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  1. I'm glad Philly is bringing back the black. I hated to see the Iverson uniforms go in the first place. There's way too many R/W/B teams, especially if the Kentucky Colonels were to ever come back in the league as I'm for every year. When the Clippers move to Inglewood I was thinking they could use the old 76ers colors where they could keep the red and blue but add black they currently have.
  2. I like the name Confluence because I went to the Mississippi-Missouri River Confluence last month when I visited STL but I know I'm in the vast minority so I'd say Gateway FC makes the most sense. Leave Spirits for the NBA and Archers for the NFL. On a side note, their stadium looks terrible. Always has since they moved it across the street. It's going to be one of those stadiums that is outdated before they even break ground.
  3. I don't know whether to be happy that they're delaying when the rumors of terrible names like Kraken and Sockeyes being chosen are floating around or completely dismayed with all the delays. Has a team name ever been this delayed?
  4. Black and gold on the back, beginning where the chevron ends, and a purple alternate and I'm on board with this.
  5. I'm normally against name and brand changes, especially since Florence Freedom had a nice ring to it, but that name had nothing to do with the city, was basically a prisoner of the moment decision right after 9/11, and sounds like a million indoor soccer teams. The only issue I have is that it should have been Y'All-Stars instead of Y'Alls. I hope the white home uniform has red pinstripes to replicate the water tower.
  6. I've always felt like they should bring the Carter era jerseys back. They were unique. The only difference would be purple and red on the front (I would like to see the chevron stay) but gold and black on the back. Would address all issues.
  7. I haven't been on this board in quite a while due to work so I missed the show when the Rams unveiled and I'm too lazy to scroll through 100 pages to see all the comments but all I can say is the following... 1. The fact that the Chargers actually beat everyone at something is amazing although I hate it because I want the team to fail and move to St. Louis. 2. I can't stand gradients but in the spirit of not complaining about everything, which I'm getting ready to do, I'll give them a pass on this with the belief that maybe they were trying to please both the blue/white and blue/yellow group at the same time. 3. The blue jersey is salvageable but wtf with the white jersey. It's not even white and you can't even see the yellow horn on it. I noticed in the video where they discussed the process they never showed who raised their hand and said that would be a good idea. 4. When I looked at the patch from a far I saw Los Angeles Rams but after looking at it closer it's Rams and then a different color stitch. What's the deal with that? I'm guessing that's a placeholder for an ad. 5. The horn still looks like the Chargers logo and Karen's hair. It needs to be fixed. 6. The STL GSOT jerseys are still the best although the navy and gold with the gold shoulder stripe is a close 2nd.
  8. Thank you for mocking these up. The last one on the bottom is the best. Hopefully they'll change to that before the awkward white helmet with a navy bolt becomes a tradition.
  9. Change the helmet on the navy color rush set to the 90's navy helmet and this is a complete and perfect new look. Never thought I'd say that this side of everything Nike has done the past 2 decades but here it is.
  10. I didn't think I'd ever mistake the Rams' horn for a Chargers bolt but apparently that's possible now. I wouldn't have a problem with the Rams logo if the horn was fixed. It would have been hilarious if the Chargers would have changed it to powder blue and unveiled it the next day. I wonder if the Rams went with royal and the Chargers went with powder blue because they were afraid the other was going with navy. The Rams, Chargers, Dodgers, and UCLA all seem like one pile of brands now. Even more reason the Chargers should move, ideally to St. Louis. For the Chargers, I'm fine with powder blue being the main color but I think navy should have stayed as a secondary. Too much history with navy to completely eliminate it.
  11. I'm against gradients but that helmet looks really good. Add a royal blue jersey and it wouldn't be too bad especially when you have to deal with that awful new horn logo that looks like Chargers bolts.
  12. FINALLY no gold on the helmets, no black jerseys, teal numbers, and black and gold outlines on the teal numbers. I prefer the darker teal but could live with this proposed shade. THANK YOU!
  13. I feel like a hypocrite but I can't stand the Rams' current navy/white helmet with their navy/white/gold jerseys mismatch but I like their navy/yellow helmets with their royal blue/yellow jerseys mismatch. Navy and yellow jerseys look awful, too much like West Virginia. And royal blue helmets wouldn't seem right.
  14. I like Memphis' helmet and team name. I just wish they would have went with FedEx purple and orange.
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