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Danske-bank premiership. (C&C wanted)


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The top division of northern ireland signed a contact with with adidas for use of footballs and refs kits. That got me to thinking what if adidas was to do all the kits mls style (this would never happen not enough money in the league but hey its my local league so im doing it)

Ballinamallard United Fc

The only team in fermanagh is a small club only recently reaching the top division. Fermanagh is famous for the lakes and green field so the home kit features blue waves and the away green with a gras motif on the bar across the kit.


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Glentoran fc

One of belfast's big 4 and my least favourite team in the league. took inspiration from a kit they had a few years ago which had a strange fault in some versions. the stripe was a sown in panel rather that printed and some kits had the bottom panel sown in incorectly so the colour order was different on bottom strip. (made a version of my kit with same mistake to show the problem.



Institute fc

Relegated this weekend but still designed a kit for them to enjoy in the lower division.


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