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  1. Illinois looks like West Virginia out there. Orange everywhere and you go dark grey, Navy, and a chrome logo. Pathetic.
  2. White/light at home vs color in the preseason Is glorious. Everything is pretty much standardized for the majority of games. I shouldn't get used to this but this is the NBA I grew up watching.
  3. Slippery slope but do you guys live amongst native Americans? I happen to. Many wear wahoo and Redskins gear. I get more 'nice hat' from native Americans than anyone else while wearing wahoo. It's always the white dudes I know who say 'that's racist'. Odd generalizations. But it works both ways.
  4. Is that from the league or Nike that you'd get an exception/waiver? It blows my mind that teams can't just do what they want. Make a city an assocation or whatever the heck they want to call these things. Turn a really popular statement into an icon. They're boxing themselves in with these names. Can earned designs not ever be used again? Why can't popular statements just STAY as statements? Back in the late 90s, 4-5 teams had alternate or third jerseys. Some worked. Others didn't. Teams evolved. Now they have time limits on jersey sets? I don't get it. It feels like Nike has a new design quota they need to meet every years. It's a crappy situation. Change for change sake.
  5. Please no Yellow Front panel. I never liked that era of sd caps If anything, Go with this concept or your current era SD mark in this color scheme. brown on yellow, or bust imho. There’s a lot of yellow in that twitter vid though. The 50th did it here Here’s a SnapBack of a pretty ideal setup imho I was fond of this asg on field when it released. An ode to two eras Turn this cap from navy to brown and we have a winner. A two tone SD if you will.
  6. It happened again. Neutral court. Red vs black From a distance or watching from a bar, it’s taking way too long to figure how who is who. Red vs black and black vs white will be the most common matchups again this year. Sad times.
  7. Thanks Preferred is an interesting term because 90% of these teams have no ryhtm or reason with their colors and such. I'm pretty much seeing four jerseys being used equally at HOME and AWAY. Goes to show I missed the bulls memo from 2017. Nice concepts above. I'd go wordmark being the same color as the jersey #. Go white number on the bottom set and you have a winner.
  8. Did I see this right? Unless the bulls city jerseys are white, they will NOT wear their white association jerseys at home at all this year What an absolute travesty. They'll wear the white associations 20 times on the road and they'll wear their city's on the road zero times. This is acceptable? I'd say this is quickly turning into the NFL. I just wish they did what they do with soccer and have the jersey colors on the score bug. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out who was who with the pacers and Kings the other day. I didn't realize the king's had a Spurs set. The pacers were in a plain Jane white set. And shoe/accessory color was of no help.
  9. Of all times they add neck and armhole trim/piping, they flub it up. They need nothing at all, or simply more white. It’s an unbalanced mess. Change for change sake, as nothing was wrong with the originals design cues. Too much red and black right now.
  10. Does infor literally have to be a white box? So original. Graffiti will always come off as childish in my book. I miss their aba inspired look. And their Brooklyn bridge inspired side Panels. And their subway tile baseline. So much subtle greatness. This is kind of meh.
  11. So I'm browsing their website and they have the new N logo with NESN next to it everywhere Isn't that overkill? Doesn't that read off as NNESN Terrible move. One of the more iconic logos lost.
  12. Hatclub released a royal blue/yellow M wheat cap last year Decent blend of era They need to officially release these blends and see what sticks. They also did a regular white M wheat game cap with a green bill, taking it back to the motre bame era. They’re definitely in the midst of an identity crisis.
  13. Yeah I should’ve clarified. Once I looked at the lakers away schedule and saw WHITE association for many home teams, vs. a blank STATEMENT for la, it only makes sense that that one is purple. I never edited above that point in my post. I should add. I’m a stickler against small unreadable wordmarks. The CHA is huge and I love that aspect.
  14. Yeah. My bad guys. The miller park M and the wheat M have one main similarity, the left curl. But other than that, it’s not the same. I’ve just always assumed their rebrand happened at the same time as their new park, which has a slightly similar M. Always felt more than a coincidence Before Miller Lites retro rebrand, Miller and it’s wordmark was much more prominent on packaging too. The curled M was everywhere. Then we see a baseball team with a fancier curled M. I’m not from the area. But I always correlated the time together.
  15. Wow. How accurate is Locker vision? The Lakers home fans will see their classic banana yellow ICON jerseys a mere 12 times all season. They've all but replaces them with CITY and STATEMENT. We better hope Both of those are yellow too. With the CITY leak, they are shown to be worn 9 times at home. That leaves 20 for association and statement. 13 assocation white and 7 statement, color assumed to be purple, round out the Lakers home slate. HOME Association white - 13 Icon yellow - 12 City yellow - 9 Statement purple - 7 And now, all of what is wrong with the NBA, and maybe my last rant on the topic. The Lakers are scheduled to wear their yellow ICON 14 times on the road. 9 times they will wear their yellow CITY on the road. 10 times their assumed Purple statements. 8 times, they will wear white. They will wear their classic err.... Banana yellow on the road more times than at home. They will wear white more times on the road than their classic purple. AWAY Icon yellow - 14 Statement purple - 10 City yellow - 9 Association white - 8 What a crap fest ------- It is nice to see the grizzlies wearing their aqua classics on the road a mere four times. But at least one of those is against the raptors in their own classic getup. That's one memorable game all season for them. They actually play the raptors at home in the same classic combinations. Hows that for continuity? How often have teams worn the same combos against the same teams home and away? It screams of laziness.