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  1. If teams want to wear multiple uniforms during the season - then fine. I wish they would restrict it in the playoffs. Just white at home and what is closest to the primary dark uniform on the road in the playoffs. Casual fans may be tuning in more during this time. Watching the Detroit Pistons in black and grey would be confusing to fans who do not follow regularly. Honestly, some of the multiple uniforms are bad and compromise the identity of the team. Starting to dip the NBA into uniform concepts that look minor league. Teams should have classy looking pro basketball uniforms. Home, away and a third that fit with their colour scheme and identity. As people who follow sport uniforms, we should be able to tell someone easily what a team's colour scheme is. It is getting to the point that I do not even know what the actual Houston Rockets' colour scheme is anymore.
  2. I think the Argonauts have great uniforms now. Much better if they wore the dark blue jerseys over the white pants, which they do not seem to do anymore. However, I have a soft spot for this uniform. Heck of a uni that I would not mind them taking the field in full time.
  3. They did increase the logo size on the blue helmet 2 seasons ago. The logo on the white helmet was bigger than on the blue helmet some time ago but they were the same size the last 2 years. I do not think they can make the logo much bigger. Old blue helmet: New blue helmet:
  4. Not a lot to substantiate proof, but if it is just one helmet, the rumours I've read indicate it will be black helmet. Orange jerseys. Black helmet and orange jerseys a nod to the 1970s look but will be a modern take. Of course, they will have white road jerseys.
  5. Like the rumours from earlier this year and based on this news, I am thinking the Lions must have some sort of redesign for this year. There is no way they can wear either current black or orange helmet with both sets of uniforms. Each one is so specific to each uniform.
  6. Speaking of the Pats as a fan of theirs, it is a tragedy that the team changed their uniforms and wear navy blue now. The right thing needs to happen and the Pats need to go back to the traditional royal blue. They looked so much better just over 10 years ago compared to the unis they wear now.
  7. This is a good initiative to get an international footprint of fans, but a wait and see with regards to the players from these countries making the teams and playing in the league. The Mexican and European players from those leagues would still be International Players under the ratio rule, correct? Meaning they are competing against the U.S. players for spots. Meaning their chances of getting in the lineup may be challenging, if not impossible, unless the ratio changes somehow.
  8. I like the way junior hockey does it. The flip happens after Christmas. Good compromising solution to those who want to see their team wear white at home and those that want to see dark at home.
  9. I totally agree with you about arena football. I am a huge football fan (Canadian and U.S. rules) but can't stand arena, a lot of it because of the field size. Football to me is about sustaining drives, field position, the punting game. Don't matter in arena football when you could just air it out to the end zone at any time.
  10. I'll never get racewalking. Frustrating to watch footage of it when Olympics are on. I just want them to start running!
  11. Last one colour vs colour - Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames 1989 Smythe Division Semifinal.
  12. No, not really about the Stampede Corral. The Stampede Corral was built to replace old Victoria Arena as home of the minor pro Calgary Stampeders of the WHL. Opened in 1950. First hockey game there 11 days after opening. Always a multi-purpose arena with main use at the start intended for hockey. At time of construction, was the largest arena in Canada west of Toronto. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stampede_Corral
  13. Before the played at the Saddledome, Calgary Flames played at the Stampede Corral.
  14. Exactly and they are different leagues. This has happened in the past. I remember in the early 1990s when the Saskatchewan Roughriders wore the exact same pants both the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets were wearing at the same time. Silver at home and green on the road.
  15. If this is it, I am totally fine with it. I want kelly green and like kelly green helmets. Have real concern this is not legit. The draft hats featured a darker green. Also, It would be strange for the Jets new helmets to just have the word Jets with a football underneath it as the helmet logo.