eye on the XFL with a curiosity. I am a football fan, but I really don't like arena football.
  8. This debate about how the Canucks got me thinking about why it is a great thing to be a Canucks fan. One has a wide variety of fashion choices if they want to wear team gear! You can wear different colours and logos on different days. Not all fans have this. You have fewer choices if you are a Canadiens fan, for example :).
  9. That looks good. They would benefit from one of their old colours coming back as a more prominent trim colour so they look less Maple Leaf. How about silver instead of black? OHL's Sudbury Wolves wear that colour scheme and it is not bad.
  10. Whatever happens to the Canucks uniform next year, I think it will likely be better than what we got now. Just removing the "Vancouver" script would be enough to make me happy. Could be pleasantly surprise if there is more. Just give us the the blue/green/white gloves back!
  11. Though also will never likely happen, I would be all for Calgary being in just red and white. Modern rendition of the early 1970s uniforms (though they did wear just grey pants with that uniform). Simple, classic. Their traditional look. No pro football teams wearing just red and white. Would be like the Detroit Red Wings of pro football.
  12. While we are discussing our wish list for CFL team changes. We probably will have to wait until 2020 to see redesigns from most teams. I have a lot of wishes but will keep it brief related to helmets. -We need Calgary to get rid of the black road helmets. -We need the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to do the right thing and embrace their tradition. Plain and simple. They need to go back to the yellow helmets.
  13. This whole development with the Lions is interesting. Have not heard any new uniform rumours other than this graphic. If you order a BC Lions New Era jersey today from the team store, it does indicate that orders will be fulfilled in the spring. So something slightly different at the least must be coming. Last time they changed their uniforms in 2016, the unveiling was in May. The recent look was a fascinating experiment with the Michigan Panther style helmet logo and the just orange/white on the road. BC Lions are orange and black of the road uniforms need to show that. During this period of 206-18, can't help but always think that their prior uniforms were better.
  14. Filtered through this thread. Montreal is a top candidate. Portland looks promising if there is a group of investors behind the cause. However, after seeing the list of other cities being brought up as potential spots, I am feeling Vancouver is not getting serious respect. Lets look at some basis to back that up: http://vanmag.com/city/vancouver-mlb-team/ The short season Single-A club outdraws many Triple-A clubs in attendance: https://theprovince.com/sports/baseball/the-canadians-are-packing-nat-bailey-with-record-numbers There is still a downtown waterfront spot for a stadium (with mountain view and near a public transit hub), as there was a proposal for that site to be a new soccer stadium before BC Place was renovated in 2011. Build it in the 40,000 seat range and throw on a retractable roof: http://www.6717000.com/blog/2006/06/heavyweights-join-team-promoting-gastown-soccer-stadium/ Vancouver is a growing, cosmopolitan city. There can be money found in the city if the right investors step up. If Seattle can get an NHL team and Vancouver has one, why can that not be the same in MLB? Vancouver got an NBA team when Seattle had the Sonics. Let's go with: Vancouver Kodiaks Vancouver Black Bears Vancouver Spirit Bears
  15. Can't believe we made it this far and not mentioned the WFL yet. 1974 Houston Texans became the Shreveport Steamer during the season: 1974 logo changes on the uniforms of the New York Stars / Charlotte Stars / Charlotte Hornets: