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  1. I always felt NFL numbers were pretty standard, size wise. Will this lead to other teams following suit? Ive been a huge critic of UA going with smaller than usual numbers. These feel like 2018 Oregon big, which Nike and OU fixed last year. NFL numbers seemed perfect across the board. It’s as if these were in development for 3-4 years and they never derailed older trends that fell off. Just like with Miami dolphins, their throwback set should be their primary from the get go.
  2. red/pewter is their best look. Didn't read through all the thread. No please no monotone to be worn on field. White/white is bad. But pewter/pewter is the worst Red/Pewter and white/pewter is all we need. Pewter uniforms are way too generic. I can see them pushing those down our throats. I realize there's some history with white pants but it's never appealed to me, balance wise. Decent marginal upgrade
  3. Why not just do a block C like they have done with recent bobble heads? Could the MLB censor wahoo out of older movies like Major League?
  4. Their inventory encompasses fansedge, Lids, and Fanatics, among other sites. They have a huge monopoly. I hate what they've done to the genre. Such cookie cutter generic items Question. Do team shops at stadiums have a different or varying selection? What about random apparel shops in MLB towns? I don't see much of a web presence for these smaller guys. I still have yet to see the new BiG cap in the wild. They have such a monopoly but only have 4-5 of various on field sizes. Once they're sold out, they seem to be gone forever. Restocks are so rare and random. I've given up on all of those sites.
  5. Why is ESPN so lazy with the score bug art? Grizzlies and now Jazz. Super disappointed. Some graphics are throwbacks. Most isnt no Celtics in green? Your home fans one chance to see Celtic green and you get the white. rockets and grizzlies was perfection in this new era.
  6. Found this from a week or two back. Even in this bright sunny setting, you can see that these are dark grey. the locker room set definitely look powder blue. They may be playing games though. Saturation at 100%? They know what they're doing.
  7. I grew up thinking the raider face was a skull, so there’s that. I think there’s only room for one white faced Skeleton-like logo on a helmet, for the nfl. Then there’s teams like ECU who has had a skull and cross bones the look doesn’t scream professional sports to me.
  8. I hope it’s not the mast logo. We already have one white head with swords behind it (raiders). I don’t think we need two. I realize it’s already on the helmet but the red flag is the true focal point. I never had issues with that.
  9. I posted in the wrong thread. But I was going to say, seeing Miami vice blue and the twolves limes on the road is great. Wondering why it took them 3-5 years to Branch out. I guess everything comes full circle and is recycled a touch. Of Miami's last 18 road games, they will have worn white just three times, Black 7 times, blue vice 6 times, and red statements twice. That's the type of balance I can live with. For minnesota, they will have worn their limes three times all year on the road. I guess I missed their prior games, as I just noticed it the other day. They hadn't worn their limes (according to lv) away from home In years prior. Same with the prince set a year back. But now we see the MSP blue city set on the road about the same amount of times as home, 4 vs 4 I believe. The Knicks refuse to wear their best set away from home. Their Navy city editions have gone at least two seasons now where they only wear them at MSG. I'm super intrigued by these teams breakdown more than the actual designs. The Lakers will have worn yellow (including the city set) 20 times at home. That's just half the time. Unacceptable. They will have worn yellow on the road 23 times, to compare. 10 times, their purple. Lots of lost identities out there still. But I do see progress.
  10. Apparently I posted in the wrong thread (NBA). Sorry about that.
  11. I said this from day 1. It lacks character. The outline has looked off for months and months. No one believed me. I got laughed at at and told it wasn't accurate
  12. Awesome stuff @wyopokes2 just as I envisioned. Maybe turn the pewter lighter grey; or even white? But then you essentially have the retro set/original set in modern form. At that point, get rid of the shoulder elements and the number font, and you have that 2012 set. Not sure where they're going. Exciting times, these uniform changes.
  13. I’m just wondering if creamsicle can work without a white helmet. The above looks unbalanced. The flag almost has to be orange, with a red football.
  14. Does GB care that a lot of their season tickets go up on the aftermarket sites? If they ever wanted to Phase out a certain group, they may need to check IDs and make sure the real ticket holders show up atleast twice. I've been a football fan for decades and never knew about all this.