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NFL Special Rivalry Uniforms (In Mach Speed) NFC EAST


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Before my "What if" scenario series came around. I tried to do a mix of NFL and the NBA's Hardwood Classics. It was not that successful, but I am going to try something different. The Scenarios are going to be on hold for a while, but hey, they might come back someday if this project is a flop,if this does well down the road,we might be getting into colleges.

But now, lets start off with the AFC East

NYJVs Miami.png

New York Jets:Influence: Italian-American: I experimented with this A LOT. I originally was going to use Kelly green, But then I decided to color it like the Italian soccer team, then I decide that Varsity Numbers just wouldn't cut it. I also decided to use a green trim. I also used the plane from their first logo. and for the shoulder, I went with a silhouette of the Empire State Building

Reason Why: The New York Metro area has a HUGE Italian-American Population


Miami Dolphins:Influence: Miami Vice: I was originally going to keep the orange, but the Miami Vice color scheme was too hard to pass up on. I also removed the sunburst from the dolphin logo and there is a palm tree on the shoulder.

Reason Why:Though the popular 80s crime show is no more. It is still one of the most influential shows ever.





Buffalo Bills: Influence: The Iroquois Confederacy:this will probably need approval from the tribes, but the helmet looks great. What I did was model it after the Iroquois flag, and put it on helmets and pants

Reason Why: Buffalo, when you think of it, is technically upstate NY, but none of the five nations settle where Buffalo is today. But at the end of the day, It is still Upstate.


New England Patriots:Influence: The Old American Flag: I put the numbers in the 13 stars, And the only place you get to see Flying Elvis is the above the front numbers

Reason Why:Sure Betsy Ross was from Philadelphia, But Boston Is the Cradle of Democracy.




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Up next is the NFC EAST



New York Giants: Swapped red out with orange, the helmet has the giants script

Reason Why:If we already have 3 teams in New York with orange and blue, I guess we should have another one.


Washington Redskins: I entirely based this uniform off the city flag of Washington DC

Reason Why: Their stadium is in Maryland, and if Maryland can, I guess DC can too.


PHIvs DAL.png



Philadelphia Eagles: I went with a mix of history,and city pride here going back to the colors the frankford yellow jackets used. I also put the liberty bell on the helmets

Reason Why:The Frankford Yellow Jackets were very popular until the depression hit, and the Liberty Bell is a popular icon of Philadelphia.


Dallas Cowboys: I wanted to go back to the Cowboys glory days in the 90s and put stars on the shoulders. I also decided to outline the star in red

Reason Why: They are America's Team right?



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I LOVE these uniforms but there is literally no identification for the redskins and Eagles. My suggestions would be to:


Redskins: Make the red the redskins shade, change the helmet flag from this to from the top of the facemask back. And add the logo to the sides of the helmet


Giants: Really cool, maybe just add a little white


Eagles: I would change the blue to green, move Liberty bells to shoulders and add wings to helmet


Cowboys: Don't change a thing, they're beautiful

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