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  1. The NFC jersey looks like a hybrid of the Texans and Broncos blue look.
  2. I agree with a yellow jersey, but could they also introduce a white jersey and pants along the way?
  3. Why did Houston have to go mono-navy with the Titans wearing their go-to navy pants today?
  4. You'd think they'd wear the light blue pants with the white jersey one time this season. I have a feeling they go mono-navy if they win the division and host a first-round game.
  5. The League needs to force the other team to wear a jersey which is unquestionably dark whenever the Lions use the gray jersey, the Bucs use the pewter jersey, and the Rams use the bone jersey.
  6. The GUD website is showing Rams in bone over yellow--yuck.^15
  7. I guess after wearing Columbia pants and losing in them, they go back to navy. Plus, this is going to look downright ugly if Jacksonville goes mono-black.
  8. The Indians and Phillies from the 70s in MLB. The Texans when they paired red pants with their "Battle Red" jersey.
  9. I thought they'd go all burgundy a few weeks ago in Dallas, since the Cowboys were doing their #ColorRush
  10. At least the Titans have worn all three pant colors with the light blue jerseys this year--and all home games!