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Cleveland Browns Uni concept


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I'm a displaced Saints fan stuck up here in Browns country and am forced to see more of their horrendous new uniforms that any human should have to. With that said, I started tinkering around with a new uniform concept that follows the rule that the team is named after a Brown and not the color brown so the uniforms aren't predicated on being (primarily) brown. I also liked the idea of the blue collar mentality of the area as well as the long history of the club while also embracing slightly more recent trends (specifically, different color side panels, which, if I recall, really only came into vogue with the Broncos redesign circa 1997).
Keeping the blue collar idea - I love the idea of khaki colored pants, like what are utilized in throwback unis for the Steelers and Packers (2013-present). That, to me, just screams "old school", which I think fits the Browns well.
You'll notice I didn't do a helmet; I'm generally alright with the existing orange one as it would play well with the orange piping of the new jersey. (I've no interest in slapping a dog icon or a Brownie logo on the side; it seems too obvious a choice.) Given my druthers, I'd be curious to see how a "leather" helmet would work with this idea, obviously based on the Washington football team's throwback from 2012.

Overall, I'm really digging the black jersey, but something isn't landing quite right with the white one.



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1. Unless that's a screened on stripe on the sleeve, I'm struggling to imagine a template that has the seems to make panels like that work.

2. You want old school and "blue collar" so you go with old-timey khaki pants, but then you go with a relatively contemporary jersey that features side panels, a custom font (I see it's just Impact, but I'm assuming that's just due to limitations with your design tools / skills and not a conscious choice) and shadow. I do realize that all of these things can be found on old jerseys, but I think that they're more associated with modern looks now.

3. I think where you need to go with this is a true "mid century" look (or pre mid century). Use a font that would be found in the 40s/50s, make a wordmark reminiscent of the era, and maybe look at jersey elements more in line with the times. For example, instead of extending the side panel to the sleeves, make it a continuation of a vertical "racing stripe" that goes from the neck to the cuff. Instead of the nearly invisible and awkward up-shadow, do a more pronounced drop shadow (with a thinner font of course.)

4. Black and brown generally shouldn't be used together, but your brown is light enough that you can get away with it here. Unfortunately, your choice of brown is exactly what's killing your white jersey. It's too close to the orange to use the orange as the shadow color. I think you can re-do this with some of the suggestions I made, and make different use of your colors (more black on the white for example) and pull this off.

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