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  1. I love the white nameplates on the orange jerseys because it is (or was, until the Sabres starting using it) a unique uniform touch that has historical significance and precedence. The fact that it was done for nationally televised games in the early 70s adds to its uniqueness and "character," for lack of a better term. However, that last part is also why I dislike the black nameplates on the white jerseys. I understand what the team was trying to do in matching up with the orange jersey and inverting the colors. But unlike the white nameplates it has no historical significance. And personally, I think it's a bit ugly.
  2. Flyers white nameplate. LOVE IT. However, the black nameplates on the Winter Classic and soon-to-be road jerseys? Hate it. No point to it, and there's no historical precedent.
  3. Is it coincidence that the 94-97 all-star jerseys had the same colors?
  4. Yeah, but you've got to remember how much of an idiot Milbury was (is?).
  5. Didn't Forsberg get his start with MoDo, his hometown team? And if I recall, he played for MoDo during the lockout. How is it the wrong uniform? Unless you think he looks wrong in anything but an Avs jersey.
  6. Dude, Giroux has a MONSTER beard going. He went from this: to this: I can't wait to see him in the orange and black.
  7. I would HOPE it's not Billy Idol... ...and Billy Joel has the #12 retired at MSG for his record 12-sold out shows there... ...and Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band at the Meadowlands have a banner... Billy Joel's Philadelphia banner is for 46 sellouts, and Springsteen's is for 45 sellouts (or at least it was last time I saw it - it could be more now.) Wow, I was WAY off. Thanks for correcting me.
  8. Flyers and Sixers at the Wachovia Center. The ones you can't see are the Phantoms 2005 Calder Cup, a 610 WIP banner, and one for Billy Idol (or Joel, can't remember which one) for having 600 or so concerts in Philly:
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