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  1. Results from California: 1. Truex Jr. 2. Larson 3. Kyle Busch 4. Keselowski 5. Logano 6. Hamlin 7. Jones 8. Blaney 9. Johnson 10 . A.Dillon Stage 1 & 2 winner: Truex Jr. MTJ couldn't be caught & it looked like he was back to form from 2017. No one could catch him. Harvick had a bit of a bump in with Larson & it cost Harvick a chance to contend but nothing lasts forever, even a dominant care like Harvick & his ford. Team Penske had a better showing & some of the Chevy's handled better than the past but I'm still thinking they're trying to get use to the new car. Next up, Martinsville.
  2. Results from Phoenix: 1. Harvick 2. Kyle Busch 3. Elliott 4. Hamlin 5. Truex Jr. 6. Bowyer 7. Almirola 8. Suarez 9. Jones 10. Kurt Busch Stage 1 winner: Kyle Busch Stage 2 Winner: Kurt Busch No matter how hard they try, you simply cannot stop the closer at Phoenix. He's just so good at this track. Harvick finally wins 3 in a row, 40th career win & you could tell he was driving mad. He wanted that win & he got it. It was also a great day for Stewart Haas as well as all of their cars finished in the top 10. I think unless something happens, Harvick has a real good shot to win in it all. Next up, the west coast trip ends at Fontana.
  3. Bumping for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 1. Bourdais 2. Rahal 3. Hnichcliffe 4. Rossi 5. Hunter-Reay 6. Dixon 7. Newgarden 8. Jones 9. Andretti 10. Power Pure Honda dominance. Bourdais was in the right place & the right time. Bourdais looked like he was in similar form like last year. Robert Wickens drove like crazy but a last minute tangle with Rossi proved to hurt him. Rahal managed to come back after issues in the beginning so I got a feeling he will be making some noise. Next up, Phoenix
  4. Bumping for the other reveals... Ferrari: Mercedes: McLaren: Red Bull: Toro Rosso Force India (although this may change): Alfa Romeo Sauber: Renault: Last but not least, I want to show Formula E's future:
  5. Results from Las Vegas: 1. Harvick 2. Kyle Busch 3. Larson 4. Truex Jr. 5. Blaney 6. Keselowski 7. Logano 8. Jones 9. Menard 10. Almirola Stage 1 & 2 winner: Harvick Now if this is ford getting rid of the fusion, this is a going away party that no one won't forget. Harvick continued his lessons from Atlanta & just dominated. Only one Chevy in the top 10, kind of shocked to see that but it is a new body so it will take some getting used to adjust. However, Ford has just dominated this season so far. Can Harvick win 3 straight? Considering where they're going next, his chances look good. Next up, Phoenix
  6. Results from Atlanta: 1. Harvick 2. Keselowski 3. Bowyer 4. Hamlin 5. Truex Jr. 6. Logano 7. Kyle Busch 8. Kurt Busch 9. Larson 10. Elliott Stage 1 winner: Harvick Stage 2 winner: Keselowski Harvick just put on a clinic this race. Keslowski tried, Hamlin tried Kyle Busch tried but all couldn't stop Harvick's dominance. Nice tribute to Earnhardt Sr. at the end of the race. Harvick is looking good again this season. Next up, the west coast swing begins in Las Vegas.
  7. Bumping because we have some F1 cars debuting with the halo & minus the sharkfin First up we have Haas Williams: Aston Martin Red Bull (testing livery, they haven't said this is official yet) The rest are as follow... Renault RS18 20 February Online Launch Sauber C37 20 February Online Launch Mercedes W09 22 February Silverstone Ferrari TBC 22 February Maranello McLaren MCL33 23 February Online Launch Force India VJM11 25 February Barcelona Toro Rosso STR13 26 February Barcelona
  8. Results from Daytona: 1. A. Dillon 2. Wallace Jr. 3. Hamlin 4. Logano 5. C.Buescher 6. Menard 7. Blaney 8. Newman 9. McDowell 10. Allmendinger Stage 1 winner: Kurt Busch Stage 2 winner: Blaney 20 years ago, Dale Earnhardt Sr drove the 3 to victory lane, tonight Austin Dillon will take that same number to victory lane. I really thought it was going to be Blaney. I'm also happy to see how Bubba did today! Very impressed with him! A lot of wrecks took out a lot of potential winners. I got to give Austin credit, kid drove like there was no tomorrow. Next up Atlanta
  9. Yeah, that was a bit too much, every final restart was just IMO overkill, hopefully they'll change the rules to that next year. The Captain spoke, a new body is coming to Ford for next season... http://www.racer.com/nascar/item/147359-ford-not-at-disadvantage-new-body-in-2019-penske "We'll have a new body next year. I think one thing that's going to be different is that this LIS system is going to be sure that all the cars are on the same platform, and I think that's going to bring us closer together. "I think that Ford understands that, but we are absolutely all over this from the standpoint of our aero program, our engine, and certainly from a handling [standpoint]. But just think about that one piece, it starts to bring everybody together, and I think that'll certainly help us if we have any disadvantage. But I'm not going in crying the blues for sure." Asked if that meant the Penske team would have a development lead, Keselowski would only say: Trust my boss. "Well, they don't tell me those kind of things because they know I've got a little bit of a big mouth, and they don't trust me, which is probably smart," he said. "So if he says it, I would say, go with him. He's always pretty trustworthy."
