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  1. They are winless in the Vice jersey... could be superstitious reasons why they made the switch.
  2. Spurs now have a corporate sponsor as well (FROST) https://t.co/5w4L6q464X That leaves 6 teams without one
  3. https://twitter.com/NBA/status/1003720543944650752?s=20
  4. That like the lakers. I believe adidas gold is dark. Nike gold damn near look neon-ish
  5. So apparently Tom Gores, Pistons' owner, will have his company Platinum Equity on the floor where the arena name usually goes.
  6. Here you guys go.... released in NBA's instagram page
  7. ESPN.com is reporting Goodyear will be the Cavs jersey sponsor next year. Goodyear's wingfoot logo will be on the jersey. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/19387714/cleveland-cavaliers-sport-goodyear-wingfoot-logo-jerseys-staring-next-season
  8. Nba: clippers and thunder nhl: senators and flames mlb: Padres and Indians nfl: Ravens and Jaguars
  9. Well they have the "est. 1946" logo on all their social media profile pics. I'm going to assume that logo will be on the jerseys. The "NYK basketball" logo are on their Facebook and Twitter banners and keep in mind the black is actually navy blue on those sites.
  10. New York Knicks released their 70th Anniversary logos via Snapchat.
  11. MORE GARDEN RENOVATION PICS at: http://www.msg.com/renovation/
  12. No matter who the 12th School is, I believe it will come out of the Big East 1) Nortre Dame (Long Shot) 2) Rutgers 3) UConn 4) Pitt 5) West Virginia 6) Syracuse (Long Shot, Boeheim does not want to leave the Big East) Now if ND(basketball only) leaves. The Big East should pick up 1) Xavier 2) Dayton 3) Charlotte 4) UMass 5) St. Joseph's If any of the other 5 (footballs/bastketball) leaves. The Big East should pick up 1) Memphis 2) UAB 3) Marshall
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