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  1. I wasn't a fan of these when they came out initially, and I'm still not a fan of all of the crazy alts that they have (including the navy alt), but I've warmed up to them now and they've become one of my favorite looks in the entire NBA. Granted, the rest of the NBA is in a horrid state when it comes to uniforms, but this one is a shining light of doing something right when it comes to the uniforms.
  2. 10/7/13 Braves lose in the NLDS (again) because Fredi Gonzalez decides that he'd rather keep David Carpenter in the game instead of bringing in the best closer in baseball for a 2-inning save. Juan Uribe tries to bunt, fails, swings away, and hits the homer that basically ended the Braves season while Craig Kimbrel looks on in disgust. What made this even worse is that they got a decent enough start from Fredy Garcia and it all went to waste because our manager is basically a robot when it comes to bullpen management. Shortly before that turn of events, the Falcons season basically ended before it started: As the defense made Geno Smith look like Peyton Manning, the Falcons fall to 1-4 thanks to a last-second FG to lose, and Julio Jones breaks his foot in the process and he's out for the season. So basically, 2 of my favorite teams were eliminated in one night.That was a fun night!
  3. Good grief, that hardwood design is funky. Made me think that the image was messed up for a second.
  4. To be fair, that wasn't an NHL decision. I actually got a copy with Heatley on the cover for my birthday when it came out. Needless to say, it was pretty damn awkward.
  5. I miss the old days of playing on the primary tenant's court that was only SLIGHTLY modified to let you know that a NCAA tournament game was going on. Hope you'll be going into detail with those courts.
  6. Because the crowd's from Wisconsin. No this does not reflect well upon St. Louis. It's the same when they play here in Tampa Bay too. Probably a few others places I suppose. Happens all over the NFL. The Packers are one of those teams with a good bandwagontravelling base, so of course their fans will show up in droves when they're coming up against a team like St. Louis that hasn't won anything for about a decade.
  7. It was during the 1-2 year period where the Thrashers were actually a somewhat competent team on the ice.
  8. Agreed. Never really got why the majority of CCSLCers seem to hate this logo. It's not as good as the leaping Bengal, but it's not a bad logo by any means.
  9. Agreed 8000%. When they went from stirrups to solid socks/long pants, I didn't shed a tear.
  10. He looks odd in this uniform too: YES. I do not associate A.I. with this uniform at all. Hell, I barely associate him with the Red-White-&-Blue color scheme at all since he only wore it for a year or two in his early days. The logo identity that the Sixers used before this one could truly be defined as the Iverson Era.
  11. Yes, nine posts above yours. A tentative deal? Haven't we been to this dance before? Yeah, like 50 times. If the past is any indicator, this means two things: 1) The deal WILL fall through, but not in enough time to get the team moved. 2) As a result of the Coyotes staying in the desert for yet another season, another team is gonna get sacrificed to Canada. It's been my gut feeling for months that this was gonna be the most likely scenario. Looks like it's gonna happen, again.
  12. What the... That only makes sense if You made your fatal mistake when you tried to make some sort of sense out of this.
  13. Holy crap, this is gonna go on another year, isn't it?!
  14. LOL! That got fixed in a hurry, didn't it? Good to see that threatening to move to LA is still the most successful stadium negotiation tactic in pro football!
  15. Wait, wasn't it the whole "counting your chickens before they hatch" thing that got Ol' Sillie Balls thrown out of the Owner's Club before he even got a chance to join?
  16. So Zigi Wilf & Roger Goodell met in Southern California, recently... Looking like Minnesota might wanna get the lead out, because their prospects of keeping the Vikings are getting worse & worse with each passing day. EDIT: Had a link but I botched it. It's on SbNation's Minnesota site.
  17. Tickets for the Islanders-Devils exhibition game went on sale today - here's the seating map on the ticket page: Sorry to interrupt the latest Coyotes news, but the Barclays Center website has a different seating chart with no available seating at one end of the arena. (My apologies for the large image size, they don't have a smaller one on the site.) Holy , the Islanders are SCREWED.
  18. I believe that banner was only hung for the final Expos home game. I'm not so sure it was the last game at Stade Olympique. Look at the Brewers logo right next to the banner, it's the mid-90s "Motre Bame" logo. The Brewers switched to their current identity in 2000. You'd think that by 2004, they'd have changed it. Found the box score from the Tigers-White Sox game on the scoreboard. It was indeed from September 29, 2004.
  19. And that, in a nutshell, is the real problem. They're not the only one with that problem. I was in Anaheim last night and the crowd was very evenly split between Sharks and Ducks fans despite neither team being out of the playoff hunt yet, and it was nowhere near a sell out. I was shocked based on how popular the Ducks were just a few years ago. Well, I mean, the two teams are from the same state and the Ducks are in a down year. Of course there's gonna be a good chunk of Sharks fans in there. The Coyotes' problem is that they probably could win the Stanley Cup this season and still have trouble selling out games next season, should they somehow still be there next season.
  20. It's better not to try to make sense of it. Instead, just say this: OITGDNHL.
  21. I vaguely remember before the last Coyotes game at America West Arena, they said that you could only see about 70% of the rink from the upper deck on that side. Yeah, just looking at the 3rd pic in that post, you can probably tell that if you're sitting up high in the west end's upper deck (not on the front row or anything like that), the only way you're gonna see anything past the bottom of the faceoff circles in that zone is if you see it on the jumbotron. It's amazing that they stayed in that arena as long as they did.
  22. IMO, the nightime lighting @ Qualcomm makes that uniform look really bad. However, during the day it looks awesome. I just hate the navy facemask on that helmet. I wish they'd go to a white one.
  23. That is a cool helmet. That's gonna look like crap with the matte finish helmet and the gloss logo. I was thinking the same thing. Would've been a really nice helmet if the logo wasn't as glossy or detailed as it is. Also, thank God the Force have gone back to their "original" logo as a primary. Their last primary logo was shambolic.
  24. Source: islanderspointblank.com I was actually really surprised at the general tone and message of most of the comments there, definitely more surprised than at the article. Usually, even when it's very definitely in the interest of the team to relocate, the fans are having none of it and freak on the owner, but there's a whole mess of Islanders fans over there that are actually supporting a move. Weird. Seems to me they're all blaming Nassau County for the mess that they're in & are 100% on Wang's side. This is like the exact opposite of your typical reaction to a team moving. Then again, most of them are convinced that the team will only be moving into the Barclays Center & not skipping out on New York completely. For their sake, I hope that's the case. It'd be cool if they could leave NVMC but stay in Brooklyn, even if it meant having to play in what would be the smallest hockey arena in the NHL.
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