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  1. The new scorebug looks terrible for college hockey. So much wasted space, especially with the drop-down bar for power plays. I also took a shot of the regional Comcast SportsNet scorebugs as a comparison to the national NBC broadcasts. And from the few moments of the pre-game, it looks like NBC will be using the new graphics for their NFL Wild Card broadcast. I echo Dolphins Dynasty's comment: The new graphics definitely remind me of Fox Sports.
  2. Hilarious how NHL 15 advertised "THE MOST REALISTIC BROADCAST PACKAGE IN A VIDEO GAME" with the NBC Sports graphics, and not even 4 months later it's now outdated.
  3. They still used the 3 red lines up to last season, with the exception of the 2006-2007 season when they did a checkered line pattern (I thought it looked terrible; didn't help that it was one of their worst seasons in history). Like you said, it's unique in the NHL and works great for the Flyers.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I really dislike the Flyers' new red line. It works well for some logos (i.e. Tampa Bay's lightning bolt, maybe Canadiens logo), but not here. I'm not sure if they'll keep the rest of the red line white with the red logos, but if so, that makes it even worse in my opinion. I'll hold final judgment until I see it in action, but my first reaction is a thumbs down. Source:
  5. Correction has been made, thanks for the feedback (DCT was the person specifically who did this graphic) Very cool, glad I could help!
  6. They need to make one small correction for the Flyers: During the 2006-2007 playoff season they had the checkered pattern red line instead of the three parallel lines. It was only for that one season; they went back to the three lines for the 2007-2008 playoff season. I found it kind of ugly, really, and it's no coincidence it happened to be during their worst season in over a decade. Here's a picture where you can sort of make it out And a video of it where you can see it as Ben Eager leaves the penalty box:
  7. You beat me to it. PEI and New York - Islanders UCLA, Providence, and Boston - Bruins UConn, Washington, and Northeastern - Huskies Utah and Memphis - Grizzlies New York, Texas, Kitchener, and Rangers FC - Rangers Detroit and BC - Lions LA and Sacramento - Kings Hold on, PEI changed their name to the Islanders? So now they're the Prince Edward Island Islanders? Who was the genius who came up with that?
  8. To an extent. It looks nice on the older teams like the Rangers but teams like the Sharks shouldn't try to adopt an old school feel with their jerseys There's an old school feel to the laceup collar, but I don't give that much thought because the history of the laceup is difficult to track before the 1940s. As far as I can tell, the Rangers brought it to the NHL then, too, but before that it was a more functional thing that kept wool sweater collars from stretching out, and was usually hidden. Why I like the laceup, is because it's unique to hockey. No other sport does it. Like the stirrup to baseball, it's one-sport-only, and it really should stand in as the iconic image for the hockey sweater AS Roma used a lace-up collar in 1994-95 That's fascinating! Especially so late an example! I figured there must be all sorts of examples, especially with turn-of-the-century baseball teams, but never a 90s soccer team. I realized it was such a hockey thing when I watched the 1999 movie Superstar and chuckled at the football jerseys having laceups I guess it didn't catch on with that soccer team, so I still maintain it's something unique to the sport, but it's definitely one attempted crossover, like the old NFL Referee stirrup socks How about another crossover? European hockey jerseys with soccer/football kit collars (and lots of advertisements as well):
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't/doesn't the Minnesota Wild red jersey have vintage white first? Although you'd be correct in saying the Boston Winter Classic jersey really kicked off the trend. The Wild would be the hipster that liked it before it became popular The Wild's colour is actually classified as "Wheat", and is not trying to be white. Gotcha, thanks for the correction.
  10. I'm perfectly fine with the white nameplates on the Flyers orange jerseys because of the historical context, which I find really cool and unique. Not to mention they make their t-shirt jerseys (or "shirseys") look really cool . For those who may not be aware, nationally televised games mandated the use of names on the backs of jerseys. The Flyers didn't have nameplates for their orange uniforms. So when they played away games on NBC, they would borrow the white nameplates from their home uniforms. I think this only lasted one season; after that they put names on the away uniforms full-time. The same can't be said for the black nameplates on the Flyers current white jerseys, however. Or other teams that never used a contrasting nameplate in their history, for that matter. From that standpoint I would agree, it's not a great design trend. (image source from this article: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't/doesn't the Minnesota Wild red jersey have vintage white first? Although you'd be correct in saying the Boston Winter Classic jersey really kicked off the trend. The Wild would be the hipster that liked it before it became popular
  11. Well the story is that she hated Kelly green and preferred the midnight, but I have to think that there was more behind the switch. I can't see them changing any tie as long as JL is still in charge. From what I've read on these boards in the past, it sounds like Christina Lurie was the one who disliked it and made Jeffrey Lurie change the uniforms to midnight green. But this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer ( makes it sound like they both made the decision together. I'm not a hardcore Eagles fan, so I wouldn't really know what the consensus is on the issue or if there was more to it. Either way I agree with you, I doubt any change is going to happen.
  12. Dayyumm, I thought Pronger was wearing extra padding for shot blocks, but then I realized it was just a crazy tongue flop. The Blues EDGE jerseys were and still are one of the weakest sets in the league. Can't believe they went from this ^^^ to that Reebok crap. The alternates they have now are a step in the right direction, but it's still a downgrade.
  13. I love how every Philadelphia blogger reporting the divorce of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is wondering if the Kelly Green will come back full-time.
  14. Not a uniform change, but for anyone wondering what they would have looked like with their 80s-90s style orange jerseys in today's era, the Flyers did their warmups in #2 jerseys in that style for the Mark Howe jersey retirement. They also have special patches tonight on the chest, a Flyers logo with a 2 on it. EDIT: Picture of the jerseys themselves here:
  15. I agree; the Flyers black jersey was fine when for those weekend afternoon and nationally televised games, but it really should have stayed an alternate.