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  1. Gfonk04


    The. Worst. Sorry, Buc (I assume this is a self-portrait), but service academy rivalries can know no weakness, no relenting, no compromise. It is one of the few constants in life and I will take it to my grave. However, if we move beyond ARMY WEST POINT, to just the real Army and things change. Love those guys, especially their helo pilots. Bunch of cowboys... Air Force is an historical footnote. It's like having a baby brother when you're 24 and then trying to pretend to be interested in his life. He's technically part of the family but..... The more I contemplate ARMY WEST POINT as the name, the more it drives me crazy. It's not like Navy is suffering from a lack of symbols, U.S Naval Academy, Navy, Midshipmen, goat mascot... But they keep it simple, it's the Navy Midshipmen, no Annapolis, no NAVY ANNAPOLIS, etc., etc. I'll be interested to see if they still do something special for Army-Navy and Army-Air Force or if they try to keep the focus on the new look. UA went for it in a "rebranding" year, so maybe Nike will follow suit (NPI). Also, Go Navy.
  2. Gfonk04


    What an ARMY WEST POINT way to ruin it with too many rules! I know for a fact that Navy uses patches sent in from around the Fleet, which allows people to send stuff in that's been flown in a jet, or worn in Afghanistan, or been to the ISS or something else awesome. Honestly, I don't know how they're divvied out, but it seems pretty random, because Navy understands that college sports are supposed to be fun. At Navy they prize intellectual creativity, improvisation, independence, and not being miserable living in a lifeless gray castle surrounded by nothing but the freezing cold.ARMY WEST POINT is the WORST. The. Worst. Unlike ARMY WEST POINT, Navy typically only wears patched against Air Force and ARMY WEST POINT. And bowl games. Which, obviously, ARMY WEST POINT doesn't do. Ugh. Just thinking about ARMY WEST POINT makes me mad. They're the worst. Go Navy. (PS, aside from the name confusion, I like the rebrand overall. I like the use of the USMA crest/unit insignia and the unified typeface. I love consistency in typefaces and colors across a college's sports teams, love it.) (PPS, Beat Army.) (PPPS, They. Are. The. Worst.)
  3. Gfonk04


    Actually, those patches are sent in from active duty Army/Navy units all around the world and then added to the players' jerseys. There may occasionally be some individual connection for some of the players (maybe a sibling or parent was in that unit, or the player spent time training with that unit during their summer training, etc.), but the patches come from front line combat units to the Academies in the hopes that your patch gets some screen time on national TV.
  4. One major problem on that away uni, you've got three big diagonal stripes across the front of a Nike kit...
  5. Just to make sure, if a color is included in the team's color scheme (a jersey or uniform color, for example) but isn't included on the primary logo or other logos on the site, including that color is okay, right?
  6. FYP. Arguments sound awfully familiar don't they? After Qatar, I won't be surprised at anything FIFA does. I hear the climate is pretty stable on the moon, no worries about heat stroke there... Or maybe North Korea will bid!
  7. I told myself that this thread couldn't possibly get weirder. I apologize to myself, I was wrong.
  8. I know it's a concept and thus you can do whatever you want, but numbers weren't included on baseball jerseys until much later, some time in the Babe Ruth era if I remember right. Again, in the Griffin-Universe you can introduce numbers at the first baseball game ever if you want, but in the early years of the Prime Universe game there were no names or numbers (this is another reason why dropping a whole team at a time might be fun, because a blank white shirt with a letter or word on it is hard to C&C). But this idea is great! I'm looking forward to seeing which teams maintain a coherent identity throughout history and which ones change looks often.
  9. "The hexagon" is a pretty common name for mainland France among the French. I would have liked to have seen the whole logo more hexagon-shaped rather than the cluttered mess they settled on. It looks like they borrowed elements of the Korean flag in this logo. Which would be great if the tournament were in Korea. I'm not the biggest soccer fan in the world, but I know that that doesn't make much sense.....
  10. I like that except for the tail on the "B". I think the tip should be flat instead of rounded, like the "O" on the home word mark. My summary of desired O's changes: No white panel. Flip O's apostrophe. Match home and road word mark angles. Ditch orange panel cap. White outline on black jersey. Swinging bird shoulder patch. After being mostly against the cartoon bird, now I'd say I'm resigned-to-ambivalent. If they stick with it, the other cartoon birds should at least be in the same style rather than a mashup of eras. I'm against a gothic "B" cap, it doesn't fit anything else in the current identity. I like my cap logos (when they're letters) to match my word marks. Personally, I think the "O's" cap is great, except for the inverted apostrophe.
  11. They're talking about this one, which isn't on any uniform, it's just on various objects in and around the stadium mostly. I don't think they need a "B" hat. They've only ever had one, and it stunk. Otherwise it's always been a bird of some sort. I think their primary caps should have a bird of some sort on it. If you want a letter for an alternate, flip the apostrophe on the O's cap around and leave it at that. And ditch the orange front panel BP cap or whatever it is. Yuck. (I'd also willingly dump the white panel caps for all black crowns with an orange bill.) And while we're on the topic, the angry bird (if they keep it around) and the swingin' bird (which is everywhere, including in my signature) should get a little refresh to make them match the new caps a little better.
  12. That was the nickname of the unit because the tails of their aircraft were painted red. The nickname applied to the people in the unit because they were in the unit, not because they were black. "Redtails" doesn't work for the team because simply having an aircraft at the Smithsonian is a tenuous link at best. We could also call them the "Whistler's Mothers" or the "T-Rex Skeletons" or the "Constitutions" by that logic. It belongs in Alabama, or better yet, the Air Force. Shame it's a training unit and not a fighter squadron though... Only other thing I'll say is that this and the Brewers BiG logo should be in the "Rite of Spring" thread, instead of hockey playoffs; they're more of an annual tradition around here than anything else. Maybe we can start a Redskins/Brewers logo/Quebec Nordiques/anti-adidas mega-thread to contain all the stuff that gets brought up here with predictable regularity. I'll try and think of a few more topics.
  13. Dude, I'm all about live and let live. If people live according to their convictions, that's awesome. It's mostly the "edgy counter culture, I was in to this first" as a mark of distinction in and of itself that's so obnoxious. I have a sister-in-law who is a vegetarian and is in to composting, that's cool, she does it because she cares, not because she's trying to make a statement about how much she cares. It's the difference between doing stuff as a means to an end and doing stuff as an end unto itself, if that makes sense. Not everyone who grows and waxes and handlebar mustache is a douchebag, but a lot of them are because they're trying to prove how cool they are with their out-there handlebar mustaches and indie records on vinyl. That doesn't just apply to hipsters, but it is what this thread has turned into. You could say the same about any subculture from redneck to academic to hip hop subcultures.
  14. So. Many. Big. Words. I just find the whole "culture" to be terribly affected. My brother went to a wedding that included face paint and a sword swallower or something. I mean, what?!?! That's how I feel about the Mantry (time to bring this thing full circle). It's all just an appeal to image for the sake of image. Vacuous, affected, faux genuine. Whoever brought up local farmers markets and stuff is right. Go there if local mom-n-pops are your thing. But I don't want to see your Instagram photos of the crate full of pluots you browsed. You don't win points for being fake authentic. As for me, if I want awesome garlic stuffed olives or fresh cherries, I'll hit the market on Thursday. If I want frozen P.F. Chang's skillet meals for two, I'll try Save Mart. I don't care if you know about either one. PS- I love arts and crafts with my kids. But I'm not much of a camper. And they're going to want to do arts and crafts in about 6.5 hours. So, good night, admiral, sir.