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Difference in mlb unis from 2002 to 2003?


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I already know that the Astros have added a Columbia patch to the right sleeve of their home unis, but is this also for the road and alternates?

And the Reds have added a red (Sunday?) home alternate, and the Red Sox a red alternate as well.

Did the Dogers wear their blue alternate last year at all, and do they plan to this year?

What other changes occurred, and to which teams?  I'd really like to know.   :)

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I don't remember the Dodgers wearing the blue alts last season

Rangers and Blue Jays have new primary logos (Jays is actually last year's alternate - the blue jay peaking around a "T").  Jays caps and left sleeves have the new logo.  Rangers have not changed their uniforms

The D'Backs have dropped the purple alts and have dropped the sleeve patches from the t-shirts of their vests

The Yankees have added a 100th anniversary patch to the left sleeve of their jerseys and to the sides of their caps

The White Sox have added an All-Star game patch to the right sleeve of their jerseys and taken the Comiskey Park patches off the left sleeve

The Royals have gone to sleeveless vests at home

The Indians have lightened their navy blue and have shrunk the size of Chief Wahoo on their home and road caps

Seattle has a new navy alt

Reds have switched sleeve patches from commemorative of final year at Riverfront to first year at Great American Ball Park

Phillies have patch on left sleeve commemorating final year at the Vet

Rockies introduced purple cap for first home series of the season.  It supposedly won't come back (this season)

Brewers removed All-Star Game patch from last season

Mets, Mariners, Dodgers and Rockies removed various anniversary patches

Marlins changed both home and road uniforms.  Homes now have black pinstripes and lettering, replacing teal as primary trim color.  Roads now have "Florida" in a script similar to the homes in black outlined in teal and white.  Introduced two new home alts - one black with silver lettering, teal and white outlines - the other white with black pinstripes and the "F" with jumping marlin logo (same as cap logo) on left front.  The left sleeves of all but this last alternate have the cap logo (replacing the primary - which had a circle with "Florida Marlins" around the "F" with jumping marlin logo).  The pinstriped alt has nothing on the left shoulder.  The Marlins have also added a 10th anniversary patch to the right sleeve of all uniforms

That's all I've got

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One more thing that I forgot.  Those teams that had jerseys supplied by Rawlings last season (A's, Diamondbacks, Rangers, Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers, Pirates and Angels) are now being shod in Majestic uniforms.
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