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So I've never really liked my own personal logos that I've made for myself, at least not after a while using them, and this is probably because I'm really bad at logo design, but I may have finally found something I like. I feel like the Vancouver Canucks with how many brand changes I've had but hopefully I've finally found the one I really like. The main one has a B stylized to also show a P and a 96 next to it (BP96), but I also toyed with the idea of combining the 9 and 6 into one and posted those also, but neither turned out half as good as I had expected. They are also intended to look like an infinity, as that is a symbol my parents have always liked/used so it pays subtle homage/thanks to them. C&C is of course always appreciated.


Hopefully this doesn't bump the topic, but as you can see by my profile picture I've chosen one. I'd just delete the topic at this point but I don't believe I can do so.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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