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Washington capitals question


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could anyone 2 washington capitals jerseys:

1. a blue version of their current road one

2. a white version of that as well

also: why does everyone want washington to go back to the red, white, and blue?

that scheme is used way too much, and the capitals current color scheme is great:the blue is the perfect blue and works well with the bronze and black

also: until i have a webpage if anyone wants to see some of my concepts just email me: jeff@kidlearn.com

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thanks again for those jerseys, so i did do it myself

here it is

while i love the cap's color scheme and there road jersey, i do think they should feature there blue as their home next season, and the current white jersey's outline is getting old

the whole slanty thing seems to be dying out

so here they are, what do you think the caps should do?


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