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    My favorite leagues are the NFL and MLB. Favorite teams are the Cowboys, Braves, Spurs, Rangers, Titans, Texas State Bobcats, Mississippi State Bulldogs, and Texas Longhorns.
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  1. Too much like Southwestern Bell Corporation or Southern Baptist Convention
  2. Mississippi State did WAH a couple of times between 2006-09. 2006 vs South Carolina & Auburn, and both 2007 and 2009 vs LSU. In 1998 and 2000, Spurrier had Florida go WAH vs LSU--maybe to get back at the Bayou Bengals a few years earlier for egging on the NCAA to let them wear white in Tiger Stadium.
  3. Maybe this embarassing loss will consider the people in charge of uniform combinations to trash white over navy.
  4. What are the chances of the Redskins under Rivera going WAH more often than they did in the 2010s?
  5. They will probably continue the white/navy trend all the way to the SB. Twenty years ago they did lose in navy/white.
  6. The Rams in red would imply 75% of the NFC West using red as a primary color. Who wants that?
  7. Another predictable outcome in a Wild Card weekend of predictability (plus Saints likely mono-black, and Seahawks in white over blue)
  8. Seems like someone in the Titans' pecking order loves the navy pants. They've worn that color in the majority of their games this season.
  9. Favorites: 1) Teams such as the Cowboys, Colts, Steelers, Red Sox, and Yankees keeping their "classic" looks. 2) Reintroduction of powder blue to MLB and NCAA baseball(pants as well as jerseys). 3) LA's NFL teams using a classic look for their home unies. Not-so favorites: 1) The NFL's one helmet rule. 2) Too many non-white mono looks in the NFL (Saints, Seahawks, Jets, Bills, Titans, Jaguars, and the Chargers in all navy). 3) The prepondernce of non-standard NBA looks.
  10. If the Titans didn't go mono-Columbia 2 weeks ago vs the Texans in Nashville, I would have hoped they did so this Sunday in Houston. IMO it wouldn't have been to similar a clash with the Texans' navy over white (kind of like Chargers--powder blue vs Cowboys--navy two thanksgivings ago).
  11. 1979 Oilers (in Columbia won) @ Cowboys. (Thanksgiving) 1989 Eagles (in white lost) @ Saints (MNF) 2019 Cowboys (in navy won) @ Giants. (MNF)