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  1. Was the caveman C not cancel cultured because of its primitive caveman look? The guardians font is eerily close
  2. It feels like Nike is so so close to wanting to use full sublimated jerseys. I know the dbacks had gradients in parts of their jersey years ago. But looking at that Niners jersey concept a page back, layered clouds seems 100 times better that splatter gradient. Is a full gradient jersey upon us? I /we know it’s happened with the Miami heat but in baseball? It would be a first I think.
  3. Are gradients even allowed (from an umpire/statistician POV)? maybe I’m thinking of the Ncaa who cracked down on jerseys a few years back. And why a white border on the numbers/G on a white Jersey base? they should’ve went GG bridge red and called it. Instead we get this weird praise from the Giants about thanking Nike for having them think ‘outside the box’. I feel the giants could have done better on their own. We never heard or hear of majestic getting thanks for helping teams design jerseys. I feel the shouldve flipped the G and the SF. Sf on the jerseys and a G on the hats. The giants and dbacks didn’t think outside the box on their cap designs. I’m disappointed mainly in that these are being worn so frequently. will these teams have matching batting helmets?
  4. Hasn't the area been vastly redeveloped in the last decade, with many local Mainstays being bought out or forced to sell? It's no longer a neighborhood ballpark when they took away the apartment viewing seating It's all Nike speak and I'm surprised it's working. 100% a gimmick. I know there's a schedule out but imagine the cubs are playing the Jay's and they walk out looking like that at home, and the away team is in white? It's the same messiness messing up the NBA
  5. I love this cap that HC did as a custom blue and that vibrant red should be included as primary colors immediately. it’s interesting that Nike basically copied them.
  6. Also, one of the articles mentions this is a 3 year project with each new team being unveiled by the end of 2023, and presumably sticking with the same design for the duration of this project. This is not simply a one and done players weekend creation. This is the new wave of alternates. My estimates -7 in 2021 -same 7 in 2022, with 11 additional teams in 2022 -same 7 from ‘21 and 11 from ‘22 come back, with 12 more for 2023. So what starts out as one game or one event will transform , and in 2023, as others have stated, by popular demand, they will have 5-6 weekends with them. And your new alternates are created. They really couldn’t have had a city connect weekend and just get it all released and over with at once? This pain will continue for three years.
  7. This got me thinking from a cap stand point. Include your opening day patch, any inaugural season or anniversary patch, gold trimmed ws champs hat, jackie Robinson patch, asg patch (and subsequent cap), plus everything you mentioned, and the days of a bare-bone core design identity cap are numbered. A non patched basic Red Sox on field May soon be seen just 30% of the time vs. 80% of the time currently.
  8. Whoa. Had to come out of the wood work to comment on this one. I get the holiday and players weekend themes. There’s uniformity there. But here with 7 random teams and times and days, it feels too random. Can’t we just have a city connect weekend and get the crap out of the way like we do for other themes? So these appear to be with a team for three years. It feels like they’ll be worn more than once per season. Don’t believe that they’ll be one and done. Milb uses full sublimated graphics on their theme jerseys. Will we see that here with another team? How wacky can it get?
  9. good info @Gothamite and @FiddySicks I realize they are at new eras mercy. But we are the end line consumer. We can deem $42 caps as ridiculous and not pay. I tend to wait for sales caps. I'm glad they throw out crooked stitching and brims. That's more of a large scale MLB on field overseas issue. I may have mentioned it. Their poly caps made in Bangladesh have the worst looking and fitting crowns I have ever witnessed. Their Chinese wool feels and looks about as good as Chinese wool has looked over the past 4-5 years. The Bangladesh poly also is super slick and just an all around terrible hat. Sizing has been an issue over the years, made worse by the large crowned bad fitting Bangladesh caps. I guess if you can stay away from those, the Chinese wool haven't degraded. They are what is typical of the college AC and milb on fields. I don't like gambling so I don't test their waters much. I hear of some buying 4-5 similar sizes, and then return the 'bad' ones. That can't be good for business
  10. They have small runs. Everything is super expensive. And the quality is absolute trash. I have no idea how they do it. But yes. They do have decent designs, most don't care about the others intangibles. It's just that everything else now has made them easy to pass up. Designs alone don't do it for me. I used to buy religiously their made in USA caps. I've bought from them once in the past year.
  11. This has me thinking. Many CR sets are just one contrast pant/sock away from being great. Dallas. Denver. Buffalo. Detroit. Minnesota. Rams. Chargers. Pittsburgh. TB. And now NE. All of them would benefit from not going mono every single time they wore their CR set. For the foreseeable future, I think mono will be in for primary sets. This is from many years ago apparently White pants. White helmet. I found this on Google images. Crazy how nice and basic that is. They really missed the mark today.
  12. All my focus goes straight to the shoulder stripes. They're so wide and so out of place. They look like a high school team on a serious budget. This makes me appreciate many of the other teams who aren't looking so bad right now.
  13. Thanks I think I Found it They used the half color/half white sock style that was recently relaxed. the fact that they had months to decide what to wear at the unveiling leads me to believe we won’t be seeing many of these other colors. All mono all the time now I guess black/white/black is just classic color blocking. But so is white/black/white. And they are refusing to break up with their black pants with a colored sock. Black leotard for life.
  14. I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m usually super negative. I Love the shelve striping matching with the socks Have they ever had B/W/B pant stripes on white pants? no true complaints. But like the others. The mono leotard look has to go. The side stripes of their prior CR set was decent. And the orange socks were a nice color push. overall this makes me happy.
  15. Today is Jackie Robinson day. Neweracap has the new 2020 caps https://www.neweracap.com/search/?text=Jackie+Robinson+day+ They appear to have a team color patch vs. all of the teams using a blue diamond and blue 42 from prior years. edit: it looks like they also have their own teams number font for 42. Definitely a decent unique touch. I can’t say I would spend $41 for one of those made overseas turds. But the special caps are popping up slowly.
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