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  1. I like the new Stick-in-Rink as well on the blue uniforms. However, not as much on the white uniform as it just does not stand out. They should have gone with this updated version with white stick on blue rink on the white jerseys. Keeping with the tradition of how the logo was treated with the 1970s uniforms. The rink is white when on a blue jersey and blue when on the white jersey.
  2. I feel pretty much the same way. It didn't seem as bad as I thought it could be when they hit the ice. Of course, this is an alternate so there is freedom to experiment. The design with the lack of white in striping would be more questionable if it were a primary uniform. Really like the new Stick-in-Rink crest on this jersey. As well, the green now seems brighter than back in the early 1970s when it did touch on their primary jerseys. So does not bleed into the blue as bad as it did back then.
  3. I agree the Als and Lions uniforms could use improvement, but have to respectfully disagree about some of this. If we are mentioning cluttered uniforms, the old Alouettes uniforms fit that bill about as good as any. I had been patiently waiting for so many years for that busy mess of a uniform and cartoon bird logo to be retired. My wishes were answered this season. The Lions really had there look right prior to 2016, when they had the uniforms featuring white helmet with orange jerseys. Things went downhill after wearing these beauties: Hope the uniforms get fixed next year when they have a chance to have the jersey move away from the adidas template. Have feeling we will need to get used to seeing the black helmet though for some time. The Lions do have a history with a black helmet from the late 1950s to 1977. What would really help is to wear white pants at home and fix the jersey. More like a modern version of their early to mid 1970s uniforms. Orange primary helmet will not happen for them in times when CFL has one shell rule. The Lions need to stick with the orange jersey as primary. The black jersey will make a fine alternate option but going back to wearing a black jersey again as primary would be a big mistake for the Lions. If we are picking a team should ditch the black helmet, I vote for the Tiger-Cats. It would just be so sweet if they embraced some of their old tradition and went back to the yellow helmet.
  4. It is the jersey for the Vancouver Canucks alumni team.
  5. The promo indicates "BC Lions players will be wearing their road whites for the first time ever at BC Place". Do they mean this version of their uniforms? They wore white at home during regular season in recent past against Ottawa. https://ottawacitizen.com/gallery/photos-ottawa-redblacks-vs-b-c-lions I can't decide if I prefer the Lions wearing the black pants or the orange pants with the white jerseys. Both ways look good. Maybe the black pants because the uniform is reminiscent to the 1960s look. Well, may be fitting that the Riders will get to wear their home green uniforms for the game. Half the crowd in attendance will be Riders fans anyway
  6. BC Lions are orange and black now and were from their 1954 birth to 1977. Here are the 1977 uniforms: In 1978, the team underwent a colour change that just seems really 1970s. There was a brand new logo (really same one as today with different colouring) and new uniform. The black trim was switched out in favour of chocolate brown trim. They switched from the black helmet to white helmets. Would agree sometimes hard to tell as it was used as a trim colour and BC Lions known for being orange and black. Here is QB Joe Paopao in the new uniforms. In the background, you can see BC Lions coaches rocking the brown jackets: May be a little bit easier to notice in this photo while playing the Ottawa Rough Riders, when comparing the Lions' socks to the black in the Riders' uniforms. The BC Lions got rid of the brown after the 1989 season. It was into predominantly black, with orange and silver trim in 1990:
  7. Many fans may love seeing the BC Lions in orange and black, but I would be all in for them to wear orange and brown again.
  8. It is really a balance as the CFL has a ratio rule: https://www.cfl.ca/game-rule-ratio/ To simplify the situation, it is basically half the team is U.S. players with the other half Canadian. U.S. players from NCAA college football. Many Canadian players sourced from the Canadian university game (U Sports football) and some from the Canadian junior football ranks.
  9. Have been other whiffs. Speaking of awful alternate logos from the Leafs...
  10. Further to monkeypower's point, the example I can think of is Vince Ferragamo. Led the Rams to the NFC Championship after 1979 season and then had a good NFL year in 1980. Passing for 30 TDs (tied for 2nd most in NFL). 19 INTs. Made the unusual career move of bolting for the CFL in 1981 and played one season with the Montreal Alouettes. He did appear to have trouble adjusting to the Canadian game. Passing for 7 TDs while throwing 25 INTs. Went back to the Rams and put up much better stats as a starter in 1982 and 1983 than his disastrous CFL stats. https://www.cflapedia.com/Players/f/ferragamo_vince.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/F/FerrVi00.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vince_Ferragamo
  11. Let pro football kickers wear the single-bar facemask again if they want to.
  12. Against Vancouver would be great. Battle of the blue and green! Anyway, will look for ward to seeing those Whalers throwbacks on Jan 11. About the only time I will actually make an effort to see a bit of a Hurricanes game.
  13. Wow. Sad uniform day in Junior A hockey. Big thumbs down to the Estevan Bruins, Yorkton Terriers and Calgary Canucks. All those teams have a history of having some pretty good uniforms. These are unbelievably not good. Though I was not expecting anything good from the Calgary Canucks after seeing the logo and colour change earlier.
  14. If the Argos are wearing Football with Sails logo at home with a blue jersey, they cannot go mono-blue like they have been during the regular season. Need to go blue over white as a nostalgic nod with this logo. Really, the Argos should be going blue over white all the time. Instead of wearing white pants on the road and blue pants at home as they like to do, they should be doing the opposite.
  15. If a uniform truly sucks in the NFL, let's find a way to not have to wait 5 years before it can be changed.