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infrared41's Best and Worst 2016 - NFL Week 8


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Running a little lot late this week because I was a little caught up in  totally consumed by the World Series. Because we're already into week 9, this week is going to be quick and to the point. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.





1. Chiefs - Colts





2. Eagles - Cowboys





3. Lions - Texans





4. Patriots - Bills: Love the Bills throwbacks. 





5. Jets - Browns: The Browns have many uniform combos. Two of them look pretty good. The orange jersey with white pants is one of those combos. I thought the colors in this game worked really well together. I would have liked this one even more if the Jets had worn all white. 







Jaguars - Titans: Once wasn't enough for this disaster?





That's it for this week. Thanks for taking a look. 



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10 minutes ago, msubulldog said:

I wonder if the Bills will ever wear the blue jerseys for a home game featuring the #StandingBison logo on their helmets?

Bills did before, with the old 2002 jerseys. And the bills might bring it back once the five year rule for alternates expires. 

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