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Need pics of conference trophies


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Like the MLB and what the NFL used to do, I'm making round by round logos.  If anyone has 2D pics of the Campbell and Wales trophies, please post.  I'll have the Conference Qtrfinal logos up tomorrow.
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Here's the Western Conference Quarterfinals:


and the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals:


I dunno, puckguy...I think that the logos are okay but to me they seem a little detached.  Like a picture of pieces of logos rather than one intertwining image.

I think the logos are good start but to me they seem too similar to high-school sports city championship logos.  You know, like everything is there, you just need to arrange it to make it cool.

But I think sj32 will work illustrations of the conference championship trophies into a logo in the manner that the Stanley Cup is worked into the current playoff image.

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