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  1. Interesting topic. Its crazy to think that many of the color/color sets look a bit atrocious. But maybe it's because it's not the norm anymore and they look out of place. I've always felt a colored top needed a more neutral pant. I also hate the nfls color rush initiative. Are there any teams that wear colored pants but a grey or white top? Maybe a colored hat to bring some balance. Softball is a whole other beast. I just don't know if an all turquoise set would work in baseball Maybe it is the more form fitting less cloth look where colors flow better. I don't know. But I'm seeing some crazy combinations now that I started looking at softball photos on Google. Baseballs almost holding onto this timeless tradition, even though some of the older 70s-80s sets are in fact a part of that tradition. Most seem to skip over it.
  2. The Medusa's jersey is the worst stitching and plastering I have seen on a jersey in a long time Not a fan of what is essentially a huge patch stitched onto the front. Reeks of amateurism
  3. I guess not all of them may be new logos or names. Loving the llamas look and jersey. Some of the caps have logos that are way oversized though. I counted something like 24 teams using teal or bright teal A bit of a classic look without throwing the whole logo on the hat. It's like the early 90s all over again when clothes began to incorporate bright neon hues and colors Ocelot looks like a Jacksonville Jaguar knock off. I guess they had extra MLB players weekend material, huh? The Mariachi's (Albuquerque isotopes) were apparently so popular, they just went with a different color cap You would think the chicharrone team would be the iron pigs naturally. So a lot of this doesn't make any logical sense.
  4. Just for fun. A few quick PSs Both colored jerseys have a tonal loves logo. The white has a black text and red heart. Still comes off as subtle And as an extreme, here’s a modified rectangular yellow loves logo without the extra hearts. Instead the apostrophe heart is increased in size and the overall logo is more in line with the size of the nike swoosh.
  5. Just looking at even Memphis and fedex Only one jersey features their full colored logo. I think the main issue is that a lot of these patches are two colors MAX. Now Love’s jumps into the fray with three colors. To top top it off, many have Ad patches that are just a tad bigger than the nike swoosh, so there’s some balance. This patch has to be twice the size of others and no color balance. I hope they’re getting double what the other teams are getting. You’d think the last team to get a patch would ‘get it’. But they went above and beyond in the very worst way. I’ll try PSing a smaller tonal loves logo here in a sec.
  6. Its truly a game changing logo. I look at Ultimate Software and Miami. Their logo and identity is lime green. Frost Bank uses blue a lot. Blue diamond is now a white logo. GE is known as a blue and white dominant logo. Infor is red and white. ZENNI uses aqua and white. So many of their ad patch logos are white/black and still look ugly. Orlando’s Disney logo is laughable small now Absolutely game changing. Next year we’ll see 5-6 others go with colored logos. I sense it. It it reminds me of the introductory photos of the Nets. We saw the red and that changed If the Thunder don’t end up changing it, I sense more teams will go back to huge contrasts.
  7. So let’s look at the whole league. Other than Harley Davidson, it looks like all the other teams have tonal logos. Or ones that truly match colors. GE went reverse coloring and away from blue/white. Initially the King’s blue diamond ad was standardized blue and white. Now it’s more tonal and white. The warriors white Rakuten stands out but it’s one color and rather small. The other jerseys have a different tonal color. Maybe its just for initial photos? It has to be to tonal in some regard, right?
  8. Big fan of the OKC word mark or THUNDER on pretty much any color combo. Those Twitter reposts are lovely. Best set in the league. But now the loves ad patch? Wow. Couldn’t they have done team colors? The drawn out city name on their jerseys is dated for sure. Id like to see a blue with white OKC and white numbers ———- I saw Houston hosted Charlotte and wore red the other day. Charlotte wore black. I feel bad for their fans. For an entire two month span, Toyota center saw just three different colors. When silver is the most unique look, you know something's up. Charlottes teal would've looked great vs all the red in the stands. Toyota center will not have hosted a team that wears any shade of green or aqua. 4-5 times it's a Dallas or Detroit blue, Memphis' baby blue. Other than that, it's been rare. Yellows a few times. But also, no purple. Their first home true white vs color happened January 27th, white vs magic blue. Houston will have worn white at home 3 other times, 2 white vs black/ 1 white vs Navy. It's pretty astonishing how terrible variety has been for the majority of home fans. Houston may have had it the worst. They wore white on the road 14 times. I love GSW in yellow at home vs navy or other non black color combos. Doesn’t happen often.