  10. Alex Bowman & Denny Hamlin are your starting row for Daytona Keselowski predicted that he would win the clash starting last .... He was right as he won the clash.
  11. Bumping for the results of the 24 hours of Daytona P: Action Express, Cadillac: Albuquerque, Barbosa, Fittipaldi GTLM: Chip Ganassi Racing, Ford: Briscoe, Westbrook, Dixon GTD: GRT Grasser Racing, Lamborghini: Bortolotti, Ineichen, Breukers, Perera The two heavyweights in the Taylor brothers were knocked out but WTR & Team Penske could only hold on for so long which gave Action Express the break they needed. I will say this though, despite the rotten luck, I think Acura & Team Penske are going to be a force to be reckon. The dominant Ford GT's from CGR proved to be unstoppable. Giving Chip his 200th win as an owner. & Grasser started last & won it all! 12 hours of Sebring is up in March
  12. Bumping because we start the racing season with the 24 hours of Daytona! We also have the poster for the 2018 12 hours of Sebring
  13. Looks like we have the final design for the Roval in Charlotte
  14. Bumping for a bit of a shocker in the camping world truck series.... https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2018/01/16/thorsport-racing-toyota-agree-to-part-ways/ After a successful six-year relationship with Toyota, ThorSport Racing announces today that the two partners have agreed to part ways ahead of the 2018 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) season. Hoping they get some equipment from Ford. They're hurting for a team since Brad shut his team down & Kyle Busch Motorsports has kind of become the defacto Toyota team.
  15. http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2018/01/09/nascar-president-discusses-status-of-monster-energy-new-manufacturers/ Asked about Monster Energy’s status, Dewar told the MRN radio show: “They signed late in the season (Dec. 2016). I worked with them very closely in bringing them to the sport. They were just looking to have a full season. They had to Dec. 31 (to determine if to agree to the renewal). We’ve given them an extension to go through the evaluation. Dewar was asked by host Mike Bagley about the interest of other manufacturers and when any might come to NASCAR: “Nothing to announce right now on the manufacturer front,’’ Dewar said. “We have a cadence to come in. The earliest one would be able to join would be 2020. We have entry ramps that come in. We have been in conversations with a number of manufacturers. … The platform is strong and it shows a strong (return of investment) potential for manufacturers to bring their products and come race with us.’’ Asked if NASCAR had a magic number of how many manufacturers it would like in Cup, Dewar said: “I think optimally four or five is the right number for what we’re looking at. We’ve got a great series in sports car that focuses primary on the luxury brands. That is the IMSA Series. The NASCAR series is the mass brands, the Toyotas the Chevrolets, and the Fords and their competitors. We think there are a couple of more brands in America that would be perfectly suited to come join us and race against their competitors. We work very hard at keeping the sport in front of them. We had a number of them at the track last year, joining us, seeing the events and the direction where we’re taking the sport. It’s a work in progress and it’s one of the ones that I personally lead.’’ Dewar on any tweaks to stage racing in 2018: “We’re really happy with stage racing. I think it was a good example of the collaboration where the industry came together with the idea of stage racing, so we’re very happy with that.’’
  16. Welcome to the 2018, open wheel race chat! I'd figure I would get this started since the roar before the 24 happening this week, I'd figured I would open up this as well. - Some big changes in open wheel especially in IMSA now that Team Penske has returned to IMSA with not only Juan Pablo Montoya but also Helio Castroneves & Ricky Taylor & their goal is simple, stop the dominant force that is Cadillac - In Indycar, we have a new chasis & a new champion in Josef Newgarden & from the looks of the car as well as the reaction, I think we're going to have a great season - In Formula 1, the question is who will get their 5th championship first, the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton or will Sebastian Vettel finally end Ferrari's drought, or will Red Bull's Max Versatppen or Daniel Ricciardo or even Valteri Bottas play spoiler? - World Endurance will begin its super season but with rumors coming about LMP1 possibly switching their model design to look more like a road car, could we see the next revolution in Prototype racing (IMSA is also listening & hopefully this brings in more manufactures) - World Touring Car Championship is no more, they have decided to go TCR so that will mean more manufactures. - Pirellli World Challenge is going through some changes, Cadillac has left & Callaway has come in, bringing Corvettes with them. K-Pax switch to Bentley Looks like we got a lot in store this open wheel season.
