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  1. good info @Gothamite and @FiddySicks I realize they are at new eras mercy. But we are the end line consumer. We can deem $42 caps as ridiculous and not pay. I tend to wait for sales caps. I'm glad they throw out crooked stitching and brims. That's more of a large scale MLB on field overseas issue. I may have mentioned it. Their poly caps made in Bangladesh have the worst looking and fitting crowns I have ever witnessed. Their Chinese wool feels and looks about as good as Chinese wool has looked over the past 4-5 years. The Bangladesh poly also is super slick and just an all around terrible hat. Sizing has been an issue over the years, made worse by the large crowned bad fitting Bangladesh caps. I guess if you can stay away from those, the Chinese wool haven't degraded. They are what is typical of the college AC and milb on fields. I don't like gambling so I don't test their waters much. I hear of some buying 4-5 similar sizes, and then return the 'bad' ones. That can't be good for business
  2. They have small runs. Everything is super expensive. And the quality is absolute trash. I have no idea how they do it. But yes. They do have decent designs, most don't care about the others intangibles. It's just that everything else now has made them easy to pass up. Designs alone don't do it for me. I used to buy religiously their made in USA caps. I've bought from them once in the past year.
  3. This has me thinking. Many CR sets are just one contrast pant/sock away from being great. Dallas. Denver. Buffalo. Detroit. Minnesota. Rams. Chargers. Pittsburgh. TB. And now NE. All of them would benefit from not going mono every single time they wore their CR set. For the foreseeable future, I think mono will be in for primary sets. This is from many years ago apparently White pants. White helmet. I found this on Google images. Crazy how nice and basic that is. They really missed the mark today.
  4. All my focus goes straight to the shoulder stripes. They're so wide and so out of place. They look like a high school team on a serious budget. This makes me appreciate many of the other teams who aren't looking so bad right now.
  5. Thanks I think I Found it They used the half color/half white sock style that was recently relaxed. the fact that they had months to decide what to wear at the unveiling leads me to believe we won’t be seeing many of these other colors. All mono all the time now I guess black/white/black is just classic color blocking. But so is white/black/white. And they are refusing to break up with their black pants with a colored sock. Black leotard for life.
  6. I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m usually super negative. I Love the shelve striping matching with the socks Have they ever had B/W/B pant stripes on white pants? no true complaints. But like the others. The mono leotard look has to go. The side stripes of their prior CR set was decent. And the orange socks were a nice color push. overall this makes me happy.
  7. Today is Jackie Robinson day. Neweracap has the new 2020 caps They appear to have a team color patch vs. all of the teams using a blue diamond and blue 42 from prior years. edit: it looks like they also have their own teams number font for 42. Definitely a decent unique touch. I can’t say I would spend $41 for one of those made overseas turds. But the special caps are popping up slowly.
  8. can someone Photoshop different sock colors on these please Anything to break up the leotard look would make this 100 times more acceptable. Even half color/half white socks the linemen still wear.
  9. The chopped up nature is the sticking point. One can have the entire logo in PINK and it would fit the guidelines/parameters. You can have the full logo, plus other weird city type pizza or palm tree patches, and that too would fit the bill. You can have a mini LA logo or a supersized logo, and both would be fine if it was the entire logo. I think they got a bit lazy with those wordmark hats. Some teams had the team name in the new era database, while others did not put their uniform jersey wordmarks into the same database. They’re not gonna force or ask or entice the marlins to use their marlins wordmark, so they went with what was available. Or maybe both were available. To me, if you can’t get it right, scrap the whole project. For a team like the twins, maybe only their roundel was available. So they couldn't just take the twins part out; they would need to include it all. just like these new flag script hats the cap logo is on there in a tonal almost invisible nature. But that counts more than a partial logo does. Both sides want to blame the other for these restricted decisions.
  10. I want to say 6-7 teams got it right. City name up front, so why are so many teams using their city name script type logo for the side too? We have the Angels Angels. We have the Miami miamis. The Cleveland Indians. The Colorado Colorado Rockies lol. I truly hate redundancy in design. Minnesotsa Minnesota’s, even though they have a great TWINS wordmark. yikes guys. any idea if mlb will release the jerseys and specialty cap info this year for the special events.
  11. Second from the left and the far right combo look decent. Red socks on all of the others could work. Or do half white/half red socks. Mono white and mono black are so generically bad. I’m already missing the red/white/red look.
  12. I always felt NFL numbers were pretty standard, size wise. Will this lead to other teams following suit? Ive been a huge critic of UA going with smaller than usual numbers. These feel like 2018 Oregon big, which Nike and OU fixed last year. NFL numbers seemed perfect across the board. It’s as if these were in development for 3-4 years and they never derailed older trends that fell off. Just like with Miami dolphins, their throwback set should be their primary from the get go.
  13. red/pewter is their best look. Didn't read through all the thread. No please no monotone to be worn on field. White/white is bad. But pewter/pewter is the worst Red/Pewter and white/pewter is all we need. Pewter uniforms are way too generic. I can see them pushing those down our throats. I realize there's some history with white pants but it's never appealed to me, balance wise. Decent marginal upgrade
  14. Why not just do a block C like they have done with recent bobble heads? Could the MLB censor wahoo out of older movies like Major League?
  15. Their inventory encompasses fansedge, Lids, and Fanatics, among other sites. They have a huge monopoly. I hate what they've done to the genre. Such cookie cutter generic items Question. Do team shops at stadiums have a different or varying selection? What about random apparel shops in MLB towns? I don't see much of a web presence for these smaller guys. I still have yet to see the new BiG cap in the wild. They have such a monopoly but only have 4-5 of various on field sizes. Once they're sold out, they seem to be gone forever. Restocks are so rare and random. I've given up on all of those sites.