  9. Not bad. Unique colors. I was expecting a brandiose tobacco leaf with eyes. This sort of regular blandness is unheard of.
  10. This thunder/blazers game two nights back got me thinking. What are these head to head matchups looking like for conference rivals. How are their identities being shown throughout a season? In total, The blazers will have worn their black city jerseys about 8 times at home. 5 times on the road. Blazers home vs thunder road 2 matchups 1. Red statement vs blue 2. Black city vs blue Blazers away vs thunder 2 matchups 3. White thunder vs black city 4. White thunder vs black city For variety sake, black should be used once and on the road. More ideally: White vs orange earned White vs OKC blue White thunder vs red blazers White thunder vs black blazers Gives you more combos and options 4 vs 3 Watching the rockets last night, my brother who's a casual fan even brought it up. He asked why Houston is always wearing black (home or away). He's never once brought up jerseys or identities in 20 plus years we've been watching the NBA. That says something IMHO.
  11. I should actually database all of the lockervision info. Of ~12 road games the Kings wore their baby blues, only one game (against Minnesota) was with the home team in white. The rest is basically 9 games home team in black and kings in baby blue. It’s just odd the more I look at it. Of ~9 home games the hawks wore their baby blue classics, only one is against white. 6 or so against dark and one each against red/blue. Zero on the road. I get it. You want to show your new shiny goods to your home fans. But it’s a travesty the classic hawks will not be shown on the road. Seeing lime green or baby blue at MSG would be awesome. The best matchup at msg was probably white vs red the two-three Times we saw it. Unfortunately the knicks wore their city navys against okcs orange earned. White vs orange would’ve been awesome. Of four orange earned road games for OKC, only one was against a home white. Of 10 road aqua icon jersey games for Charlotte, the home team only wore white three times. Just as black vs white has become very common, black Vs color is quite the combo too. I’ll stop rehashing this info for now. But it’s defnitely looking like a mere 10-20% of games are following past traditions. It’s a lot for a casual fan to consume. Some of these color combos are so rare now, I’m glad we have multiple people mentioning how great laker gold vs red was. We need more of that.
  12. To rehash the dark/black jerseys vs away white jerseys happening way too frequently, we can look right at the New York Knicks. Apparently they won't be wearing their dark Navy blue City jerseys at all on the road. Home crowds are seeing less color variation than ever before. We may be at an all time low in variation for home crowds. Do they care? I think the Knicks home crowd will have seen just 6-7 colors all year long (half of those colors just once or twice. Overwhelming majority dark vs white). I remember reading about why the cowboys went with white at home for NFL. They made mention of having color variation when the away team shows up. Just more fun to see color variation for the fans and surroundings. --- Three potential red/blue/purple away matchups today/tomorrow will have Navy and black instead. Reds, blues, maroons, and oranges are out. The Celtics are on Pace to have worn green on the road just half the time. The Pistons in their icon blue, maybe 20% of their road contests. I guess as long as jerseys sales are up, we won't see a shift back to '70s to '10s normalcy. ------ I'd be super happy just to see some of these colored jerseys get used on the road. Twolves will not wear their lime statement jerseys away from home. Same with Miami's pink earned. Road teams don't need special courts NBA. Let them spread their wings. In fact I think there are one or two exclusive sets that each team only wears home or away. It just so happens the home color sets stay at home. Btw I was very irked to see Wade in white and Dirk in that weird Navy or grey jersey for their last game in Dallas. This shouldn't have happened They couldn't have done this? Alright. Rant over.
  13. Interesting. Same font. Same embossed lettering with grey glow on the bottom three. Yikes. Do these schools realize they're getting a cookie cutter representation?
  14. Shaq wore SHAQ brand shoes for most of his career. You're telling me this isn't on Nike in the slightest? Most gruesome injuries happen to skinny guards or small forwards. Paul george. Hayward. Skinny dude on Texas a&m. Non contact runs by quarterbacks in the NFL etc. He may be predisposed to some strains because of his lack in Of flexibility. But seeing as how he was injured on a non jump, odds are players will get injured in the strangest ways. I don't think weight alone is a factor in injuries. Genetics or bad luck mostly.