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Well, for the final event of Logolympiad, I had tried my hand at something new for Napoli. Unfortunately, my entry didn't do too well, and I'm going to presume it's because I made a few mistakes putting together my submission. The first problem being I didn't read the event guidelines correctly, and interpreted it as a logo/jersey redesign, not making a completely new team. Pollux sent me an email allowing me to correct it, but I wasn't on the computer at the time. Another mistake I made was that I had two different logos (the one in the big size was different than the one on the jersey) due to the fact I had mixed up jerseys in my submission. Nonetheless, I still am fairly proud of the jersey, and I'm going to give it a better presentation :P



As you can see, the only differences in the jerseys are the logos (hence why I probably mixed them up.) I couldn't decide which logo I liked better, so I'm hoping you all can give feedback on that. For the logo, I tried to keep it simple while adding some elements. That "N" looks so outdated, so I replaced it with a cleaner font. I also got rid of those hideous gradients that made it look like a business logo from Microsoft.


Now on to the jerseys. I tried to add some influence from previous jerseys, while making it my own. I added blue sleeves because I thought it would add some needed contrast. I can't really remember why I did the "N" in the stripes, maybe I got influence from a certain jersey, or it could have just looked cool :P 

I kept the ads, because I actually don't mind them. But I made a rule for myself that every sponsor has to color their logo to match the jersey. I know I'm missing one sponsor here, but I couldn't find their logo so I didn't bother.


I'd love to hear your thoughts and criticism since I've never really done soccer jerseys before. I haven't come up with an away or alt jersey for Napoli yet, so feel free to shoot ideas at me. 

I do have two other teams fully redesigned and completed I plan to show here soon (AS Bari, and VAFC). Go ahead and shoot at me with your C&C!

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Well, since I haven't gotten any feedback yet, I'm going to go ahead and post my concept set for Valenciennes FC. Feel free to give me C&C on Napoli though.

Here is VAFC's current crest.


I feel like they were trying to be modern, but it kind of failed. The text and decapitated swan just don't mix.

Here's my take on refreshing the logo.


For the main crest, I wanted the swan to be more prominent than the team name. I also removed gradients (you can see I'm not a huge fan of those :P ) I tried to keep the font modern, while maintaining a more dignified look to go with the swan. Yes, the shield isn't perfect, I'm still practicing drawing them in PowerPoint, and boy is it a pain. Hence why I generally avoid them, but I really couldn't in this instance so bear with me.

The bottom logo was something I was considering for the main crest, but I felt it wasn't as strong as the other one. The "V" is for the team name of course, and the lines on the sides were supposed to symbolize swan wings. The idea for this was to keep the modern direction of the team logo. However, in the end I decided "modern but classy" was a better direction, so I compromised and made it a shorts only logo. 


Now we move onto the jerseys.


I'm fairly proud of these things, I'll be honest. Again, keeping with the swan theme, I thought a subliminated wing would work well here for the home and away. I recolored all of the sponsors to match the jerseys. The home and away pay homage to this home jersey,


By adding a shoulder stripe. The alt jersey is somewhat similar to their current in the sense that the purple I chose is similar to their all navy kit. The striping pattern gives a nod to this jersey,

Image result for valenciennes fc

While inverting the striping to give my own spin on it.


So what do you think? I'd love to hear your opinions :D 

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You absolutely nailed the logo, but something about the shield shape is off. Maybe look at  Serie A logos for inspiration?

For the alternate, the idea is good, but the wings don't look like swan wings.  Jerseys are amazing, but IMO the chevrons on the alt should be longer.

Great work all around!

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On 11/26/2016 at 11:56 AM, NoE38 said:

You absolutely nailed the logo, but something about the shield shape is off. Maybe look at  Serie A logos for inspiration?

For the alternate, the idea is good, but the wings don't look like swan wings.  Jerseys are amazing, but IMO the chevrons on the alt should be longer.

Great work all around!

Thanks man! Yes, as I said before, I just need more practice on shield shapes honestly. PowerPoint is a pain sometimes :P I'm a tad confused on what you mean by longer. Should I extend them to the back of the jersey? Thanks for your time :) 

17 hours ago, wquarton said:

not a huge fan of the napoli one quite yet but u hit the VAFC one out of the park IMO.  

I kinda like the crest shape, its somewhat unique and a crisp modern look, like you said you were going for.

vast improvement over their current


Wow, thank you! If you don't mind me asking, what parts of the Napoli set put you off? Should I remove the blue sleeves to make it more like their current set?

I'd like to know if there is any way I could improve them :) 

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