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  1. It has been years since I've posted on here but, I Just wanted to say congratulations to a former poster on this site. Troy Grosenick his username is lets_go_red not only did he record a shutout in his NHL debut last year, but he is in the ahl all-star game tomorrow. You can see him right now in the skills competition. Way to go Troy!
  2. Here are my family's Coats of arms. My last name Mother's maiden name
  3. While I wouldn't trade a national championship ring for them, I don't mind them at all. I don't really like the "tradition" on the inner collar, I think real tradition should just be implied and not thrown in your face
  4. gatineaujay


    I really like the sounds of this game, and would probably sign up if it were available in my area London, Ontario. However I believe the above quotes kind of cancel eachother out no? If being in control of the ball for 5 seconds results in a change possession, then no assists would ever be washed out..... am I correct? Or am I just reading it incorrectly?
  5. I actually really like the idea of just a big jet on the front of the jersey. The secondary logo however.. I just don't think Winnipeg has a skyline that is imposing or....... different enough to be made into a backdrop of a logo. The Mets are a different story but I just don't see it for Winnipeg. All in all, I like it. (refined of course). good work.
  6. Go fer it bud And thank you for the compliment!!!
  7. My goalie mask designs tend to be minimalist in nature. Never meant to be realism. It must work because my customers enjoy the designs that can be seen from the stands.
  8. I can appreciate that for sure. However, the actual logos would have to be enlarged and not shrunken down. I actually have them full size on my hard drive and they are very nicely defined. That being said, that is simply for the jersey application. Print, website etc would have to be shrunk I know. But whatcha gonna do? My goalie mask design will be coming sometime today. (This is actually what I do. And what I truly get excited about)
  9. And finally... The Sweaters. Again, I incorporated a little from the past. Thanks to speedy for the edge template.
  10. Again, thanks for the kind words! I'm actually working on something else as well, this one just happened to be the one I completed first. Not to mention the fact that IMO a majority of people want the "JETS" back.
  11. So I managed to get the top view of the jet with this final update. A little more "Canadiana" too. Let me know what you think.
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys, I straightened out the jet and removed the drop shadow (which was actually how I had originally envisioned it) and I remembered why I changed it. For it to fit in the space where it is I would have to shrink it too much. So..... I did another jet for the main logo. A side view. I'm not totally sold on it though.... Puck.. I'm not too sure about that one, but if there were anyone who could obtain the rights to use the image, I'm sure David Thomson could figure it out. sorry for the size of this bad boy!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey guys, So It's been a while since I've been on here but I had to pipe in with my idea for a Winnipeg Jets logo set. I couldn't find a topic with a bunch of designs in it so I started a new one (feel free to move it if I am mistaken) My idea is just a tweaking of the last main logo that they had. A slight modernization if you will. I am by no means a great designer (of logos anyways) but I think you'll get my point. The shoulder patch is pretty simple as well, but I really like it. It incorporates the first birth and re-birth years of the Jets. As always, C+C is always welcome
  14. I have a question. Why do people constantly ask why they cannot start their own topic when it has been answered at least 20 times in this FAQ? People, please read. lol
  15. Are you guys friggin' kidding me??? CJworks does not owe anyone anything. He can take his sweet time posting more designs. I do not know him but I imagine that he has a life to attend to and posting designs for you is probably not on the top of the list of "must do". Give the guy a freaking break. It bugs me to no end how people on the internet seem to have this feeling of entitlement. If you don't like it, tough! Sweet designs by the way.