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BK Björken - Swedish amateur soccer team


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First time poster. Wanted to show off a work in progress. I'm starting a soccer team with my brother and sister participating in the amateur league next year in Stockholm, Sweden.


The teams name is BK Björken (The Birch FC), named after the suburb where we grew up. The team will be mixed (both men and women) and playing once a week during season.


The idea was to create a friendly badge with classic typography and basic shapes that works well in one color (for easy printing). The kit is basicly a green home shirt with white shorts and socks and an orange bib for away games.


Please tell me what you think!

Screenshot_20161028-215554~2.png2016-10-24 05.51.41 1.jpgScreenshot_20161023-002635~2.png


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I love this!  It's clean, simple, gets the point across, colors are great, the mono-color look stands just as well on its own... color me thoroughly impressed!  I can only think of two small suggestions.  I like the jerseys you've chosen, but I feel like a cream shirt with green accents would look great as well.  Maybe you could add that as a third kit?  And for the logo itself, if you wanted to get adventurous, you could try adding veins to the leaf.  It might not translate well to the mono-color badge and could muddy up the logo at a distance, but it's at least worth checking out.  Again, these are very minor things - you could put this logo in the Allsvenskan and it'd beat out many other logos there - so you don't need to change anything as far as I'm concerned.  Great job, man! 

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