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  1. Bottom right. They are all an improvement (especially if you change the number font) but the darkness of the pewter on the pants is a rugged and attractive look in my opinion. Pewter and orange has such a nice contrast to it. The others are simply light silver, which doesn't say Buccaneers to me in the same way
  2. We were just so happy to have traditional colors for ALL OF FOUR GAMES that we forgave some of the design flaws. The multiple shades of green is awesome, the red Nike swoosh impaling the vertical blocks is nice. The orange Harley patch next to the red and the "BUCKS" not lining up with the patch is awful, and old Bango should've been the shorts logo. The other orange Mecca set is garbage.
  3. This is the lesson. Blue and black is a tough look to make work, and they probably wouldn't have even had those colors except they were founded around the time of the Orlando Magic's prominence, but they kept the look, they own that corner and they have a pretty good brand because of it
  4. Thanks! I really appreciate it. Part 3 coming maybe February. Please share with anyone who may enjoy it. As far as the Bucs, I thought visually growing up a really strong feature of the old NFC Central was you had a orange team, a purple team, a green team, a royal blue team and a dark blue team. And then the Sapp-era Buccaneer rebrand was one of the few "let's mix some odd colors with metallic aspects" that REALLY WORKED. That was a great visual addition to the NFL landscape. Nobody looked like either version of the Tampa teams, which made the digital clock huge helmet logo thing such a shame. But change for the sake of change...
  5. I really, really wanted a more competent rebrand in 2015 or whenever that was without any of the extraneous blue or cream, with forest green, lime or kelly green, and since patches were unavoidable, a red Miller or Milwaukee tools patch. Green with a splash of red. Distinctive from the Celtics and representative of the Championship past
  6. I hated to leave: "Is there a Hub tag on your car?" on the cutting room floor.
  7. Gotta be the stupid single blue armpit block on the Bucks rainbow remix. It's distracting and inconsequential. The cream blocks don't work well with the white either, but that's a larger design flaw
  8. Aladdin's Castle indeed! I was more of a Northridge guy for a while myself. What's the MU story? Thanks again for the feedback....it's more difficult (to me) than my normal sorta mini-documentaries that I sometimes do.
  9. Thanks for the feedback....I wanted to cap it off at around 15:00 per video. I don't really have a rough outline except the one bouncing around in my head. I generally agree with your comment about the recent Brewers switch being overall a good thing (logo variances aside) but in my opinion the Brewers still spent the last 18 years looking like the Brewers. They looked like a blue and yellow team with liberal use of classic throwbacks mixed in. If the Bucks spent 75% of the time looking like the Bucks (which is to say a red and green or a multi-colored green team) then I'd be a lot more forgiving of them doing random "Cream City" nonsense. Instead the Bucks are a team that wears whatever color of the rainbow they want in ATROCIOUS combinations. So the purpose of these videos is for me to take as much time as I need to to bury the Bucks for their gross incompetence in managing their brand. To do that I need to give a lot of other examples of what works and what doesn't work. I loved finding those commercials....
  10. It's the easiest thing in the world to do and they just refuse to do it
  11. Absolutely. I'll definitely touch on that. My biggest frustration continues to be the lack of throwbacks and the inclusion of blue, but...well...I have a lot of beef with the Bucks whole look
  12. You might be surprised. I am very much a child of the 90's, although I'm trying not to be a hypocrite about my biases here
  13. Cream for the Bucks is a bad idea in general, but a lighter SF Giants type might've been tolerable