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  1. Do you logo sets and uniforms for Southern Atlantic yet? Looking to start working on ideas for the ECAC football guide.

    1. GriffinM6


      Zion Eagle was doing the identity, but has been MIA since late April. I made uniforms and he made primary logos, but the identity wasn't complete. 

    2. MJWalker45


      Ok. No worriess. Hopefully he surfaced soon.

  2. bostonroversuniforms.png

    Uniforms for the Rovers

  3. bostonrovers.png

    Here's my crack at it. took the shield from the Massachusetts flag and recolored it. I hope this works for you. If you need to send it off to someone to clean it up that's fine. Just wanted to give it a shot.

  4. Are you fine with a roundel or do you want a different type of badge?