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  1. Will the football team mix and match jerseys & pants, or go with the same color of pants as jerseys?
  2. Has JetBlue updated the A-320 that has the Jets logo to the new colors yet?
  3. I guess this was made before the University of Southwestern Louisiana became the University of Louisiana-Lafayette
  4. Does this mean the light blues will be worn for more than just early-season games in Florida or anywhere else where the home team suits up in white?
  5. The only brown pants I would keep are the "color rush" ones, but only to be worn with the "color rush" jersey
  6. Resembles a Boston College/Florida State hybrid
  7. Why are the "Tampa Bay Giants" in the normal Giants colors; but the Toronto Giants are blue and green?
  8. It looks like the Packers are Wile E Coyote's favorite team!
  9. I wish the Titans would rock that for some home games in the future, instead of early season games in Florida, Carolina, Los Angeles, et al.
  10. This season is where the NFC champ picks the jersey color, as it is an odd-numbered SB
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing an alternate based on what they wore when Aaron hit #715 in '74.
  12. The last few times the Rams have worn white jerseys this year (I think starting w/the game in Detroit), they have paired them with white pants.
  13. An appropriate choice, given the historical significance and the propensity MiLB has to coming up with "double" nicknames like "Iron Pigs" and "Blue Whaoos"
  14. I submitted "Tankers" due to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita having tanker aircraft assigned there. I also wonder if NOLA will get a team to replace the Baby Cakes?