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  1. Wow, amazed by how many constructive comments this has gotten! I went from sketching ideas to posting in under 24 hours so needless to say, it wasn't the hardest I've ever worked on a concept. But I actually like getting critiqued on a rough concept, and I used most of that critique on this second draft. I shortened the hoop of the p, closed the front of the stem, and tidied up the top. However, in trying to keep the integrity of the logo, decreasing the amount of checkers and thinning things up are not both possible. Thanks to everyone for the help, what do you think?
  2. Thank you for your deeply thoughtful critique. It seemed pretty straightforward I was surprised no one had done it before but apparently they had I'll give that a try. Thx!
  3. THE SHARKS DID IT. Edit: No, you know what, THE SHARKS DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh I knew you were joking, I was half-joking too, but sometimes a series win like that deserves a banner almost as much as a cup win. But whelp, I guess I shoulda figured that a guy with 36,000 posts wouldn't exactly be a noob to the playoffs. Sorry to insult your fandom, I'd wish you good luck but hopefully you'll be my mortal enemy in a week and a half.
  5. Oh but your work's not done and deep down you really do want another round, don't you? What you don't understand yet is the fatigue that comes w/ a deep Stanley Cup run. Every other night for two plus months as the stakes get higher and the beards get longer and the crowds get louder and the nights get longer really takes it's toll after a while. But it's the best vicious cycle ever, and more than worth it. I'm only saying this to you at 11:55 on a Wednesday because I'm bored and because the Jackets scare the crap out of me. Don't exactly doubt a deep Cinderella run, my friend, and yes hope for the leafs .
  6. Still trying to figure out how the Bruins won that game. Good to see the first line not look hungover and blind in one eye. Get ready for game 7, I need rest.
  7. The difference between crowds in games 2 & 3 in the PIT/NYI series though? The Pehns crowd is the lamest in hockey. It's actually becoming really painful to watch. Hope this series goes 5 so the Isles can win on home ice.
  8. I hope Kadri gets banned for 2 so the Bruins can vigilante the crap out of him in the Garden in game 5. What a puke. Wingels hit was still worse though. Good to see Tuukka in good shape, Game 3 should be more than a little fun.
  9. Yeah, but you're a Tampa fan. You're allowed to be paranoid. Alright, maybe not unprecedented. Something close.
  10. Cant wait to hear from all the people acting like they predicted this out of the TB series, "I'm tellin' ya, Columbus blahblahblah, crazier things have happened!!". THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED, NO YOU DIDN'T HAVE A SNEAKY FEELING ABOUT CBJ...
  12. Thanks Sparky! Haha, then I will! Wow, ok I'll take it! Definitely like them with a duochromatic logo too. Thx! To address the business-out of place concern, that's kind of the idea, like the NHL cranked up to ten, a 90's renaissance. I don't want the striping to be busy per se, but i do want it to feel out of place since I'm trying to give the league a whole new, more in your face tone and go completely against the simplicity trend.
  13. Doodling led to some ideas for a bolder, brighter NHL with more attitude so I figured I'd flesh some out, starting with the Lightning. Not sure how many teams I'll do, but it won't be the whole league, just whatever interesting ideas come to me. Also help me name this series once you get the flavor cause I don't know what the heck to call this thing. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching as always!
  14. Lightning in 5/ They can't be a fraud, they just can't. They've earned the respect to assume a quick first round. Bruins in 6/ Leafs D has no answer for B's top line. Or maybe vice versa whaddo I know. Tavares scares me. Caps in 6/ The Canes aren't gonna do the clappy celebration thing in the playoffs right? This doesn't seem like an underdog year which means it will be. Pens in 7/ I have a sneaky feeling this might be the best 1st round series of the bunch. Road team wins every game or something, whatever. Preds in 5/ "Hey, you suck!" I hate this series, I hate it. Blues in 4/ Go with the hot hand. Flames in 6/ Big question mark, goaltending might collapse who knows. They'll probably win though. Knights in 7/ Oh boy. Should be fun. Best time of year, bar none. I'm happy.
  15. The Volt Hawks uni feels so right because it's so NBA. I LOVE it. Yeah, it's a bit garish but personally I have a special place in my heart for the jerseys on the craziest of all time list. Don't try to back it down with the full throwback, they're probably gonna go full volt sometime anyway and that is definitely the way to do it. Great, official-looking concept. Love the C's script (agree it's overdue to get court action.) Love the deep green, & Love the idea behind the newspaper clippings, but it might be trying too hard. Replace that with the parquet pattern and you're golden, even if its not as original as your idea anymore. Really good work on this series so far.
  16. Anyone else think the lettering looks Brandiose-y? The hidden helmet is imo much more convincing in the full word mark with the d tail forming the eye slit than in that hideous secondary. That's like an early sketch you make when you're just tooling around with ideas, who approved that? Certainly doesn't make me want to eat pizza, downgrade I guess. Both stink.
  17. I wish the New England Patriots looked like the Boston Patriots. Or the Chiefs.
  18. I personally don't understand any praise Warren's logo is getting. It's a name with a line under it with colors that don't project strength whatsoever. "You can tell I mean business by my definitely unique dark blue and my is that white light blue." Although that is one heck of a place to hold a rally, didn't show the backdrop on tv but its pretty striking. I like the buntings. I actually buy in to Kamala's "warm rwb palette" justification, but that doesn't mean it has to be good. Candidates have beaten us over the head with REDWHITEANDBLUE for so long that any other colors seem like a nice change of pace or a bold new step, when in a vacuum... they suck. Amy. Makes sense.
  19. The team I've been sitting on since I started this series...More like Green Monstah...
  20. Thank you!! It kinda writes itself. You've been such a great follower, sorry for the big post gaps. Very glad to hear it! Wikipedia says it's a loose nickname, but probably just for this reason. Nice eye there! Then I've done my job. Super fantastic to hear! Hopefully you'll like the teams-a-comin' as well! Thx Kitt As a Red Sox fan, no thanks. Give in to the Oreos, you know you want to...
  21. Simpler shapes and thicker lines. More interesting colors might help as well. Not a bad start!
  22. I've realized that I am this series and this series is me and I have to stop abandoning it, so expect more frequent updates. (and more food stay tuned!)
  23. Mmkay, need a hat with the NE monogram the day before tomorrow.