  17. Happy new year & welcome one & all to the 2018 NASCAR season thread! Well its that time once again folks, counting the days down to the clash & then the Great American race. 2017 had been a very interesting season, with the dominance of Martin Truex Jr. the points system that was put into place, Monster Energy becoming the sponsor & last but not least, saying goodbye to Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth (who knows how long) & Danica Patrick as well as the Chevrolet SS. With 2018, we see some changes happening, along with almost a changing of the guard. Chevrolet brought in the Camaro ZL1 unexpectedly (& happily surprised) but also we see William Byron jump up to Monster & Alex Bowman taking over the 88 but we also see Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. join Richard Petty Motorsports & RPM form an alliance with Richard Childress Racing & switching to Chevrolet. I think Byron vs. Wallace will make for a really good battle for ROTY Now let's get down to nitty gritty. 2018 we restart at Daytona & a new schedule for the playoffs including Las Vegas, Richmond & the Roval in Charlotte, will we see the same dominance from Truex & or Toyota, or will Chevy say enough is enough? Will Chase Elliott finally get that first win that he has before hand only to slip away before. Will Jimmie break the barrier & get his 8th championship? Will Kyle Busch shurg off his 2nd place finish to get his 2nd championship? So many questions, so little time... So a run down that has happened (thanks again to @DNAsports & many others) Monster Energy: -Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. join Richard Petty Motorsports as RPM forms an alliance with Richard Childress Racing & Chevrolet - William Byron will drive the 24, while Chase Elliott will drive the 9 - Aric Almiorla joins Stewart Haas Racing & Kurt Busch resigned with SHR - Ryan Blaney joins Team Penske in a 3rd car - Paul Menard joins Wood Brothers Racing - Erik Jones joins Joe Gibbs Racing - Kasey Khane goes to Leavine Family Racing Predicitions ROTY: William Byron Regular season champion: Martin Truex Jr. Playoff champion: Jimmie Johnson Will Ford switch cars in 2019? Yes, I see the Mustang coming in, especially if the reports of Ford discontinuing the Fusion are true. Any new manufacture plans? I think we may see Dodge announce something if the muscle cars have anything to say. Welcome to 2018, let the fun begin!
  18. Bumping for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: 1.Bottas 2. Hamilton 3. Vettel 4. Raikkonen 5. Verstappen 6. Hulkenberg 7. Perez 8. Ocon 9. Alonso 10. Massa Formula 1's season has officially ended Bottas had a dominant car the whole race & it was Mercedes the whole time. Now the questions remains, what happens in 2018? The halo come sin & the shark fin goes away, will Ferrari finally get what they need to beat Mercedes? Will Verstappen be the threat & future that everyone predicts? Will Riccicardo get back to his winning ways? We shall see in March next year in Melbourne.
  19. Results from Miami: 1. Truex Jr. 2. Kyle Busch 3. Larson 4. Harvick 5. Elliott 6. Logano 7. Keslowski 8. Kenseth 9. Hamlin 10. Newman Stage 1 & 2 winner: Larson Truly, the right driver won the championship tonight. Truex won 8 races, was Mr. Consistent & drove his heart out the whole race. Kyle did have the faster car, I'll give him that but Truex was just non stop all season & I couldn't be happier. Now if you would've told me that a small race team from Denver Colorado would win a championship, I would've said your joking, well, I'm glad I was made a fool then. Junior finished 25th in his last race & Danica finished 37th after she wrecked. Erik Jones was named ROTY. William Byron won the Xfinity championship & Christopher Bell won the Camping World Truck series, last but not least, something interesting from the President of Ford Performance... http://performance.ford.com/series/stock-car-racing/news/articles/stock-car-racing/2017/11/dave-pericak-interview.html DAVE, WITH THE CAMARO COMING INTO THE CUP SERIES, ARE YOU INTRODUCING THE MUSTANG? “Great question. I mean, Jim has been waiting for this answer. We always look at what's going on in the showroom, where we're going with our product development cycle plan. We introduced the new Fusion a couple years ago. We will be looking at introducing a new car in the future. We have not submitted anything as of yet, but stay tuned.” I think we know its coming, it has to happen. With that we conclude the 2017 season, see you all back again at Daytona.
