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  1. I didn't think I'd ever mistake the Rams' horn for a Chargers bolt but apparently that's possible now. I wouldn't have a problem with the Rams logo if the horn was fixed. It would have been hilarious if the Chargers would have changed it to powder blue and unveiled it the next day. I wonder if the Rams went with royal and the Chargers went with powder blue because they were afraid the other was going with navy. The Rams, Chargers, Dodgers, and UCLA all seem like one pile of brands now. Even more reason the Chargers should move, ideally to St. Louis. For the Chargers, I'm fine with powder blue being the main color but I think navy should have stayed as a secondary. Too much history with navy to completely eliminate it.
  2. I'm against gradients but that helmet looks really good. Add a royal blue jersey and it wouldn't be too bad especially when you have to deal with that awful new horn logo that looks like Chargers bolts.
  3. FINALLY no gold on the helmets, no black jerseys, teal numbers, and black and gold outlines on the teal numbers. I prefer the darker teal but could live with this proposed shade. THANK YOU!
  4. I feel like a hypocrite but I can't stand the Rams' current navy/white helmet with their navy/white/gold jerseys mismatch but I like their navy/yellow helmets with their royal blue/yellow jerseys mismatch. Navy and yellow jerseys look awful, too much like West Virginia. And royal blue helmets wouldn't seem right.
  5. I like Memphis' helmet and team name. I just wish they would have went with FedEx purple and orange.
  6. OKC is the only one I'm not too big on but the others you did an amazing job on, especially the Spurs where you managed to keep the traditional black, silver, white while incorporating the Fiesta colors that are currently just sitting there with nowhere to go. In a perfect world, the Spurs will be giving you a call. Good job!
  7. Black has its place- on the helmet. White has its place- on the numbers and letters. Gold has its place- As the trim around the numbers and letters. And teal has its place- As the primary color on the jerseys. They had all of this right in the Brunell and Fred Taylor era. Then they had to go and screw it up. First they left the gold out of the jerseys. Then they let black take over teal. Now they have gold on the helmets and black and teal fighting each other on the jerseys. I think they could go back to the original look and it would still work today.
  8. I was always been set on Pioneers until I heard about the legal issues. I hate that because I'd like to see a brown & yellow team in Portland. I know the Oregon Trail video game had a bunch of color schemes but nothing says the Oregon Trail better than those colors and it would be a unique and traditional scheme for MLB. Only down side is it might be redundant with the Trail Blazers. Maybe go with Wagons or Settlers to get around the legal issue. Moving on, yeah I'm warming up to Cascades. Every team from Portland to Seattle has considered that name so I've always seen it as too generic but I think it could be a good brand. Another idea would be the Portland Ports.
  9. I'm not a fan of Chevy or Hendrick but I must say the #9 looks sharp. The #88 is decent if it can ever maintain a sponsor. And then the #24 and #48 look awful. Lowe's is Blue & Yellow for sure, maybe silver as well. Going with a black car even if it's for some special product just looks wrong. I've also never been a fan of the #24 going with flames. It looks phony and ruined a good rainbow warrior design.
  10. Ever since they decided to break something that was working fine it's been one over correction after another. Whether it was the teal, black, and white pipping jersey with no gold, adding gold to the helmet and cutting down on the black, and then trying to force black onto the pants and jerseys. It all looks like garbage including the new logo replacing the old one. Go back to what worked which was black helmet, teal and white jerseys, white pants, and teal letters with gold trim. Anything else will look off balanced to one color or the other.
  11. Haha. I had to visit this board as soon as I saw this uniform set. I can't believe they honestly wore all of that mess. As a whole I understand the NFL's purpose to the 5 year rule and I support it. Sports in general are destroying their brands and over saturating the market with their 5 million different looks. At least keep an identity around for a little while. However, this should have never been allowed. A waiver should have been given for the relocation but the rule as a whole should allow teams to change uniforms every time they switch stadiums. That'd cover new stadiums and temporary venues like this. I can't believe a multi-billion dollar operation would steep this low.
  12. I'm glad to see this post on this site. A lot of great graphic designers here who could change cities flag by flag. I started a group to change Evansville, IN's flag if anyone is interested (I would appreciate it)....
  13. I keep fearing every year the Titans are going to decide to trash their current successful look. But neither navy blue, nor light blue, or red can beat the current white helmet and logo.