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  1. Is that Steam Roller logo real? Or is this some joke?
  2. Saskatoon Blades of the WHL (2004-2016 logo) saying “We bleed blue”. Thanks in advance.
  3. Same. I just wanted a say in this large project. I’m going to stay in the concepts section. I will follow you on the blogspot, @hawkfan89. Quick question, how do you comment on the blogspot?
  4. It does, but it says it is not secure on my phone. Don’t want to get Hackerman9000ed on my phone.
  5. The logo on the Nashville Predators mustard yellow jerseys are good. I’m not sorry.
  6. boi38951

    90s updates

    Man, that Arizona logo
  7. This is what I’m saying! Amazing work my friend!
  8. Good, but way too similar to the Roughriders jerseys in the CFL