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  1. In 2006 the Titans did that when they introduced Columbia Blue pants for ther first time since changing from the Oilers.
  2. In line for the ugliest game of the week. Mono-white would have been a better balance vs the Bucs' red over pewter.
  3. Texas State doing the #Whiteout thing Thursay night @ home vs Louisiana-Monroe:
  4. So did I. And based on the pattern of wearing a different pair of pants in consecutive weeks this year, I will say the next two games (at home) will be navy/navy and navy/columbia respectively.
  5. Last season the Titans tended to not wear the same britches in back-to-back games (except Navy vs the Ravens and Chargers; and Columbia vs the Giants, Redskins, and Colts at the end of the season). I'm also thinking NYJ goes mono-white for their "whiteout"
  6. An addendum to what i posted a few weeks ago: After clinching a championship or other victory in an immediate playoff series, all players will do interviews in full uniform and not in "championship" t-shirts.
  7. I would have been more delighted to the Titans in navy over white, the color combo they wore with their previous set 20 years ago for the Music City Miracle playoff game vs Buffalo
  8. I was hoping that they would wear their light blue jerseys. Plus they seem to only wear the white pants on the road.
  9. I wonder what the rationale behind the Seahawks going blue/gray in last season's playoff game at Dallas was?
  10. They went white/gray last year vs the Rams in the Coliseum, and the year before in Nashville vs the Titans.