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Rose bowl champs to go retro in home opener


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The OU Sooners are going to wear Bud Wilkinson era uniforms for their 2003 season opener vs. North Texas.  This is, according to the University, a one-shot deal, at least for this season.  Here's a snapshot of the uniform as modeled by one of the team's assistant coaches.

Retro Sooner Uniform

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Oh, man!  I LOVE those uniforms.  Granted Apple Green is a very extreme color but it made for a very unique uniform.  The whole UNT getup from the Hayden Fry era was a perfect icon for the 70's - Avocado on Apple Green and that swooshy eagle logo that could have just as easily be used for a regional airline.  Thanks for posting that photo.  Even though I tend to have more of a conservative/traditionalist lean when it comes to uniforms and logos, the UNT uniform from the 70's is a guilty pleasure of mine.
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