  20. Danica will do the Daytona 500 & Indianapolis 500 next year, Sunday will be her last time as a full time driver.
  21. Results from Phoenix: 1. Kenseth 2. Elliott 3. Truex Jr. 4. Jones 5. Harvick 6. McMurray 7. Kyle Busch 8. Stenhouse Jr. 9. Almirola 10. Earnhardt Jr. Stage 1 winner: Larson Stage 2 winner: Hamlin Both stage winners knocked out of the race. Chase once again finishes in 2nd while Kenseth finally gets a win, its a shame he doesn't have a ride next season. Brad Keselowski advances with Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr. & Kevin Harvick. Next up Miami for the finale. Monster cup 4: Harvick Kyle Busch Truex Jr. Keselowski Xfinity 4: Byron Algaier Sadler Hemric Camping World 4: Sauter Bell Crafton Cindric
  22. Bumping for the Brazilian Grand Prix: 1. Vettel 2. Bottas 3. Raikkonen 4. Hamilton 5. Verstappen 6. Ricciardo 7. Massa 8. Alonso 9. Perez 10. Hulkenberg Vettel ends his drought since Hungary. A bit of a hollow victory but some to lift up the spirits in Maranello, hopeful for a title next year. Massa ended on a high note with a top 10 in last home race in Brazil holding off his old team mate Alonso. Hamitlon fought back from his starting position & ended up 4th, coudln't make the move against Kimi. Last but not least, Ricciardo finished 6th after a first lap wreck. Next up, the finale in Abu Dhabi News & notes: - Toyota is close to signing Alonso to race in LeMans - Ferrari making there usual we will quit F1 threats. - Ford may pull out of WEC after the super season ends, but stay in IMSA & may develop a DPi - Lexus is looking into doing DPi with Chip Ganassi - Hamilton would like Riccardo as a teammate.
  23. Results from Texas: 1. Harvick 2. Truex Jr. 3. Hamlin 4. Kenseth 5. Keselwoski 6. Logano 7. Blaney 8. Elliott 9. Kurt Busch 10. Jones Stage 1 winner: Harvick Stage 2 winner: Larson The closer strikes again. Harvick had a good car & thanks to traffic, was able to get past Truex. Harvick just punched his ticket to Homestead as does Truex due to points. I still think Harvick is my dark horse to win it all, although its going to be hard to stop Truex. Johnson, Elliott, Hamlin & Blaney are in the bottom 4. Next up Phoenix Well, getting to Kenseth, in all honesty, I'm not surprised & its a bummer that he has nothing to drive next year. Maybe it'll be a year or maybe it will be like Biffle. I also kind of seeing the same thing happen to Danica, there were rumors that she was going to Roush but they basically shot that down. Speaking of driver moves, Stewart Haas is supposed to name their new driver & it looks like Aric Almirola will be driving the 10.
  24. Results from Martinsville: 1. Kyle Busch 2. Truex Jr. 3. Bowyer 4. Keselowski 5. Harvick 6. Bayne 7. Hamlin 8. Blaney 9. Kenseth 10. Stenhouse Jr. Stage 1 & 2 winner: Keselowski Another short tempered race at Martinsville. Chase had a strong car until Denny bumped him out of it. The fact that the 2 didn't throw fists at each other is surprising. I had a feeling it was going to be either Keselowski or Kyle. It was a wild finish but this is Martinsville. Next up Texas.
  25. Bumping for the results of the Mexican Grand Prix: 1. Verstappen 2. Bottas 3. Raikkonen 4. Vettel 5. Ocon 6. Stroll 7. Perez 8. Magnussen 9. Hamilton 10. Alonso Verstappen wins the race but Hamilton wins the world's driver's championship. Becoming a 4 time champion & with that, has won the most world driver's championship under the UK. Verstappen drove with a chip on his shoulder all weekend & you could see it. He did what he needed to & won the race. However, it was overshadowed by Lewis winning his 4th title, congrats Hamilton. Next up, Brazil News & Notes: - Renault is leaving Formula E to focus on F1, will be replaced with their partner Nissan - Daniel Kvyat will be leaving Toro Rosso - Toyota is close to coming back to WEC, along with the new rules for 2020/21 to be ratified by December (hopefully better than what they had plan) - Ed Jones will be driving for Chip Ganassi Racing - Renger van der Zande will join Wayne Taylor Racing
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